Thursday, 24 September 2009

Guinness World Record 2010

Hiya lovly followers :)

I hope your ok?
I havnt done a random blog in a while they have all been about my pregnancy as its starting to take over my life :)

So i thought today il do this blog, shamelessly advertising my world record.
As i posted previously in my blog i have a world record for the largest ever photo mosaic :)

Well if anyone has brought the new Guinness World Record book the 2010, turn to page 113 and see me :)
Im on the top of the page (113) walking across the mosaic, its one of my proudest achievements!!
So i just wanted to share it with you if you was interested
you cant see my face really but i can promise its me! lol x

Heres the youtube video about the day and record if your interested :)

Well im off to have my heart scan now :(
Im so scared, i no its not going to hurt, but im scared of what they might tell me or find!

Thanks all for sticking with my blog over the period that i wasnt blogging much and still sticking with me when i bore you all about my pregnancy!!
Your stars and i mean it :)

Lu x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pregnacy update [5A]

Hiya :)

In my previous post i said that the underage pregnancy midwife was coming to my house today, she was ment to come at 2.30 but came early at half 11.
Il cut a long story short, she basically asked me if i had any qualifications at all and she was shocked when i said i have 11 GCSEs all grade A*-C and also an NVQ level 2 in beauty therapy!
Then she was like you still with the babys dad? i said yes ive been with him 5years!
She was like oh no i dont no what im doing here, you have too much suport already to need our help and you certainly dont need our help with education! She said that i had the most commen sence and most qualifications of all the girls shes ever delt with!!
So now im not classed as 'underage' and im with all the other adults with a normal midwife!!
I was like thank god, ive finally been taken seriously!

On a ligheter note, what your opinion on these?!?

I dont no what im having yet, and wont find out til october.
I think these boots are uite unisex even tho there leopard print!
My boyfriend however, well in no uncertain terms he said 'No son of ours is wearing leopard print!!!'
I think there cute for slipers, i would never put them on a boy any older than a few months old, but when there newborn i think they will be cute!
My boyfriend has no choice anyway because ive already brought them lol!!

Also You no how i was talking of bio oil yesterday? well i went shopping this morning and went in poundland and saw they have a version of bio oil its called Rescue oil.

It looks suspisiously like bio oil but just a quarter of the price, im going to give it a go it has exactly the same ingreadients as bio oil just a differnt name!!

Thanks so much for your lovly coments everyone
Your absolute stars
Lu x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Pregnacy update [5]

Hiya everyone :)

I hope your all ok, It seems forever since ive blogged, im so sorry!!

Since i last blogged Ive been ill AGAIN!!
I kept having blackouts, the final straw was when i wa sin the asda que with my mom and i said to my mom that i needed to go outside and sit down so as i started walking for the door my vision got darker and darker and it totally went! I couldnt see anything!! I bumped into a large post and i just kept walking hoping i wouldnt walk into anyone, i was so scared but i couldnt shout for help or anything as i got near the exit my sight came back really fuzzy and i managed to get a seat on a bench outside. This old lady in a wheel chair asked if i was ok and i said i was ok now, i had just blacked out and she shouted over her daughter who was fetching a trolly and her daughter came and said i sould put my head between my legs until i felt better, she asked if i was on my own i said no i was with my mom who was paying for her shopping. The lady went in to do her shopping and told the asda 'Happy to help' lady, you no the one who stands at the front of the shop, she came over and asked me if i was ok and things i explained i was pregnant and i had blacked out she said she would get someone to come and sit with me, she come back with some water and with Alex who is my neices boyfriend, he works at asda and he is the 1st aider which was total luck that it was someone i new!
Alex went and got my mom and my mom finished paying and came out to me.
I went home and my mom phoned the doctors for an apointment, i went up that afternoon and they found out i have a heart murmur and because im pregnant its effecting me badly because everything is getting shared that why my vision and speech go!
They also found i have really bad circulation thats why im constantly freezing cold!
I have to have a heart scan to find out how bad it is, as for now i cant do anything so the doctors say, i have to rest and just take it easy!
Ive been a bit freaked out by it all if im honest, and i want to say how lovly everyone was to me when it happened, im so glad there is still nice people out there who will help out people they dont even no :)

On the baby front, i dont think ive got much bigger really!

Im 14 weeks now (sorry about the weird angle it was on my phone)

I have a special 'underage pregnancy' midwife coming to my house to see me tomorrow, im a bit annoyed really because im 19 i wouldnt really class my self as underage!!
Ive been with my other half 5years and im 19 like i said!!
If she starts treating me like a idiot im afraid i will be asking her to leave!

On the sort of beauty front, i have bad skin as in i suffer from acne and being pregnant has sort of cleared it up, but on the bad side my skin has gone super dry :(
Il be buying some bio oil soon as ive been told its brilliant for growing bumps, il let you all no how i get on :)

Any recomenations of things i should use while pregnant?
Have you used bio oil? Does it really work as well as everyone says??

