Monday, 6 April 2009

THE ZOO.......

This is just a random blog about my weekend, me and my boyfriend went to the Zoo!!
I Was like a kid again im 18 and my boyfriends 20 and it was just us walking around the Zoo, we did get a few funny looks from the familys with loads of kids but if im honest i had a FAB day!!!
Ive lived about 15 minutes away from Dudley Zoo for all my life but aint been since i was like 4, i didnt really expect there to be many animals but i was pleasently suprised!
Heres some pics if anyones interested!The Pink Flamingos!!The Very Exotic Ducks In The Back Ground! lolThree Baby Spider Monkeys Cuddled Together
This is my boyfriend Gaz! Yes hes 20 but there was no stopping him when he saw these lol!!
(he will proberly kill me if he see these!:)

Part of the castle

A Kookaburra so cute^

The Leopard Was Hiding^The Tiger Shes Getting A New Boyfriend Next Month How Cute!!

The Snow Leopard Asleep^
Seriously Looked Like A Over Sized House Cat^
The Giraffes^
Baby Giraffe!^
The Ostridge^
The Peacock Who Literally Just Roams Around^
Lemar :)
Another Lemar who i said looks like he was meditating!^
These Lemars are just aloud to roam around too^
Quick self took picture we dont actually look too happy but it was a FAB day x
^^My 'Artistic' Snake Picture! i thought it was one giant snake until gaz pointed out all the heads lol

These were the cutest monkeys ever!! they were play fighting so funny!!How cute is this? hes got his arm around her!! awww^
The Sea lions One Of My Favorite Animals!!!^
At The Top Of The Castle!! Again We Dont Look Too Happy But We Were Wind Swept!!

So That Was Just A Random Picture Blog From My Trip To The Zoo!!!
Sorry To Bore You!!
Thanks For Reading/Looking Anyone Who Did :)
x x x