Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Todays look . . .

Thought id do a quick blog about todays look clothes and make up wise :)
I might start doing these every few days x

Clothes -
A dress i found in the wardrobe, stange i dont actually no were it came from?
Id never worn it and it still had tags on from a brand called Miso
Shoes (out of the piccy)- pale gold dolly shoes
Headband-Double row of pearls headband
(please excuse messy room and pose, i still have tinsel up from xmas which was over 4 months ago, just love the sparklyness looks bear when you take it down lol )

Make up -
Lilac concealer
Dream matte mouse foundation
3 eyeshadows from a random set i got at xmas
Avon brights gold liquid eye liner
Avon Spectralash mascara
Avon cool pout lip gloss

FAKE TAN- L'Oreal gradual tanner, im very tangoed today, i look like i should be on Snog,Marry,Avoid!!
I didnt realise until after i had taken this pic how bad it actually looks around my hair line and i have fake tan hands even tho i scrubbed them after!!

As you can tell my cameras rubbish so the colours aint really come out very well

Thanks for reading :)
Lu x

Monday, 27 April 2009

Beauty school dropout

I was looking through some pictures on a old memory stick when i came across loads of pictures from my college days, i went to beauty school and im a qualified beauty therapist to level 2 standard.
I was picked to start the level 3 extension year but found out that it was electrosis, and i have a huge phobia of needles, the tutor was not at all simpathetic and she thought the way to get me over the fear was to stick the electrosis needle in my arm!!! (while i was sobbing because i was so scared) i freaked out and walked out the class and never went back!
Hense the name of my blog 'beauty school drop-out'
I was sang the song from grease so many times after i walked out by my boyfriend and brother etc!
Something i really regret if im honest!
But im still level 2 qualified so if i ever get over my phobia of needles il go back and finish level 3 :)
So this photo i thought id put it up cuz i loved my make up here:This was just after my college fashion show in which i was choosen to do the 80's and be a sort of 80's madonna i no i look nothing like her and i have dark hair but it was so much fun!
This was nearly 2 years ago now arhhh i was 16 here, shockin seen as i look older there than i do today.
Because i was at beauty college we had to do make up on each other through out the year and the fashion show was the end of year thing that judged our make-up, you proberly cant tell from the piccy but my whole face was super glittery.
I used to travel home with that make up on, and catch the bus, i did used to get some strange looks but i also had to take a pink suitcase to college with me everyday so i think they just thought i was a bit of a nutter.This was in one of the treatment rooms and in the background you can see the pink suitcases we had to take to collegeIn the snow with the pink suitcases!
They were a nightmare the amount of times i got asked if i was a air hostess with that thing was unreal!!

Heres some more crazy make up done over the year at college:This one was a test run for the madonna look, i quite like the smokey eye just not the bright red 80's cheeks and lips!!
This one our tutor said do what you want so i think we literally did; its a rainbow eye with different coloured rainbow tears that you cant see fully but they went all down the side of my face!
And finally i look like a man on this picture, i think its the red lips but you get to see my not at all fetching uniform it was navy blue and made from the worst material ever it was horrid especially when it was warm.
(Thats my friend Lucy (yep we have the same name aswel which caused alot of confusion in college) in that pic and the one with the pink coat on and she will kill me if she reads this so im gonna pop a picture of her now up as she looks nothing like how we did at college)!Lu now ^

Im hoping that when i pass my driving test i can do my beauty therapy mobile and am interested in doing training in more treatments like stone-therapy and aromatherapy!
^ Me now (18)

Anyways enough of my college days just thought id give you a little more detail about what i did at college and put a few funny pics up :)

Let me know what you think :)
sorry for the ramble!
Lu x

Saturday, 25 April 2009

i <3 Barry M nail polish

Just a quick post to say how much i love the barry m nail polish (304 mint green) that i recieved in my secret swap from MagpieSparkles shes a star!(picture dont do justice its a really beautiful mint green colour this pic makes it look more grey)It makes me feel so summery just gotta get my gladiator sandles back from my moms weekend home then summer here i come!
Even my BF commented on it :) BONUS!

I will definately be getting more shades
I love how they apply and the colour is really true to the bottle shade!


Lu x

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Santas been. . . .

So when the door knocked this morning i was very excited to see it was our postman,
he said 'you have a parsel' :D


Is it just me or when you recieve a parsel do yo u get mega excited even tho sometime you know what it is?
Well this parsel was FAB!
I new it must be the Summer Secret Santa that Rebecca from Pandadoesmakeup had been running :)

I had no idea what i would be reciveing and no idea who from either!

