Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Clothing etc haul :)

hiya :)

Ive just come back from shopping with my mom :) we had a great day, i went to buy some new bits for summer and to look for something for this wedding
Sadly no luck on the wedding front, saw a lovly floral dress but didnt have my size!! Typical!! im gonna keep my eye out in Blackpool tho incase they have it there.

So i thought i show you what i got :)2 vest tops one with differnt colour bird detail (£2.00) and one pink with buttons (£3.00 was from kids department aged 13 but does fit me lol)

Long grey cardie with buttons (£9.87)

Cream parker with detachable hood and sleeves that can be 3/4 or full (£16)

Floral dolly shoes (£3.97), Jelly Gladiator sandles (£2.94 im in love with them!!), Brown Gladiators (£3.91) BARGIN!!!
Skinny black jeans £7.83 (thats evies foot in the top corner and colouring book in the bottom corner lol)Fake oversized pearls (£1.96)

This is my neice Evie Grace (nearky 2) posing for the camera with some of the other things i brought:

Leopard Print Sungalsses(0.98p) (how cool is she?!?!)

weekend bag (£4.89)Butterfly gelly sandles (£2.50 she wanted to join in on the action!!)

All teh above were from Primark!!
Primarks always hit and miss today was definately a hit :) some days i walk in and think oh god no!!
I got this from Ebay it cost £3.38 with postage BARGIN!!!
its brand new too still with tags.
Its my little pony and says 'Out of your league'
Luv it :D

Oh little story -
On the way back to the train with my mom i managed to trip over thin air right infront a gang of lads, which made them laugh loads and then they decided to clap at me!! So i got a round of applasue for tripping over lol!! My mom thought it was hilarious too, my face went beatrood colour apparently!!

Well thanks for looking let me knwo what you think :)

Lu x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Pauls Boutique

Hiya :)

If anyones interested i just got an email from Pauls Boutique as they have some exciting new things happening :)

I think Pauls Boutique is FAB and have a great range sold on ASOS ,Topshop and Selfridges and also bank and Topshop online from May 23rd, but still havnt got round to buying a hoodie from the range yet but i might just do it now :)

They have customising days running so if you buy a plain hoodie you can get it customised by the PB team and the man himself!!
Also they have 2 new exciting ranges which are -
Barbie bags- they have joined up and are going to make a bag range together :D
Pauls Boutique Jewelery- a mix of urban chunky gold and diamote charms also neon and pearl beads

Thanks for reading hope this helps if your a Pauls Boutique Fan :)

Lu x

PS. thank you so much to all my followers and for all my lovly comments on my posts it really makes me smile :)
Thanks again x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Natalia SNOG MARRY AVOID - CONTEST! <--My Entry!

This is my contest entry for the FAB Natalias 'SNOG MARRY AVOID' Contest that she is holding (please check out her blog if you havnt already!!),
Now im totally obsessed with this show and think its brill so i thought i defo have to enter this contest!
WARNING!!!! - Please read the contest before i get any haters on this look :)
Also the look i did i went all out with clothes so you have been warned lol :D

Snog Marry Avoid - Is a program in the UK that aims to 'Rid britian of fakery and use only natural beauty'
Its a Make-under show which P.O.D (personal overhaul devise?? i think) strips girls and boys back to there natural self and is agaisnt anything 'un-natural' like fake Nails/Tan/Boobs/Eyelashes/Hair etc!!
I really advise that you try and watch a episode if you already havnt, this contest entry will make way more sense then :D you can find it on bbc iplayer or on youtube if you type in Snog marry avoid.

ANYWAYS- back to my look!!

I went all out and raided all my makeup and things, im hoping that it all came across on camera how much makeup i had, on it felt caked on!!!!