Let me know, would be great to hear from my brilliant followers, thanks for sticking with me through everything, i hope to be back blogging more soon x
Sorry for the really long post hope i didnt bore you all x x

Your all stars
Lu x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pregnacy update [4]

Hiya lovlys :)

Today was my 12 week scan!!!
And honestly i have been so scared over this for weeks they say that most of the complications happen in the 1st 12 weeks so i was so scared incase they said something bad had happened!!

Anyways me and my boyfriend went this afternoon and it was in one word AMAZING!!!
proberly one of the best experiences in my life, it was brilliant seing the little baby inside me on a big screen and the woman saying 'everything looks brilliant'!!
I could finally breath a sigh of relief!

Im so so so happy!!

And here is my scan photo, i no that he (gonna use 'he' as its easier even tho i dont no if its a he or she yet lol) looks like he has a huge nose but thats his hand or fist resting on his face you can see his spine and his little legs :) so excited for the next scan now!
Gareth has nicknamed him prawn! but im gonna call him baby chicken because how his hands are look like a birds beak and he look slike a little chick lol!!

Im gonna go on a mad shopping spree now i no everything is ok its brilliant!!

Thanks so much girls for all your support on here and twitter and i no i keep saying it but it means the world!
My sickness is subsiding now so *fingers crossed* i will be blogging more oftern :)
Thanks for sticking with me through all this and its been brilliant reading all your beautiful comments!
Your stars!!!

Lu x

Monday, 17 August 2009


Hiya :)

Again let me start with saying sorry :(
I just havnt got the energy to sit and blog alot these days girls im so sorry!!
As soon as i feel better i will i promise!
But i will keep you updated with little things in my life as usual!

As i said in a previous blog i had my 4th driving test on the 14th of August!
As the title sugests i failed AGAIN!!!
Its just annoying me now, i no i can do it but i just cant prove it to the examiors on the day!
I got 6 minors but i got 4 in the same box so that was a fail straight away, they were all for not checking my right hand blind spot when moving away from parked, which if im honest is something i should do, but how many drivers can say they do do it every time???
I checked all my mirrors and behind me on the left but didnt turn my head all the way to the right to check that blind spot!
I understand it was my mistake so i dont mind!
Never mind, on to test number 5!!!

My 12 week scan is 10 days away!
Im so excited like cant think of anything else but im so scared about something bad happening that i think im making myself ill by it!
Il be glad when i see that screen and they say all is well il be able to sleep at night!!

Im off to Blackpool tomorrow and im back thursday, which is my 19th birthday :)
All very exciting, really cant wait!!

Well thanks so much girlies for sticking with me over the last few weeks when ive been absent!
I hope you understand that im not 100% well and that as soon as i feel well il be back blogging normally, so as for now its my little updates :)

Thanks so much
Lu x

P.S :- Heres a few piccys from my sisters wedding a few weeks back that i was talking about on here, let me know what you think :)My brother, My sister and Me :)

My little Evie and my Sister x

Group picture!

x X x

Friday, 7 August 2009

Pregnacy update [3]

Hiya :)

I firstly want to say im so sorry for the neglect! Ive not been active on the blooging scene for a while, iv been poorly and been really busy i will explain myself again.

  • 1stly Morning sickness is still attacking me!! ALL DAY!!
  • 2ndly My sister got married monday (3rd august) so everythings been up in the air!
  • 3rdly Ive been to see the midwife
  • 4thly Yesterday morning i found out that someone has hacked my msn and email address! So ive had to go round and change my passwords for everything and make a total new email address

Ok so you get the jist of why ive been AWOL!!

Update time on my pregnancy :)
I went to see my midwfe on the 4th august and she was really lovly i was there with her for over a hour filling in forms and getting weighed and measured! She said i have perfect BMI (21) for my height which i think is FAB!
She refered me to have a blood test and i went this morning at 8am to the clinic- the issue is ive never had one before and im petrified of needles! My mom literally had to hold me down on the chair! To make it worse the nurse doing the blood test was a girl from my school who was the year above me!!
Made me feel 10 x more uncofortable!
I was actually crying and she said:-
'you no that tattoo on your belly? well it will hurt alot less than that'
Which made it worse for me because i was thinking about it more then!
Anyways its all over and my blood has been taken!
Fingers crossed for me to be all healthy!!
They suspect i have Anemia but i hope not!

Also, ive booked my 12 week scan!!!
Its on the 27th August im so excited, it will be so much more real then!
(Im 9 weeks this week)

Lastly on the pregnancy front! Im so lucky to have brilliant family!
So far ive been given
  • 1x Swinging crib (from my sister in law)
  • 1x Full cot (from my sister)
  • 1x Front facing car seat that you can use from birth to age 3! (from my sister)

Everyones been buying me pregnancy books and magazines bless them!
Its so exciting just cant wait for my scan now!!