I opened it and it was jam packed with goodies i seriously was sooo excited!!

I just want to say before i put the picture up of the goodies that my 'secret santa' must have been a psychic or something because i was literally going to buy some of theses things the next time i went shopping and one of the things i have ordered already!

I recieved:
*Dry Shampoo in blush(this is what i was going to pick up in superdrug next time i went)
*Redken eyeshaddow brush
*Maybelline watershine lip stick in 03 icy mauve
*Lily Lolo mineral bronzer in waikiki
*Sample of Cupcake Blush
*NYC nail enamel in 105A starry silver glitter
*Barry M nail paint in 304 mint green (what i was also going to get)
*Eyeko Pastel Polish (what i have ordered from there website and wrote a draft blog about just hadnt posted it yet, truly psychic!)
*Green glass nail file
*Silver beaded headband
*2 sets of body Jewels,Sticky Jems(for phones etc)
*And A Very Lovely Note From My Secret Summer Santa!!

There was also a red sparkly bangle which my neice Evie Grace, whos nearly 2, nicked off with as soon as she layed eyes on it so ive taken a picture for you to all see shes wearing it on her arm!
(i asked for a big smile and this is what she did)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my secret santa as she gave me loads of things and they were spot on!!
Like i said i had already ordered one of the things and was going to pick up the others when i went shopping so it was really fab!!

P.S. I think i have guessed who you are - I did a little picture for you let me know if im right :)

Lu x

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spectralash Mascara

You may have seen this product advertised on TV lately

Now i am gonna be honest on 1st looking at this product i wasnt at all impressed with the whole 'dial technology' and thought it was just another gimmic from Avon to get people to buy.
Like ive said previous i am a Avon rep but unlike some im not trying to sell it to you on here, i want to do a review that would be true to the product and my honest opinion not a sales opinion.

The whole selling factor that Avon are using is :
Innovative mascara gives three looks in one tube - just twist up the unique packaging to customise your preferred level of volume, from a full everyday look to dramatic high-impact look. Clump-proof and flake proof. 8x the volume.

So what it means is,
There is a small purple dial at the base of the tube with 1 , 2 and 3 writen on,
all you have to do is turn the dial for the desired effect.
1 is meant for an everyday make up look
2 is meant to give reasonable volume for a more glam look
3 is meant for a full on glam volume look..........

.....Thats the theory anyway.
I used the mascara and i must say it DID work!!
I actually took photos of the three steps and my eyelashes before but it was at night with no natural light so they didnt come out too well il show you one of the pics but i will do new photos tomorrow in the day time so il update then :)This was with number 3 im sorry its a crappy pic and is not very clear at all doesnt do product justice really!
(i look like something from blair witch lol so i will do new piccys and upload them )

I did a small, not at all scientific test, i put the number 1 on my one eye and number 3 on my other eye then went into my boyfriend and asked him to tell me which one looked more 'volumised' and he pointed to the one with number 3 on so if my boyfriend could tell then it must work lol :D

So overall i felt i could see a difference and it does actually work, so my 1st impresions were wrong i wouldnt say its the best thing since sliced bread but it works and i cant doubt that fact.
The product is 9ml and due to the 'dial technology' it makes the product kinda bulky and i do think it looks like a permenent marker pen.
I have no idea about what happens inside when you turn the dial, i am kinda tempted to cut the tube open but thats just a waste of product so when its empty i think i may be doing that for curiosity pursoses :)
My presumption is that when you turn it dispences more product onto the brush but thats just a guess?

So overall i would say if you like gimmicky things or new ideas give it ago,
i supose it does give you '3 looks in one tube' as they say,
so with the recession and all i supose your getting a bargin if its '3 mascaras in one' :).
It comes in the shades Black and Brown/Black

Avon price £5
(£5 dived by 3 = £1.66* recuring so i supose thats what your paying for each look)

Ive just found out that Avon have used the 'Dial Technology' and produced a lipstick that in theory gives you 7 shade!
Heres a preview piccy:
I dont have this product yet but as soon as i do i will do a review :D

Thank for reading hope this helps.
If you have any questions i'll be more than happy to answer,
im still trying to get my head around the reviewing side of my blog so any tips i would be very greatful :)

Lu x
Update: check the youtube video from AVON that explains more!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Eyeko - Ambassador Code E2794