I concealed my face and then just went for it foundation wise!! I found stuff that was totally the wrong colour for my skin and i have no idea why i have it, then onto eyes- i went for the staple S.M.A colour which is, black bold eyes with ALOT!! of glitter. My flase lash glue had all gone funny so sadly no false lashes, then cheeks was obvious the brightest pink blush i could find and i applyed it all out 80's style! Then onto the staple for any SMA look huge pouty lips!! i used lip liner,lipstick and then ALOT of lip gloss in 3 differnt shades of, what else but, PINK! Finishing touches was all over face glitter and, (i dont no if anyone remembers the episode where she always drew on a beauty spot??) i drew on a black beauty spot with black liner!
I already had fake tan on but it wasnt as tangooed as much as normal so sorry for that let down on that front :( I also made sure i left a nice white foudation line around my hair line and jaw line!

I straightened my hair as normal and then applyed my extensions (that dont actually match my hair shade now ive dyed my hair) and started back combing like crazy on the top as this is also a staple look on SMA, I used my Tiarra from my leavers prom - as most snog marry avoid girls thinks there princesses obviously!! lol

Now the contest said you didnt have to look like a stripper for this but i though - why not?
i have the outfit after all!!.
So i wore my black and gold Corset because 9/10 of the girls are wearing corsets on the show (My corset was brought purely to wear under a dress i had for my birthday, i can promise ive never just worn it to go out lol).
My black tailored shorts and my silver heels (not sure if you could see them in the piccy so i took a picture of them on there own as they are crazy high but stangely comfy?!)

So thats the run down, now for some crazyy poses!!
Ive done a 'Before' and 'After' Piccy!!

Thanks so much Natalia for holding this contest, was really fun to put together!!
I can promise you all i never left even my bedroom looking like this cant wait to show my boyfriend the pics i no his reaction even before, it will be 'what the hell do you look like!!?'
Ive just showed my mom the pics she said 'God luce whats that all about? your eyes look good tho!' Bless my mother, liking my drag look lol.

So let me know what you think!
i no its totally over the top and taking the mic out of thw who image on Snog Marry Avoid but i hope that was what it was ment to be :)
Cant wait to see other entrys, its been really fun to do :)

Lu x

Monday, 18 May 2009

PandaDoesMakeup - Animal Instinct Contest ENTRY!

This is my contest attempt for Rebecca's (PandaDoesMakeup) Animal Instinct Contest x
Such a FAB theme which has thousands of possiblitys!
Please keep in mind that makeup is not really my stong point :( ive tryed my best but i think i still may do another entry because i think i could do it bit more sharper etc.

So the animal i choose was a FROG!!
This is the piccy i was insipred by i think its a Tree Frog but i may be wrong.Also as i have 2 little nieces they have alot of animal books and frogs apear alot so heres another inspiration:I dont have the best makeup collection, if im honest its mainly Avon so im sorry about that :(
I used:Tresemme Hair Spray
Concealer stick
Lilac & Green concealer
Dior Foundation
Avon arabian glow green shimmer stick
Eyeshaddow and lipgloss towers in (used the green and red)
Goldy/bronze shadstick
Avon Black eyeliner
Avon Red lip liner
Avon spectra lash mascara
Avon glitter mascara
Glitter post in red and silver
Pink blush
(most of the stuff i used was SBC because its stuff i got from my beauty college course)

Please be warned i do look slightly demented and possesed on some of these!!
Sorry i look rather evil in most of these, i was actually smiling in some, it was the lips that make me look odd :D
I tryed to get a motled/marbled look to the green like a frogs skin, i used 2 different greens and then a bronzy/gold colour around my eye.
I did sliver glitter dots above my eyebrows.
I used bright pink blush for my 80's style cheeks as the little cartoon frog has pink cheeks.
I used bright red on my lips with the red glitter.

I really enjoyed doing it even tho im notthe best by a long mile at it.
Cant wait to see other entrys!!
Go over and check the contest if you havnt already!!
Link for contest!!

Thanks so much
Lu x

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

DISNEY CONTEST ENTRY ARIEL - FOR SARAH (kiss--and--make-up.blogspot.com) UPDATE!