Finally im gonna update you on forth coming events in august!!
14th - My driving Test (4th time)
18th - Go to blackpool
20th - Come back from Blackpool & MY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!
27th - 12 Week Scan!!!
29th - Gareths Mom gets Married!

So if im absent from the whole blogging world for a while you will no why!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me and for all your beautiful and lovly words of help and best wishes!
Im so excited to share this with you, your my stars!!

Lu x

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

8 weeks pregnancy diary!

Hiya :)
As promised i said i was going to do pictures of my belly :)
Well im only 8 weeks but the bottom of my stomach has expanded i didnt realise how much until i looked from the angle on the photo!!
Its scary!
Im 10 stone 8lb at 8 weeks so this is the begining of the diary :)
It does look like a beer belly but i promise its not!

My family are all known to have big babys which actually scares the living day lights out of me!
i was 9lb 7 so was my 2 neice's and one of my neices was nearly 11lb when she was born!!!
and they all went huge when having the babys!! Scary!!!
My boyfriend was only around 4lb when born so i dont no if this will balence out the big baby gene lol!

If anyone didnt no what a 8 week baby/fetus looked like (i didnt to be honest)
this is a picture of a pregnancey website :)

Notice my belly bar in my belly picture?
I wonder how long i will be able to keep it in for does anyone no??

OOO and im sooo lucky as you no i have 2 young neices who are 2 and nearly 2!
My brothers wife has kept all here stuff, cot and things and shes said i can have it :)
Shes a star!
Also a friend of gazs from work has asked if we want him and his wife to keep some things for us, as he has a young daughter and son so has things for both :)
My friends and family are being so suportive now they have got over the shock from when they found out!
Its all very exciting but i just cant wait for the 12week scan as it will all become so much more real then and i can start thinking about names :)

Thanks so much to all my followers and blogger friend who have wrote such lovly suportive comments!
Your all brilliant!!

Let me know what you think :)
Lu x

Monday, 27 July 2009

Pregnacy update [2]

Hiya :)

Its been a few days since ive updated again, and im so sorry :(
I will explain myself, as you no im pregnant and i never new i would feel pregnant at such an early stage as stupid as it sounds!!
Morning sickness!!! thats a myth its been 24hr a day sickness!!
Ive been poorly for nearly 2 weeks and i just feel sick have a dizzy head and have zero energy!
Today has been the best day because ive been able to stand more than 3mins at the computer!!

Ive heard all the remidys for sickness, like eating dry bread, dry buiscuits, sucking ginger busicuits?!
Does anyone no any others?
As none have worked and i cant take pain killers :(
Im so worried about being ill for my sisters wedding its a week today!!

Anyways i was wondering if i did like a 2weekly picture of my belly from next week when i will be 8 weeks and then what my weight is?!
Would anyone be interested? I want to do it for myself more than anything just to see how things change and develop!

I have to go see the midwife on the 4th of august ao next update about it will be after ive been to see her :)

Thanks so much for all your lovly comments
Im sorry i couldnt get back to each one individually i have just been too ill :(
But i read each one and you all nearly had me in tears!
The suport i have got from you girls is unreal and your all stars!!!!
Seriously you are!

Thanks so much again
Lu x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Hiya :)
Im going to start by saying that this post may lose me some followers,
But I have thought over the last few days weather to put up the post or not, but im going to be honest with you all as its a big part of my life what im about to say.
Over the last weeks ive actually felt like rubbish, i havnt had much energy to blog or do much if im honest.
Well i thought i had swine flu, turns out not, im actually pregnant!!

(picture taken from google)

I found out on friday and me and my boyfriend are really happy.
I no that many opinions are that we are just going to be another statistic BUT for anyone who wants to hate on the whole situation me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years, we both earn our own way and neither of us claim money from the government!!

I told my mom on tuesday and lets just say she was not at all happy!!
But with reflection and time to think about things shes comeing round to the idea more and more!
My sister had a baby at 17 so i thought she would be the one who would simpathise with me but infact totally the oposite, she shouted at me called me all the stupids under the sun and just made me feel like rubbish!
My brother on the other hand, well, i was blown away by his responce, my sister told him and i expected him to hit the roof and blow up big time but you no what? he phoned and started the phone call by saying 'hello is this the pregnancey hotline' bless him, he was like 'lucy your a cleaver girl and its not as tho you have never looked after children/babys before dont listen to what shes said (my sisters) im here for you and you no it and i will never let you be on your own, i no gareth is going to stand by your side all the way so dont worry everything will be fine' i was sobbing on the other end i was just so happy with what he said to me, then he said 'can i tell people' all excited bless him so he phoned around telling my aunties and uncles etc :)

Ok that bit of seriousness over, this blog is more than likely going to take the path of more of a pregnancey blog x so im sorry if you dont want to hear all about it, its just naturally something thats going to take over my life and world. So expect scan pictures and bump pictures :)

Ive been to the doctors they say im about 6 or 7 weeks, im really excited but am not going to get myself 100% excited before my 1st 12week scan as im not stupid and i no things can happen and change so im keeping an open mind until then!