Eyeko - FAB -

I saw some of this brands products being used by some of the beauty bloggers before on youtube and on blogs and i was very impressed :) the one that stood out 1st was the 'pastel polish' the bottle is so cute it looks like a little medicine bottle and i dont think may people would have guessed it was a nail varnish on first glaces.
Superdrug stock these products - well most of them apparently do just not the ones local to me :( neither of them had the pastel polish i dont no if they didnt have it or it had just sold out, so anyways i thought id look for there website and i must say this website is fab :)

Ease wise its very simple to navigate around and all there best/well know products are on the front page for you to click on and link to!
It gets better, i ordered the pastel polish (£3) which is gourgous pale baby blue style colour and when i checked out, i found it was free delivery/shipping!!!!
Not may websites offer that on what ever you buy, you normally have to spend a minimum of £10 to get it free delivery.
So in theory its cheaper to buy from there website for me, as i have to bus to the town were the superdrug is which costs £3.40 there and back and when i get there they dont always have what i want, so its the website ordering all the way for me :)
On the last page it asks if you have an 'AMBASSADOR CODE'
I have now become an ambassadorm, so if your interested and would like to buy from them just enter this code E2794 in at the checkout section
(make sure you enter it in the Ambassador code and not the promotion code)
you will get a litle extra thrown in when your order arrives :)

I hope you love there website and products as much as i do and when my order arrives i will be blogging on the delivery time and product :)

Thank You
Lu x

I wrote this blog yesterday before i recieved my Secret Santa Swap today (above post) x
I saved it as a draft and was going to publish it today.
But to my suprise today when i opened my swap parcel i had been given this polish :)
So i have the product quicker than i thought so il have 2 when mine arrives but i no i will love it when i try it out so its great to have a back up!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Disaster hair pictures are here!!!

Ok so the last few days have been eventful for my poor hair :(

I was impatient and home dyed it and pre-lightened it which sent me ginger then made the red go orange red !!! grrrr!!!!
My own fault tho for not waiting a week or so.
ORAN GE HAIR!!!! it was luminous, wasnt even all the same colour i had dark and light bits all over!!

So i thoght i was stuffed and would have to go shops monday with my hat on and get a new hair dye BUT....... the god that is my mother came home from there weekend place and went 'oh my god what you done to your hair?' and then she went 'theres a brown dye in my room that i brought a few weeks ago but never got round to using'
Shes a bloody star!!!!
Thank god for her buying and not using things ways lol x

So a after my mom dyed my hair i am left with this -

its a nice redish brown colour im really happy with it if im honest x

sorry about the poses i can never smile on a picture lol x

HAPPY DAYS (almost lol)
My very 'LOVELY' boyfriend said that i looked like :Janet Street Porter & Daphne scooby doo (very kind aint he lol)

My boyfriends gonna send me some other pictures friday when he gets back from working away so il put some others up then of his hair etc :)

So from this i say to anyone who wants too , do a blog of your bad hair days and a picture if you have some see if i can get it kinda like a TAG see if anyone does it :)

Thanks for reading

Lu x


Ok it went wrong!!!

I was very impatient, i asked the person who normally does my hair if she could do it in the next week but she said shes booked up so i would have to wait til the week after!!
ok i though, i can wait 2 weeks, couldnt i??. . .

But saturday i went into superdrug and saw the hair dyes. . .
i was with my bf and picked up the pre lightner and the red hair dye!!
how hard could it be i though?
so i got home and got my boyfriend to put the pre lightner on and he did bless him and it did work - of sorts, - it turned out looking like a tabby cat!
Nothing strange i thought, as thats how its ment to kind of go when you lighten it!
So i gave it a couple of hours and got gaz to put the red on, well it went on fine and there was more than enough left, so my boyfriend let me put the rest on his hair
(hes got a mohican sort of style)
so when i washed mine off i thought it looked OK. . . . .until i dryed it that was!!!

The result luminous red . . . because i had pre lightned it!! i thought id done the right thing because i thought the true colour thas on the box would come out better on the blonde/gingerish hair but obviously it was too light so the colour went too orange/red and not the rich red that i was after!!

Sods law tho, my boyfriend, who didnt use the pre lightener on his, turned out such a nice shade of red...TYPICAL!!!

I will be putting pictures on at a later date as my boyfriend took them on his phone and i forgot to get them off him before he went!

Moral of the story.................'Patients is a virtue!' &
I will learn my lesson - ONE DAY :)

What im gonna do now is dye it back black me thinks, as thats the only thing that will cover, so at the moment im wearing a rather 'fetching' pink beret that i wore all winter trouble is, its dead warm today so i look rather like a mad woman!

