Monday, 4 May 2009

Charmed im sure. .

This is just a random post about my obbsession with charm bracelets!
Every since i can remember i have had an obsession with charms well any miniture things if im honest :)
I think its just the dinky-ness of the things and how detailed they are.
I have a dolls house too with all the miniture furniture, it would have proberly been cheaper to buy a real house and furnish and decorate it, its such an expensive hobby!
And I dont care what you say your never to old for a dolls house :D

Back to charms, i own 2 charm braclets and i just wish that this was mine!
But its sadly not!!
I just think this is beautiful!!
All the detail and work thats gone into each one!
Sadly the one of mine is gold and only has 4 charms on it at the moment because the clasp is broken so i need to get that fixed before i wear it so im not going to take a piccy of that!
Hopefully one day it will be like this one :)

Secondly i have a silver one which has alot more than 4 charmsThis is proberly one of my favorite items of jewelry i own!
Dolphin , Breast cancer researh ribbon, Horse shoe, Pink corset (has lacing up the back), Pink butterflyBlack cat, 1st shoe, Red apple thats had a bite taken out of it, Looking glassEngagement ring, Diamante heart, Pink parfum bottle, Scottie dog, Handbag, 2nd shoe!
I have 2 shoes because my mother thought it wold be a good idea to have a pair of shoes
(shes crazy but i luv her lol)

Anyways this is just a little love/passion of mine
Anyone else like charms or dolls houses or is it just me?
Whats do you collect?
(makeup and beauty is obviously my other passion :)

Thanks For Reading
Lu x


  1. Wow! Great collection! I 've thought of starting a charm bracelet in the past, but haven't got round to it yet...

  2. Cute ! love charm bracelets.. Haven't bought any in a while.

  3. My parents started a charm bracelet for me and added charms that symbolized different milestones in my life. Sadly, Very very very sadly, I misplaced it about 4 or 5 years ago. I still turn my house upside down looking for it about once a month.

  4. tina_mbc - aww thanks you shuld defo start collecting, then you can pass it on and it can become a family air loom (im not sure if you spell it like that)

    Jasmin - thanks :) im glad you luv them too x

    *Stars*in*my*pocket* - aww thats gutting i really hope you find it x thats such a luvly idea to get a charm for every milestone

    thanks for your comments x
    lu x