Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Todays look . . .

Thought id do a quick blog about todays look clothes and make up wise :)
I might start doing these every few days x

Clothes -
A dress i found in the wardrobe, stange i dont actually no were it came from?
Id never worn it and it still had tags on from a brand called Miso
Shoes (out of the piccy)- pale gold dolly shoes
Headband-Double row of pearls headband
(please excuse messy room and pose, i still have tinsel up from xmas which was over 4 months ago, just love the sparklyness looks bear when you take it down lol )

Make up -
Lilac concealer
Dream matte mouse foundation
3 eyeshadows from a random set i got at xmas
Avon brights gold liquid eye liner
Avon Spectralash mascara
Avon cool pout lip gloss

FAKE TAN- L'Oreal gradual tanner, im very tangoed today, i look like i should be on Snog,Marry,Avoid!!
I didnt realise until after i had taken this pic how bad it actually looks around my hair line and i have fake tan hands even tho i scrubbed them after!!

As you can tell my cameras rubbish so the colours aint really come out very well

Thanks for reading :)
Lu x


  1. Snog, marry or avoid lol!! I love your headband, where's it from? x

  2. aww thanks :) its from matalan was only around £3 and they have a 75% off there acssesories at the momment so it would be even cheaper!!
    i love snog marry avoid, sometimes i do cringe for the people on it :D
    thanks for your comment
    Lu x

  3. Gorgeous! Pretty dress aswell :)
    I love snog, marry, avoid and cringe at most of the girls (and sometimes boys!) on there. Its so funny!

  4. Its so funny, but sometimes i do think oh my life do you actually think you look good like that? lol.
    And thank you i worked out i must have brought it from republic last year or somthings and just not worn it
    Lu x