I released my facebook status about being pregnant last night and got about 30+ commentsfrom all and there mothers, some who i havnt spoken to for years but never mind it was lovly all the suport i got.

So thats just my update :)
Thanks so much to all you lovly girls on twitter who sent me lovly messages :)
Your stars!!
Thank you to all my followers too!!
Im sorry if this is not your kind of blog anymore but thanks for reading up to now if your going to stop following x

Lu x

Monday, 13 July 2009

i <3 Red Nails (NOTD)

Hiya :)
Hope your all ok on this monday afternoon!?
Its sort of really grey and rainy here which is rubbish, its freezing cold too :(
Whats it like where you are?

Well as you might of guessed from the title this is a nail of the day post!
I no summer is not really the time for red nails but i just love red nails :)
My nails look so much better with red nail varnish on than lighter colours!

This is an Avon Nail wear pro in 'Real Red' and i love it!
Ive had it a few months and used it so much i need to pick up a new red, anyone have any recomendations?
Because its my sisters black and red theme wedding i want a really rich red colour
Has anyone tryed any of the Barry M red shades, i no they do a couple??

Going off on the wedding tangent here, the wedding is 3 weeks today!!
I have a black dress and leopard print shoes witha red bows on, when i go shopping next week i need to get jewelry, belt, bag and something for my hair either a fascinator or head band.
So when i have the total outfit together i will show you all :)

Anyways thanks so much to all my followers & readers!
Ive gone from zero followers to 161 from March this year to now and im really greatful!!
The makeup/beauty blogging comunity is so friendly and welcoming!!
Your all stars!!
Lu x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

TAG;- 7 songs =]

Hiya :)
Well its sunday and im motivated to blog!
Ive been doing alot of TAG posts recently and i really enjoy doing them so over the weekend i thought about one i could sort of 'invent' of my own!!

So i came up with the 7 songs TAG!
SO the basic idea is you choose 7 songs that, when you hear them remind you of a time, place or person or just simply 7 of your favorite songs!
(7 is my favorite number so thats why its randomly 7!!)
I dont no how sucessful it will be as a TAG but im going to try!

Number 1

Ace of base- All that she wants (youtube link to the song)

This just reminds me of my sister, when i was younger i just remember it being played in our house and also 90's family partys/discos this was ALWAYS played and i only have to hear the opening and it makes me smile.

Number 2

Eric Clapton - You look wonderful tonight

This has 2 special meanings to me, 1st of all this was the 1st slow dance that me and gaz ever had together, it was on my 16th birthday while i was working at the pub and the boss made us dance to it and since then its been our song! When ever he makes me a mix CD this is always on it :) secondly this was my brothers 1st dance at his wedding so thats another special meaning too!

Number 3

Craig David - 7 days

Craig davids 'born to do it' album was the 1st album i ever brought! I remember 'bragging' at primary school that i new ever single word to 7 days! and then getting asked to sing it in the play ground which i actually did oh the god damn shame!! Anyways craig david is still gourgous and when ever he comes on tv gaz always says 'luce your other mans on telly' proberbly all this 7 songs could be craig david songs i just love them all (and shamefully still no ever single words to them all)

Number 4

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

The ledgend that is... DOLLY PARTON!! This song speaks for itself its just a classic! One christmas i asked my mom for a kareoke machine and a dolly parton CD!!! i was about 8 or 9 and wasnt asking for the usual S club 7, NO! not for me it had to be the country ledgend dolly! So for months after my parents were forced to hear me sing 9 to 5 at the top of my voice! jolean was my other favorite! thnking back she was singing about her 9-5 job and how she didnt want this woman jolean to take her man how the hell did i relate to this as a 9 year old?! Shes still FAB tho you only have to hear that 'dum du du dum tumble outta bed..' just makes me wanna sing!!

Number 5

The streets (never went to church) (stay possitive)

I cant actually pick a song, im actually in love with all there songs! Mike Skinner is FAB!! (and hes from the west midlands which is always a bonus!!)
When me and gaz 1st got together this was one of the things that we found out we had in commen , i only had the single of 'fit but you no it' and i was going on holiday and Gaz borrowed me the album (A Grand Don't Come for Free) and i listened to it all holiday and it just reminds me of gaz :) The Streets are too oftern classed as 'Chavvy' but just listen to some of the songs closely they have so many meaningful lyrics eg 'never went to church' and 'stay positive'

Number 6

The Eagles - Hotel California

Now your thinking ive really gone nuts!! but seriously il explain, my 1st proper holiday abroad was to corfu in greece and i went with my sister inlaw my niece and there family. And the hotel we stayed at i think only had one CD because this song played over and over what seemed like every 7 mins since we got there to when we left!! So when ever i hear it it makes me remember corfu!

