Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Eyeko - Ambassador Code E2794

Eyeko - FAB - www.eyeko.com

I saw some of this brands products being used by some of the beauty bloggers before on youtube and on blogs and i was very impressed :) the one that stood out 1st was the 'pastel polish' the bottle is so cute it looks like a little medicine bottle and i dont think may people would have guessed it was a nail varnish on first glaces.
Superdrug stock these products - well most of them apparently do just not the ones local to me :( neither of them had the pastel polish i dont no if they didnt have it or it had just sold out, so anyways i thought id look for there website and i must say this website is fab :)

Ease wise its very simple to navigate around and all there best/well know products are on the front page for you to click on and link to!
It gets better, i ordered the pastel polish (£3) which is gourgous pale baby blue style colour and when i checked out, i found it was free delivery/shipping!!!!
Not may websites offer that on what ever you buy, you normally have to spend a minimum of £10 to get it free delivery.
So in theory its cheaper to buy from there website for me, as i have to bus to the town were the superdrug is which costs £3.40 there and back and when i get there they dont always have what i want, so its the website ordering all the way for me :)
On the last page it asks if you have an 'AMBASSADOR CODE'
I have now become an ambassadorm, so if your interested and would like to buy from them just enter this code E2794 in at the checkout section
(make sure you enter it in the Ambassador code and not the promotion code)
you will get a litle extra thrown in when your order arrives :)

I hope you love there website and products as much as i do and when my order arrives i will be blogging on the delivery time and product :)

Thank You
Lu x

I wrote this blog yesterday before i recieved my Secret Santa Swap today (above post) x
I saved it as a draft and was going to publish it today.
But to my suprise today when i opened my swap parcel i had been given this polish :)
So i have the product quicker than i thought so il have 2 when mine arrives but i no i will love it when i try it out so its great to have a back up!!

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