Monday, 9 March 2009

Day 2 :D

Ok so i started this whole things yesterday after a crap day of which consisted of me failing my driving test !!! your aloud 15 minors and i got 17! GUTTED, anyway enough feeling sorry for myself!
Just wanted to say a couple of months ago i found the whole youtube make-up comunity and was well and truly taken in by it and found a few people i liked and subscribed, then i found most of them on twitter to so followed them on there, now ive opened this blogger account and seen a few of them have a blogger to and found you can follow them on here too so i have so im sorry if its like i have been stalking you all, your videos are FAB!! keep up the good work!

ok enough rambling for now might come back later :)

bye *WAVE*


  1. Hello I just opened my blog today and I watch the makeup videos too. i'm sorry u didn't pass your driving test.

  2. aww thanks so much for your comment :) x
    im gonna try again see if i pass next time :) just checked out your blog its FAB i would follow you but i cant see the box that says follow? x