Number 7

Elton John!! (daniel) (tiny dancer remix) (goodbye yellow brick road) (your song)

Ok again im not picking just one song but this man has literally been in my life since i can remember!! My dad is the hugest FAN ever!! He has every album and video/dvd of the man himself! I can litterally sing any elton john song to you, from start to finish word (certainly not pitch) perfect!! Hes like an uncle that ive never met! (My mom hates him shes a daniel o donnell fan oh the shame!!) but im defianetely with my dad for his taste in music! My dad went to see him on his red piano tour and he didnt stop talking about it for weeks after!! The song 'Daniel' always makes me want to cry when i hear it :( but the upbeat ones like crocodile rock, tiny dancer (love the dj ironik remix), and im still standing makes me wanna just sing!!
(This was his birthday cake last year when my brother suprised him that he was taking him to see the red piano tour :) its made by my sister! its a bit blured sorry!!)

So thats that then :)
What do you think about my random choices?!
Feel free to do this TAG because i would love to see what all my lovely followers choices are!!
Im going to tag a couple of people whos blogs i love :)

Tabitha :)
Beth :)
Marie :)
Lauren :)
Lou :)

Thanks so much your stars
Lu x

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I WON!! THANK YOU!!! + Help Needed :)

I took part in Natalias 'Snog Marry Avoid' Contest that she was running and yesterday she blogged that i was the winner!!
All i can say is THANK YOU!!
I no alot of people say 'oh i didnt expect it' but seriously i didnt i really thought Marie would win as her entry was FAB and the pictures and write up she did was so funny.

Anyways i thought i would show you my entry as everyone needs a good laugh on a wednesday!!
(this is the actual link to my blog post

So i want to say a huge thank you to Natalia for holding the contest.

Onto the help, well my prize for winning was i get to choose a Mac eyeshaddow and a MAC lipstick!
Well here sits a MAC virgin!
So i honestly dont no what to pick etc?
I asked on twitter last night and the lovely Louise sent me some links which helped me.
Im liking the look of shroom at the moment. (I think thats the name?)
Does anyone have any recomendations for me?
Lipstick wise totally and utterly stumped?!?!
So any help is seriously greatfully recieved!!

I just want to say thank you again
Thanks all of you for reading!!
Lu x

Secret Swap [2]

Hiya :)

Firstly i want to say a huge THANK YOU!! to Olivia from:-
^^ check her out if you havnt already she does videos on youtube shes really great!!
My 2nd swap parcel arrived today and yet again ive been spoilt!!!

This is the things collectivly :)
It was beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and inside the zebra pint makeup bag!!
(Such a FAB idea to package it like that!!)

I got 2 brushes that look really interesting so will have to try them out!!
The black one is a lovely crease brush and the pink is a smudger brush i think, its really lovely too!

I got Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in the gourgeous purple colour in 92!
Im in love with it its beautiful i think il be scared to use it its that nice :)
I think its the same one that Richie Nickel mentioned in this video:-

I got a Cinima Secrets body glitter in Maliblue!!
Love it!! Everyone loves a bit of glitter dont they its gonna be fun using this!!

I got a Lip Tar in Pageant from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Ive heard alot about these so am very excited to try it!!

Finally i got some 3D nail stickers and a lovely bracelet with the peace sign on which is great!!
Im wearing it now and its so ME!!
(my mom tryed to steal it, i was like no way mother, bless her being a hippy at heart!!)
Olivia wrote a really lovely note on the inside of the box saying that she read my blog which really made me smile!!

I want to say a huge thank you again to Olivia!!!
Your a STAR!!
Thank you so much for everything il be really excited to try it all out.

I cant wait for my 2 swap girls to get there parcels i sent out last wednesday but i dont no how long it will take to get there?!
Thanks so much fro reading everyone
Your stars
Lu x

Monday, 6 July 2009

Promised swatches and Avon!

I hope your all ok :)
I woke up this morning feeling really ill and having 2 look after my 2 neices was a daunting prospect.
Then i got back in contact with an old school friend and we have arranged to meet up thursday which cheered me up :)
Anyways one of my neices have gone home now and i just have Evie here who is actually asleep so i thought id finally get round to doing swatches of the things from my secret swap :)
Also in gonna show you a few bits i got from Avon :)

First is the 5 single NYX eyeshaddows:-

They are really lovely, i havnt used any for any looks yet but i might try some looks out for my sisters wedding later im gonna go all dramatic with my eye i think as my dress is super plain!!
(Il get round to taking a pic of that soon too!!)
the three reddy orange colours are really pigmented, the green is more glittery than colour and the Ocean Frost (sort of dove grey colour) is is very subtle but gourgeous!

Next is the 3 NYX jumbo eyeshaddow pencils:-

I really am in love with these and how easy they apply and how good the pigment is too them!

Next the 2 lip gloses

The costal scents is quickly becoming my fav!!
LA Colours is beautiful too!

