Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Clothing etc haul :)

hiya :)

Ive just come back from shopping with my mom :) we had a great day, i went to buy some new bits for summer and to look for something for this wedding
Sadly no luck on the wedding front, saw a lovly floral dress but didnt have my size!! Typical!! im gonna keep my eye out in Blackpool tho incase they have it there.

So i thought i show you what i got :)2 vest tops one with differnt colour bird detail (£2.00) and one pink with buttons (£3.00 was from kids department aged 13 but does fit me lol)

Long grey cardie with buttons (£9.87)

Cream parker with detachable hood and sleeves that can be 3/4 or full (£16)

Floral dolly shoes (£3.97), Jelly Gladiator sandles (£2.94 im in love with them!!), Brown Gladiators (£3.91) BARGIN!!!
Skinny black jeans £7.83 (thats evies foot in the top corner and colouring book in the bottom corner lol)Fake oversized pearls (£1.96)

This is my neice Evie Grace (nearky 2) posing for the camera with some of the other things i brought:

Leopard Print Sungalsses(0.98p) (how cool is she?!?!)

weekend bag (£4.89)Butterfly gelly sandles (£2.50 she wanted to join in on the action!!)

All teh above were from Primark!!
Primarks always hit and miss today was definately a hit :) some days i walk in and think oh god no!!
I got this from Ebay it cost £3.38 with postage BARGIN!!!
its brand new too still with tags.
Its my little pony and says 'Out of your league'
Luv it :D

Oh little story -
On the way back to the train with my mom i managed to trip over thin air right infront a gang of lads, which made them laugh loads and then they decided to clap at me!! So i got a round of applasue for tripping over lol!! My mom thought it was hilarious too, my face went beatrood colour apparently!!

Well thanks for looking let me knwo what you think :)

Lu x


  1. You've got to love Primark - the cardi is cute, and so is your niece xx

  2. I get things from the kids department too sometimes, I don't know why they think 13yr olds are so big?! I have those gladiator sandals and that necklace too, love Primark! xx

  3. Talluluhbella- I luv primark too :) but sometimes i see nothing i like and other times i want everything :) and aww thanks my neice is such a poser, shes 2 going on 22 i think!

    Amy- I no yer the age 13 is huge for a 13year old and sometimes they have nicer stuff than the adults lol :) i have 3 pairs of the gladiator sandles now but i left the otehrs at my mom and dads holiday home so picked up some more for blackpool :)

    Lucia- aww thank you x

    Tabitha Sheridan - Aww thanks :) shes a little madam, ive looked after her since she was a baby while her mom works as a special needs teacher, so i get to spend ever day with her which is great x

    thanks for all your lovly comments
    Lu x