Sunday, 19 April 2009

Disaster hair pictures are here!!!

Ok so the last few days have been eventful for my poor hair :(

I was impatient and home dyed it and pre-lightened it which sent me ginger then made the red go orange red !!! grrrr!!!!
My own fault tho for not waiting a week or so.
ORAN GE HAIR!!!! it was luminous, wasnt even all the same colour i had dark and light bits all over!!

So i thoght i was stuffed and would have to go shops monday with my hat on and get a new hair dye BUT....... the god that is my mother came home from there weekend place and went 'oh my god what you done to your hair?' and then she went 'theres a brown dye in my room that i brought a few weeks ago but never got round to using'
Shes a bloody star!!!!
Thank god for her buying and not using things ways lol x

So a after my mom dyed my hair i am left with this -

its a nice redish brown colour im really happy with it if im honest x

sorry about the poses i can never smile on a picture lol x

HAPPY DAYS (almost lol)
My very 'LOVELY' boyfriend said that i looked like :Janet Street Porter & Daphne scooby doo (very kind aint he lol)

My boyfriends gonna send me some other pictures friday when he gets back from working away so il put some others up then of his hair etc :)

So from this i say to anyone who wants too , do a blog of your bad hair days and a picture if you have some see if i can get it kinda like a TAG see if anyone does it :)

Thanks for reading

Lu x


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  2. Thankyou for checking out my blog, love yours! xx

  3. aww thanks for the comment no problem :D your blogs FAB too x