OO and this soft lips lip protection that i got, it is totally brilliant!!
I even found myself telling the people in the pub how good it was and the smell is to die for!! Vanilla!!
Yummy, i no your not ment to lick it off but thats what i find myself doing.
The texture on your lips is really nice too espessially since i have super dry lips!!
Does anyone no if we can get this is the UK? or is just a US product?

Anyways on to a little bit i got from the Avon last week...

2x nail paints

This ones in romance and honestly not what it looks like in the book in the book it looks less metalic shimmery that it is in reall life!
Im gonna give it to my mom i think its too much of a wishy washy colour for me i think!
Its a beautiful colour but just not a me colour i dont think :)

This one is in blue flare which is a lovely deep blue colour but looks differnt from the book also!! Come on avon what are you playing at??
Its the one on the right belive it or not not the one on the left!!

I really like the application of avon nail polish but i dont no whats going on with the colours they're looking totally differnt than in the book, which is a bit misleading!!

I got this fruit shine lip balm which is in pineapple and oh my life its the most pineapple tasteting/smelling thing ever.
I think it tastes/smells more like pineapple than pineapple does, if that makes sence lol
I actually brought a lime one too but dont no where its disapered too but its not as nice at the pineapple one!
Its really nice on your lips too.
Im going a bit mad on lip balms lately!!

and finally i got these 2 eye liners

The top one is a black kajal stick and is just a staple black eyeliner!
The bottom one is a eye liner and shaddow stick in onyx and it has the eyeshaddow in the lid so when you replace the lid it gets appled to the sponge applicator and has the eye liner on the other end!
Its brill they do it in a range of colours.

Let me know what you think?!
Have you tryed any of the products?!
Thanks so much every single one of you for reading and commenting your stars!!
Lu x

P.S. I have another swap to some so that will be up as soon as it arrives :)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

TAG:- Honest Scrap

So this TAG has been around for a while.
I was tagged by the fabulous Lauren to do this TAG, shes great and writes some fab things and is really friendly, so here goes...

You have to let your followers in on 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you must tag 10 people with the award.

Finally, let all the people you've given the award to know they have got it ( e.g comment their blog).
Don't forget to link back to the person who awarded you.

1. I am the youngest child of 3, i have a big sister (36) and big brother (31) so im the only one who is still at home with mom and dad. We all get on really well concidering the age gap!

2. I have 5 Neices,
Sam (18- she was born 3 months after me!! Strange i no!)
Emily (14)
Bridie (13)
Evie (2 - who makes apperances on my blog loads, i look after every day!)
Jessica (22 months, will be 2 in september)
My sister has 3 kids and my brother 2!

3. I worked at NEXT for 1 week and HATED IT WITH A PASSION!!
I accidently ripped this womans jacket,
(she walked into me and it caught on my name badge thing and anyways she nearly punched me) 2 days later i walked, bloody place,
management just wanted glorified cleaners!!

4. From the age of 14 for 2 years i worked at a pub/club place fridays and saturdays for a friend of the family i actually worked behind the bar, stocked the fridges and sorted out the beer and barrels in the cellor, which thinking about it was a bit bad but at the time it was normal for me, i left when i was 16 nearly 17 because it got a bit much. I would work in the pub friday 7-12 when it shut, but i wouldnt get home til about 4am. Then saturday i would work in his costume shop 8am til 5pm then get home get ready be in work at the pub for 7pm and work through and be home at about 4 am. My boss was ace he treated me really well and he paid me really well too. I really miss it, but because i left we lost touch which i really regret if im honest.

5. I have a big obession, proberly something to do with the previous, with costumes!! I love fancy dress and will dress up in random costumes at every oppertunity!! I own alot of costumes from over the years. Every halloween at the pub we used to do a show for the customers one year we did the Exorsist and i was the girl on the bed i was on a robe harnessed to the ceiling and it was hooked up so it made me fly!!
Was amazing & i used to get to try all the costumes out at the shop which i loved!!!

6. My brother says that, in his words 'Luce, Im sure you were born middle aged!' because of how i speak about things and deal with things. I dont act very teen-age!!

7. From my early teens i really wanted to be in the traffic police!! I am totally obsessed with the whole thing, anyone ever watched the program?? I went to our school careers adviser and in her exact words 'I dont think your fit enough to be in the poilce as you havnt taken P.E for GCSE!!' so there fore i went to college to do beauty therapy! From one extream to another ay?!

8. I have zero confidence! Its been knocked far too many times, so i try to avoid clubbing etc and only really go out to pubs with my bf and family. Gosh i sound like a hermit or something!

9. Me and my bf have had baby names picked out for around 2 years lol
For a boy:- Raiden (sadly, yes its like the one from mortal kombat!! but i love the name)
For a girl:-
Faith or Lola

10. You may hav noticed while reading my blog posts that i have isues with spelling, i also have issues with left and right and get muddled alot when im trying to get things across, and last few years i have been asked if i have dyslexia, its never been diagnosed but apparently i have small signs of it.

