Friday, 27 March 2009

Avon Nail Varnish Review

Ok, so heres my 1st attempt at a kind of "review" =D
Thought id start with somthing a bit simple ..... Nail Varnish!

Now i may be a tiny bit bias due to the fact i am actually a Avon Representive but that said it dosnt mean i love all Avon products.

I no Barry M do some FAB bright colour enamels but these are just a different alternative..

Avon have cottened on to the trend of bright nails and have brought out a new range of nail enamels:
bright yellow (sunshine)
bright orange (coral beat)(sorry about the poor photo qulaity i blame the flash)

Here are some pictures of what they look like on my nails which are pretty short

1 coat of the yellow

2 coats of the yellow

YELLOW OVER VIEW: overall im not actually sure how i feel about yellow nail varnish im normally a darker colour kind of girl but i can see how it would look good for summer as somthing different

1 coat of the orange

2 coats of the orange

ORANGE OVERVIEW: i really like the orange i would definately wear this and i like it loads more than the yellow and its still really summery but not too in your face

I really liked the brush on these varnishes as it covers the nail really well and is not too clumpy

They come in 12ml bottles and cost £3.50 but this is on offer and it says they will normally be £6 but Avon are pretty good with offers im sure they will put on a buy one get one free or some similar offer on with these in the future.

For the full range of colours and offers ->

whoop whoop!! finally did a sort of review i doubt it was helpful at all if anyone actually reads it but arh well thanks for looking and please follow me if you want x x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I have a slight obsession with leopard print and i have had 2 new items this week .....
Cicular Earings with gold detailing its actually painted mother of pearl from Ebay too bargin at £1.99 and £0.99 postage so £2.98 Total
Huge Circluar domed ring with gold ring I LUV IT!!!! Bargin too from Ebay £2.99 and £1.20 postage so £4.19 Total

I literally have most things you could think in leopard print shoes,bags,clothes,trinkets,car accessories,hot water bottles but my absolute favorite is my leopard print dressing gown i had for xmas from my sister-in-law!! she no's me so wellI totally live in this x im always freezing even in summer and i always wear dressing gowns over my clothes when i sit in the house as its like wearing a blanket, so a leopard print one was just FAB!!!! :D x
(just a random blog really!)

Monday, 9 March 2009

Day 2 :D

Ok so i started this whole things yesterday after a crap day of which consisted of me failing my driving test !!! your aloud 15 minors and i got 17! GUTTED, anyway enough feeling sorry for myself!
Just wanted to say a couple of months ago i found the whole youtube make-up comunity and was well and truly taken in by it and found a few people i liked and subscribed, then i found most of them on twitter to so followed them on there, now ive opened this blogger account and seen a few of them have a blogger to and found you can follow them on here too so i have so im sorry if its like i have been stalking you all, your videos are FAB!! keep up the good work!

ok enough rambling for now might come back later :)

bye *WAVE*

Sunday, 8 March 2009

whoop finally did it :)

Hiya anyone who wants to read this
Im Lucy *WAVE*
I really wanted to do a blog for ages now and today i just went for it and opened an account
Im not a very interesting person and i dont have very many hobbies etc but just wanted a blog to vent and moan if im honest :) but also to rave about the good things that happen x
So im gonna keep it short and write a proper one about me tomorrow or something if i get chance because im still trying to get my head round it at the mo :D

Lucy x