Friday, 10 April 2009


So im sooo bored of my hair its mid length and dark brown and its boring me now ive had it like this for ages after growning out my graduated bob/pob hair cut.
I was watchin skins and i really lovethe colour of the twins hair then while watchin hollyoaks i noticed nanceys hair is a lush red colour too so i thought lets go for it so in the next week il be getting my hair dyed and cut *hopefully*

so thats the style i want :) how sucessful it is im sure you will find out when i post a picture after ive done it!

But i need anyone out theres help . . . i want this shade of red ( in the piccys above) and was going to pre lighten it 1st as my hairs so dark and then get this brand of hair dye . . .

but which one will look most like that colour? the one on top is called hypnotic red and the one on the bottom is cyber purple even tho it looks more red to me?

So anyone out there used these products?
Whats the finsh like? does it actually go this vibrent?

Any help would be extreamly FAB!!

Thank you
lu x


  1. I love this type of colour - I'd probably speak to the hairdresser before you do anything drastic and see if it will suit your skin tone - it would obviously cost more, but better to get nice hair rather than regret it lol - out of the two colours you have pictured I def say the red will give you the results you want more so than the purple though!

  2. Thank you so much for your comments :) it really means alot to me that people actually read what i say x x
    Im getting my hair dresser to do it, she comes to our house but we have to buy the colour that we want and she does it, so you think the red? im starting to think the same aswell, the other one is looking more purple to me now than it was last night lol x
    thank you again and your blogs are FAB!!
    Lu x

  3. :) I too am wanting my hair that shade :) its always been a plumy/reddy shade anyways but want it like the twins from skins so bad :) you'll have to keep us updated! If im doin it, it will be within next 2 weeks :)

  4. I LOVE this hair colour but it wouldn't suit me :( I saw a girl in a club a few weeks ago who had used the first colour on her hair and it was pretty much the same as whats on the box. Id def speak to your hairdresser though just in case! xx