So sorry about all these really long ones and random facts, but thats me!
Hope you found out abit more about little old me!

As most people have already been taged im going to Tag 5 so I tag:



Girl With The Golden Touch



Thanks so much!!
Let me know what you think :)
Lu x

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Hiya girlies :)
I have ment to do this for ages, im so so sorry its late!!

I want to say the biggest thank you to Daisy

She held a contest in which you just had to comment and tell her a random fact :)
Random is definately my thing and my random fact was
'I have a Guiness World Record!!'
(I have a blog post about it if your interested :)

Well i was picked as the winner at random and she sent me my prize super fast, i planned to blog about it as soon as i got it but then things went a bit up in the air when i thought someone had been reading my blog and twiiter who i didnt really want to so i had to put my blog on private for a while anyways ive finally got round to it so

My prize was a Burts Bees Tip n' toes Hands & Feet Kit:-(With a lovly little note from Daisy!)

Its so lovely :)
When i got the package i could actually smell it through the packaging!!
It comes in a little zip up bag and includes:-
  • Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
  • Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme
  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme
  • Exfoliating Pumice Stone
  • Peppermint Foot Lotion
  • Coconut Foot Creme
  • Honey Lip Balm
  • Hand Salve
Hope spolit was i??
There all 100% natural it says and i cant wait to try it all out!!
Ive tryed out the lip balm and its really nice and moisturising especially since i have really bad dry lips :)
Im gonna give my mom the foot stuff as she loves anything for your feet :)
Im just so kind lol!!
The lemon butter cuticle creame is my favorite smell i love anything lemon smelling!
The banana hand creme smells beautiful too!!

Anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH again Daisy your a star!!
Go over and check her blog if for some strange reason you havnt already :)

Thanks so much for following and reading!!
If you want proper reviews just let me know and il do my best when ive tryed it all :)
Lu x

Little gift!

Hiya :)
Hope your all ok with the crazy weather be it blinding sun one minute, to heavy reain and thunderstorms the next!
(well thats what it seems to be like here in the midlands lately)

Well as in my previous post i told you about me and my boy being together for 5 years, well the night before our anniversary i felt a bit bad for not buying anything for him, i normally buy loads of silly little things for xmas and birthdays, but we have never really celebrated anniversarys but because its 5 years i thought i would have to buy something so i brought this off the net and it came this morning, super quick postage!!! :-

Its two seperate pendants and i think its really cute, i dont think he will wear it but for him just to keep it in his room will do for me!
I will defo be wearing my half because its cute :)
I have to find two chains for them, il give it him tomorrow night when i finally get to see him after working away!!

What do you think?
thanks so much to all my followers fr all my lovely comments!!
Your blinking stars!!
Lu x

Monday, 29 June 2009

New avon product :)

Hiya :)
i was wondering if you wanted to no about new avon products before they come out properly like? I could do it every time i find out about a new product or range from the AVON as im a rep.
If your interested let me know and il do it :)

Anyways onto a new product from the avon, which i am lead to belive will be in books in a month or so time and will be all over tv like previous campaigns :)

Its another new mascara and its called New Super Curlacious Mascara and the colour scheme and look of it looks suspisiously like:-
Loreal telescopic explosion with the red plastic sort of spikes.
im not saying its anything like it proformance wise it just reminded me of it as soon as i saw it :)

The avon one is ment to give you lasting curls and lift for up to 12 hours!
and your ment to 'say goodbye to curlers'
I cant wait to get it and try it it looks pretty good, much better than the spectra lash one i hope :)
It will be £5 in books which i think is quite reasonable :)

What do you think??
Let me know if you wanna no more about new avon products :)

Thanks so much
Lu x


WOW thank you to my secret swap sender Missy who send me loads of FAB goodies!
Ive been spoilt!!

When the box arrived you no you get that excitedment of knowing what it is but not knowing what your going to find inside!!

So i ripped it open to find loads of goodies all neatly wrapped in white tissue which makes the suprise even more FAB because you have to unwrap each item!
This is what i got all together:-

How FAB is missy for getting me all this??
I really honestly love everything and the sweets especially, my neice Evie saw them and said 'mine!' i said 'no Lucys' and she went 'NO! Evies' so im sure i will have to share with her :)

Im really excited to try NYX as the colours are really bright and lovly!!
I will definately have to come up with some nice bright summer looks with these!!

The colours are from top left:-
Hot green
Ocean frost
Red head

& the jumbo eyeshaddow pencils in matching colours to compliment the eyeshaddows:-
Hot Pink
Horse Raddish
Baby Blue

A really lovely china glaze in the colour heaven, i think it will look really nice as a french polish base :)

Also i got some L.A colours lipgloss in topaz, L.A colours mineral eyeshaddow duo in butterfly, and false nails for your toes which id heard about but ive never used so il definately be giving them a try now!

