Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spectralash Mascara

You may have seen this product advertised on TV lately

Now i am gonna be honest on 1st looking at this product i wasnt at all impressed with the whole 'dial technology' and thought it was just another gimmic from Avon to get people to buy.
Like ive said previous i am a Avon rep but unlike some im not trying to sell it to you on here, i want to do a review that would be true to the product and my honest opinion not a sales opinion.

The whole selling factor that Avon are using is :
Innovative mascara gives three looks in one tube - just twist up the unique packaging to customise your preferred level of volume, from a full everyday look to dramatic high-impact look. Clump-proof and flake proof. 8x the volume.

So what it means is,
There is a small purple dial at the base of the tube with 1 , 2 and 3 writen on,
all you have to do is turn the dial for the desired effect.
1 is meant for an everyday make up look
2 is meant to give reasonable volume for a more glam look
3 is meant for a full on glam volume look..........

.....Thats the theory anyway.
I used the mascara and i must say it DID work!!
I actually took photos of the three steps and my eyelashes before but it was at night with no natural light so they didnt come out too well il show you one of the pics but i will do new photos tomorrow in the day time so il update then :)This was with number 3 im sorry its a crappy pic and is not very clear at all doesnt do product justice really!
(i look like something from blair witch lol so i will do new piccys and upload them )

I did a small, not at all scientific test, i put the number 1 on my one eye and number 3 on my other eye then went into my boyfriend and asked him to tell me which one looked more 'volumised' and he pointed to the one with number 3 on so if my boyfriend could tell then it must work lol :D

So overall i felt i could see a difference and it does actually work, so my 1st impresions were wrong i wouldnt say its the best thing since sliced bread but it works and i cant doubt that fact.
The product is 9ml and due to the 'dial technology' it makes the product kinda bulky and i do think it looks like a permenent marker pen.
I have no idea about what happens inside when you turn the dial, i am kinda tempted to cut the tube open but thats just a waste of product so when its empty i think i may be doing that for curiosity pursoses :)
My presumption is that when you turn it dispences more product onto the brush but thats just a guess?

So overall i would say if you like gimmicky things or new ideas give it ago,
i supose it does give you '3 looks in one tube' as they say,
so with the recession and all i supose your getting a bargin if its '3 mascaras in one' :).
It comes in the shades Black and Brown/Black

Avon price £5
(£5 dived by 3 = £1.66* recuring so i supose thats what your paying for each look)

Ive just found out that Avon have used the 'Dial Technology' and produced a lipstick that in theory gives you 7 shade!
Heres a preview piccy:
I dont have this product yet but as soon as i do i will do a review :D

Thank for reading hope this helps.
If you have any questions i'll be more than happy to answer,
im still trying to get my head around the reviewing side of my blog so any tips i would be very greatful :)

Lu x
Update: check the youtube video from AVON that explains more!!


  1. Thats sounds intersting hun - may have to look out for that x