Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I have a slight obsession with leopard print and i have had 2 new items this week .....
Cicular Earings with gold detailing its actually painted mother of pearl from Ebay too bargin at £1.99 and £0.99 postage so £2.98 Total
Huge Circluar domed ring with gold ring I LUV IT!!!! Bargin too from Ebay £2.99 and £1.20 postage so £4.19 Total

I literally have most things you could think in leopard print shoes,bags,clothes,trinkets,car accessories,hot water bottles but my absolute favorite is my leopard print dressing gown i had for xmas from my sister-in-law!! she no's me so wellI totally live in this x im always freezing even in summer and i always wear dressing gowns over my clothes when i sit in the house as its like wearing a blanket, so a leopard print one was just FAB!!!! :D x
(just a random blog really!)

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