This is my contest entry for Sarah from:
<- check it out if you havnt already x This is my very 1st ever contest that ive entered. Sarah is hosting a brilliant contest, which you have to do a Disney based makeup. I was soo excited when i saw this contest as im kind of a Disney freak, without a doubt i did'nt even have to think twice about which character i wanted to do, it was always going to be: Ariel - The little mermaid. Ariel is just my absolute favorite!! Im such a geek, i even have the costume that my mom made me:
I also have a teddy of her fish Flounder that i brought when i wet to Disney Land Paris a couple of years ago!!
(i was so gutted when i asked my mom where it was and she said she had put it up the loft when my room was re-decorated, i so wanted to use it in my pictures.)

This was the image i took my inspiration from : I love this piccy with Flounder & Ariel

So this was my look i put together:
Ariel doesnt have a specific makeup look, so i used some of the colours from her outfit and things like the green, blue and purple and put them together and of course loads of glitter!! - It is Disney afterall :D
I kept the lips pretty neutral with a light pink glittery colour and popped a flower in my hair!! (Im so gutted i couldnt find my flounder fish =[ )
I forgot to put my necklace on but it so reminds me of Disney so il show you all :)
Its a locket and says 'Wish Upon A Star'

Im sorry if my pictures arent very clear i have some more if you need them, if you cant really see these?!
This is what i used:

Thats about it :)
Thanks so much for looking, ive looked at some of the other entrys and they look FAB!! Cant wait to see some more, Disney is such a great theme to pick the possibilitys are endless.
Let me know what you think of the look!

Lu x

UPDATE: My mom has just found my Flounder teddy so i just snapped a picture so sad i didnt find it in time to use it with my look tho :(
Told you i was a bit overly obsessed with Disney
(i also have a Minie Mouse costume ears and all lol)
x x x

Monday, 4 May 2009

Charmed im sure. .

This is just a random post about my obbsession with charm bracelets!
Every since i can remember i have had an obsession with charms well any miniture things if im honest :)
I think its just the dinky-ness of the things and how detailed they are.
I have a dolls house too with all the miniture furniture, it would have proberly been cheaper to buy a real house and furnish and decorate it, its such an expensive hobby!
And I dont care what you say your never to old for a dolls house :D

Back to charms, i own 2 charm braclets and i just wish that this was mine!
But its sadly not!!
I just think this is beautiful!!
All the detail and work thats gone into each one!
Sadly the one of mine is gold and only has 4 charms on it at the moment because the clasp is broken so i need to get that fixed before i wear it so im not going to take a piccy of that!
Hopefully one day it will be like this one :)

Secondly i have a silver one which has alot more than 4 charmsThis is proberly one of my favorite items of jewelry i own!
Dolphin , Breast cancer researh ribbon, Horse shoe, Pink corset (has lacing up the back), Pink butterflyBlack cat, 1st shoe, Red apple thats had a bite taken out of it, Looking glassEngagement ring, Diamante heart, Pink parfum bottle, Scottie dog, Handbag, 2nd shoe!
I have 2 shoes because my mother thought it wold be a good idea to have a pair of shoes
(shes crazy but i luv her lol)

Anyways this is just a little love/passion of mine
Anyone else like charms or dolls houses or is it just me?
Whats do you collect?
(makeup and beauty is obviously my other passion :)

Thanks For Reading
Lu x

Friday, 1 May 2009

I see a theme!!

I was watching Kelanjo19 's Haulorama video on youtube and saw she had brought a watch :)
I thought it looked familiar!!
When i looked through my avon book it seems that theres a trend going on

This is the watch Kelly brought its a Sekonda and its £19.59 from argos

This is the Avon watch which is £15 from Avon

This is the River island one £19.99 from River Island

This is what all these watchs are a 'copy' of which is the Chanel J12 which is aprox £2,000

I think there all pretty similar!
Obviously the Chanel one has the logo on and would proberly last a lifetime, but is it worth the extra £1980??

Just a random blog really beacuase this style seems to be everywere lately

P.S - I brought the Avon one :D

Thanks for reading
Lu x