Monday, 27 April 2009

Beauty school dropout

I was looking through some pictures on a old memory stick when i came across loads of pictures from my college days, i went to beauty school and im a qualified beauty therapist to level 2 standard.
I was picked to start the level 3 extension year but found out that it was electrosis, and i have a huge phobia of needles, the tutor was not at all simpathetic and she thought the way to get me over the fear was to stick the electrosis needle in my arm!!! (while i was sobbing because i was so scared) i freaked out and walked out the class and never went back!
Hense the name of my blog 'beauty school drop-out'
I was sang the song from grease so many times after i walked out by my boyfriend and brother etc!
Something i really regret if im honest!
But im still level 2 qualified so if i ever get over my phobia of needles il go back and finish level 3 :)
So this photo i thought id put it up cuz i loved my make up here:This was just after my college fashion show in which i was choosen to do the 80's and be a sort of 80's madonna i no i look nothing like her and i have dark hair but it was so much fun!
This was nearly 2 years ago now arhhh i was 16 here, shockin seen as i look older there than i do today.
Because i was at beauty college we had to do make up on each other through out the year and the fashion show was the end of year thing that judged our make-up, you proberly cant tell from the piccy but my whole face was super glittery.
I used to travel home with that make up on, and catch the bus, i did used to get some strange looks but i also had to take a pink suitcase to college with me everyday so i think they just thought i was a bit of a nutter.This was in one of the treatment rooms and in the background you can see the pink suitcases we had to take to collegeIn the snow with the pink suitcases!
They were a nightmare the amount of times i got asked if i was a air hostess with that thing was unreal!!

Heres some more crazy make up done over the year at college:This one was a test run for the madonna look, i quite like the smokey eye just not the bright red 80's cheeks and lips!!
This one our tutor said do what you want so i think we literally did; its a rainbow eye with different coloured rainbow tears that you cant see fully but they went all down the side of my face!
And finally i look like a man on this picture, i think its the red lips but you get to see my not at all fetching uniform it was navy blue and made from the worst material ever it was horrid especially when it was warm.
(Thats my friend Lucy (yep we have the same name aswel which caused alot of confusion in college) in that pic and the one with the pink coat on and she will kill me if she reads this so im gonna pop a picture of her now up as she looks nothing like how we did at college)!Lu now ^

Im hoping that when i pass my driving test i can do my beauty therapy mobile and am interested in doing training in more treatments like stone-therapy and aromatherapy!
^ Me now (18)

Anyways enough of my college days just thought id give you a little more detail about what i did at college and put a few funny pics up :)

Let me know what you think :)
sorry for the ramble!
Lu x


  1. I know what you mean with a phobia of needles, you do get over it. I'm training to be a nurse, and I just bullied myself into doing it and now im fine. I think you should carry on with your training, Its a job that can take you world wide. :-) xx

  2. oh my life, major credit to you, your so much braver than me, i can imaging nurse training envolves alot more needles that beauty does. Im such a wimp i freaked out and left the lesson and never went back it was just such a bad experience. That was nearly 2 years ago now tho, i think im goning to try and find the level 3 without the electrolosis becauase i really want to do it mobile so the level 3 will help me.
    Thanks so much for your comment really means alot to me :)
    lu x

  3. Aww thats a shame . I know what college you went to! not to sound like a stalker!