Sunday, 19 April 2009


Ok it went wrong!!!

I was very impatient, i asked the person who normally does my hair if she could do it in the next week but she said shes booked up so i would have to wait til the week after!!
ok i though, i can wait 2 weeks, couldnt i??. . .

But saturday i went into superdrug and saw the hair dyes. . .
i was with my bf and picked up the pre lightner and the red hair dye!!
how hard could it be i though?
so i got home and got my boyfriend to put the pre lightner on and he did bless him and it did work - of sorts, - it turned out looking like a tabby cat!
Nothing strange i thought, as thats how its ment to kind of go when you lighten it!
So i gave it a couple of hours and got gaz to put the red on, well it went on fine and there was more than enough left, so my boyfriend let me put the rest on his hair
(hes got a mohican sort of style)
so when i washed mine off i thought it looked OK. . . . .until i dryed it that was!!!

The result luminous red . . . because i had pre lightned it!! i thought id done the right thing because i thought the true colour thas on the box would come out better on the blonde/gingerish hair but obviously it was too light so the colour went too orange/red and not the rich red that i was after!!

Sods law tho, my boyfriend, who didnt use the pre lightener on his, turned out such a nice shade of red...TYPICAL!!!

I will be putting pictures on at a later date as my boyfriend took them on his phone and i forgot to get them off him before he went!

Moral of the story.................'Patients is a virtue!' &
I will learn my lesson - ONE DAY :)

What im gonna do now is dye it back black me thinks, as thats the only thing that will cover, so at the moment im wearing a rather 'fetching' pink beret that i wore all winter trouble is, its dead warm today so i look rather like a mad woman!

Lu x


  1. That's happened to me before, I wanted to crawl under a rock but I still had to take the bus to school!! Good luck! xxNadia

  2. aww thanks for the comment, its my own fault for not waiting but hopefully il be back to my normal dark hair tomorrow :D

  3. Oh no! I always find though when I dye my hair after the first few washes it dulls - and red is a colour that needs keeping up to freqeuntly - so what would happen if you washed it a few times?? And maybe left a day or 2 more to see the results? It might dull down.


  4. I washed it again to see if it would go lighter but no luck still luminous! i think i got it sorted now tho i will post a blog bit later or tomorrow about it with piccys :D