Lu x

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Just A Few Bits . .

So a few days ago now i went shopping with my mother :) bless her shes a star , anyway we went to matalan and i picked up a few things . . .If you saw my 1st video *whats in my bag* you will have seen that i had the lily allen gold heart earings but they broke :( so when i saw these hoop bamboo ones i had to get them they were ment to be £6 but it was 75% off so they were £1.50 how much of a bargin!! I really love head bands so i thought this one matched the earings so well i had to get them i have a thing about gold and cream things! bargin too was only £4And finally another head band its two dark brown hair plaits which ive been looking for to match my hair for ages i found one in claires but one of the plaits had come undone and they didnt have anymore so was gutted, so when i found this one for like £2 in matalan was very happy :)

Im gonna be away for a few days at my brothers so i will be back sunday and do a random ramble blog more than likely :)

Lu x

P.S- Dead excited for Pandadoesmakeup summer secret santa make up swap just gotta find out what my swap person likes and dislikes :) cant wait to go shopping for that x

Friday, 10 April 2009


So im sooo bored of my hair its mid length and dark brown and its boring me now ive had it like this for ages after growning out my graduated bob/pob hair cut.
I was watchin skins and i really lovethe colour of the twins hair then while watchin hollyoaks i noticed nanceys hair is a lush red colour too so i thought lets go for it so in the next week il be getting my hair dyed and cut *hopefully*

so thats the style i want :) how sucessful it is im sure you will find out when i post a picture after ive done it!

But i need anyone out theres help . . . i want this shade of red ( in the piccys above) and was going to pre lighten it 1st as my hairs so dark and then get this brand of hair dye . . .

but which one will look most like that colour? the one on top is called hypnotic red and the one on the bottom is cyber purple even tho it looks more red to me?

So anyone out there used these products?
Whats the finsh like? does it actually go this vibrent?

Any help would be extreamly FAB!!

Thank you
lu x


Im so happy i have 7 followers it means the world :) thank you for following i no im not the most interesting blogger and im not the most experienced either but i hope you get a lil laugh or something from my random blogs x

I have brought some new cute hairbands and jewelery yesterday and was going to do a haul blog about them but my mothers gone on weekend holiday this morning and taken my camera with her!! even tho she has her own she chooses to take mine, gotta love her tho :)
So i will have to do it after the weekend when she gets back.
I am gonna do another blog later about what i wanna do with my hair if anyones interested

So thank you sooooooooooooooo much x
I would of never thought i would have got 1 follower let alone 7 its so exciting !!

Thank you again
Lu x

Monday, 6 April 2009

THE ZOO.......

This is just a random blog about my weekend, me and my boyfriend went to the Zoo!!
I Was like a kid again im 18 and my boyfriends 20 and it was just us walking around the Zoo, we did get a few funny looks from the familys with loads of kids but if im honest i had a FAB day!!!
Ive lived about 15 minutes away from Dudley Zoo for all my life but aint been since i was like 4, i didnt really expect there to be many animals but i was pleasently suprised!
Heres some pics if anyones interested!The Pink Flamingos!!The Very Exotic Ducks In The Back Ground! lolThree Baby Spider Monkeys Cuddled Together
This is my boyfriend Gaz! Yes hes 20 but there was no stopping him when he saw these lol!!
(he will proberly kill me if he see these!:)

Part of the castle

A Kookaburra so cute^

The Leopard Was Hiding^The Tiger Shes Getting A New Boyfriend Next Month How Cute!!

The Snow Leopard Asleep^
Seriously Looked Like A Over Sized House Cat^
The Giraffes^
Baby Giraffe!^
The Ostridge^
The Peacock Who Literally Just Roams Around^
Lemar :)
Another Lemar who i said looks like he was meditating!^
These Lemars are just aloud to roam around too^
Quick self took picture we dont actually look too happy but it was a FAB day x
^^My 'Artistic' Snake Picture! i thought it was one giant snake until gaz pointed out all the heads lol

These were the cutest monkeys ever!! they were play fighting so funny!!How cute is this? hes got his arm around her!! awww^
The Sea lions One Of My Favorite Animals!!!^
At The Top Of The Castle!! Again We Dont Look Too Happy But We Were Wind Swept!!

So That Was Just A Random Picture Blog From My Trip To The Zoo!!!
Sorry To Bore You!!
Thanks For Reading/Looking Anyone Who Did :)
x x x