And finally soft lips lip protectant with SPF20 and a Costal Scents smacks in strut on nude which looks beautiful :)

So thank you so so much your a star Missy im not sure of your youtube or blog so if you could let me know then i can say Thank You to you :) and put your link on here :)
You picked great thinks for me and there is not one thing i dont like!!

Cant wait to go and play later with all my lovly goodies :)
Im feeling a bit worried that i havnt brought enough for my swaps now but seen as barry m and gosh things are like £4-£5 on average it blows the budget :(

But seriously thank you again!!!
Cant wait to get my other swap package now!!
and also i really want to see what my swappers think of there goodies ive brought for them :)

Lu x

PS if you want swatches let me know i havnt opened them all yet tho so i can do it later if you wanted! :)

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Hiya everyone
You may have noticed that my blogs been private for a few days!
Im sorry about this, the other night someone said somethings which i lead to belive that my blog was being read by someone i who prefer not to read it :(
So i put it on private fora couple of days!!
Ive later found out the full story and that i was more than likely over reacting!!

I hope your all having a brilliant weekend and il be back babbling my normal rubbish tomorrow

As for today im gonna just totally slob out and catch up on all the blog posts ive missed and watch tv!
  • Hollyoaks
  • Girls of the playboy mansion
  • Kendra!
  • Come dine with me

What ever i can find!
Thanks so much for bearing with me on that small blip!

Your all FAB!
Lu x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Avon :- Spectra colour lip colour

Ive had this product for about a month now and ive ben meaning to do a review kinda about it!
Finally today i got round to doing it takeing pics etc

So what am i talking about?
Avons new inavation 'Spectra colour lipstick'You might have seen Reece Witherspoon popping up on your tv screens advertising it with the tag line '1 lipstick 7 shades'
Its ment to be unlike anything out there and is the 2nd in the set of the 'spectra' range following the spectra lash mascara which was 3 mascaras in one!
Very much like my opinion on the mascara i thought here we go again!
But this time sadly i think my pre judgements are correct!!

The packaging is quite nice you get to see the two diffent colours that i presume get mixed when you turn the dial on the bottom, there is 7 positions from 1 being the lightest and 7 being the darkest.
You have a sort of button at the base that you have to pump for the colour to come through the top

I really dont like the aplicator its very hard to use, so i would recomend that you use a brush to apply it to your lips.

I have taken swatches on my arm of each colour:-

The blend of colours arnt exactly smooth and perfectly blended each time as you can see!
On the right hand side i started from 7 down to number 1
On the left hand side i started from 1 and went up to 7 and they dont correspond correctly too each other, even tho they are the same numbers!

Now this is marketed as a lipstick but its much more of a lipgloss and thats another thing i dont like, its very thick and sticky on your lips and you know its there if you know what i mean!

The price is £10 which i do think is extreamly over priced for what it is!!
The one i tested was 'the pinks' it also comes in :-
The Roses
The Nudes
The Wines
The Lilacs
The Browns
The finish is slightly shimmery not glittery but has like very small reflecs

I really dont think they should have said 7 colours as some colours look suspisiously the same maybe 5 differnt colours would be more realistic?

Overall if you want somethings gimicy and want to give it ago and dont mind that its not going to be the best product in the world then go out and give it a try but realisitcally your not going to be missing out on much!!

Hope you enjoyed this
I just want to say this is my opinion and im sure there will be people who love it but im sadly not one of them!
Thanks so much for reading
Let me know what you think if you have tryed it or wanted to try it :)
Lu x

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Postage HELP?!

Hiya :)

I wonder if anyone of you can help me??
Im doing an international swap that vee from is organising!

Ive brought my swap items for my two swap girls and im all ready to send off!

Ive been to the post office today to send out domaniques prizes from my contest and out of curiosity i asked the lady if i have to do anything special to send to america, she said i have to fill in a customs declaration forms and she said she would get me 2 so she came back and i expceted big forms but they are just 2 little stickers!!

She said i have to write down every item in the package on the front with the weight and value of it?!?!
It only gives me three spaces for the items so what am i ment to do i have about 10 things in the parcel, makeup etc

Anyone who has sent to america before could you please help me and tell me what im ment to do!!
Im so sorry if im being abit dim but its a bit confusing
I dont want the parcel not to get there and get stopped at customs or something?!

Any help would be FAB!!
Thanks so much
Lu x

Monday, 22 June 2009

AND THE WINNER IS.....................

The fabulous Domanique !!!!!!!

Well done!!

I put all 25 names on peices of paper!
I put them in a hat!
Then i got Evie to pull a name out of the hat!
And she pulled out Doma-Nikki
(she had just woke up so she looks half asleep!! bless!!)

If you email me with your address details i will send your prizes out ASAP!!!
Hope you enjoy your prizes!!

I really need to do another one of these contest givaways very soon for all you fabulous followers!!
Yours all brill and thank you so much for entering and following!!!

Thanks so so much again
Lu x