Thursday, 23 April 2009

Santas been. . . .

So when the door knocked this morning i was very excited to see it was our postman,
he said 'you have a parsel' :D


Is it just me or when you recieve a parsel do yo u get mega excited even tho sometime you know what it is?
Well this parsel was FAB!
I new it must be the Summer Secret Santa that Rebecca from Pandadoesmakeup had been running :)

I had no idea what i would be reciveing and no idea who from either!

I opened it and it was jam packed with goodies i seriously was sooo excited!!

I just want to say before i put the picture up of the goodies that my 'secret santa' must have been a psychic or something because i was literally going to buy some of theses things the next time i went shopping and one of the things i have ordered already!

I recieved:
*Dry Shampoo in blush(this is what i was going to pick up in superdrug next time i went)
*Redken eyeshaddow brush
*Maybelline watershine lip stick in 03 icy mauve
*Lily Lolo mineral bronzer in waikiki
*Sample of Cupcake Blush
*NYC nail enamel in 105A starry silver glitter
*Barry M nail paint in 304 mint green (what i was also going to get)
*Eyeko Pastel Polish (what i have ordered from there website and wrote a draft blog about just hadnt posted it yet, truly psychic!)
*Green glass nail file
*Silver beaded headband
*2 sets of body Jewels,Sticky Jems(for phones etc)
*And A Very Lovely Note From My Secret Summer Santa!!

There was also a red sparkly bangle which my neice Evie Grace, whos nearly 2, nicked off with as soon as she layed eyes on it so ive taken a picture for you to all see shes wearing it on her arm!
(i asked for a big smile and this is what she did)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my secret santa as she gave me loads of things and they were spot on!!
Like i said i had already ordered one of the things and was going to pick up the others when i went shopping so it was really fab!!

P.S. I think i have guessed who you are - I did a little picture for you let me know if im right :)

Lu x


  1. Eeeeem yes you guessed!

    You're more than welcome, I hope you get on with everything.


  2. Yay! You got some great stuff Emma :)

    Your little neice is so sweet! I can totally picture her grabbing the bangle and runnning of with it haha!

  3. Thank you :D

    and truly if i took a picture of her for you now she still has it on, and it was just like that, i took it out and layed it down to photo and in a flash it had gone!

    Lu x

  4. You got some really good stuff in that package :o If only I had someone who would send me such goodies, haa