Friday, 10 April 2009


Im so happy i have 7 followers it means the world :) thank you for following i no im not the most interesting blogger and im not the most experienced either but i hope you get a lil laugh or something from my random blogs x

I have brought some new cute hairbands and jewelery yesterday and was going to do a haul blog about them but my mothers gone on weekend holiday this morning and taken my camera with her!! even tho she has her own she chooses to take mine, gotta love her tho :)
So i will have to do it after the weekend when she gets back.
I am gonna do another blog later about what i wanna do with my hair if anyones interested

So thank you sooooooooooooooo much x
I would of never thought i would have got 1 follower let alone 7 its so exciting !!

Thank you again
Lu x


  1. You are welcome hun - just write what you want - we all love reading different things by different people! xxx

  2. aww thank you i no i keep writing it but it really does mean the world to me that people follow and comment :)
    Luce x