Tuesday, 12 May 2009

DISNEY CONTEST ENTRY ARIEL - FOR SARAH (kiss--and--make-up.blogspot.com) UPDATE!

This is my contest entry for Sarah from:
<- check it out if you havnt already x This is my very 1st ever contest that ive entered. Sarah is hosting a brilliant contest, which you have to do a Disney based makeup. I was soo excited when i saw this contest as im kind of a Disney freak, without a doubt i did'nt even have to think twice about which character i wanted to do, it was always going to be: Ariel - The little mermaid. Ariel is just my absolute favorite!! Im such a geek, i even have the costume that my mom made me:
I also have a teddy of her fish Flounder that i brought when i wet to Disney Land Paris a couple of years ago!!
(i was so gutted when i asked my mom where it was and she said she had put it up the loft when my room was re-decorated, i so wanted to use it in my pictures.)

This was the image i took my inspiration from : I love this piccy with Flounder & Ariel

So this was my look i put together:
Ariel doesnt have a specific makeup look, so i used some of the colours from her outfit and things like the green, blue and purple and put them together and of course loads of glitter!! - It is Disney afterall :D
I kept the lips pretty neutral with a light pink glittery colour and popped a flower in my hair!! (Im so gutted i couldnt find my flounder fish =[ )
I forgot to put my necklace on but it so reminds me of Disney so il show you all :)
Its a locket and says 'Wish Upon A Star'

Im sorry if my pictures arent very clear i have some more if you need them, if you cant really see these?!
This is what i used:

Thats about it :)
Thanks so much for looking, ive looked at some of the other entrys and they look FAB!! Cant wait to see some more, Disney is such a great theme to pick the possibilitys are endless.
Let me know what you think of the look!

Lu x

UPDATE: My mom has just found my Flounder teddy so i just snapped a picture so sad i didnt find it in time to use it with my look tho :(
Told you i was a bit overly obsessed with Disney
(i also have a Minie Mouse costume ears and all lol)
x x x


  1. You did such a good job - good luck!! :)

  2. aww good luck hun xxx i love ariel aswell and tink :) my 2 faves

  3. aww thanks both :D
    it really was so much fun, Disney is just FAB!!

    Lu x

  4. I have the minnie mouse ears too. So lucky you have flounder! I have sebastian lol

    LOVE the eyeshadow. Your hair looks cute!

  5. This is FANTASTIC Lucy!!! I LOVE it! You look just gorgeous!!!!!! Thankyou so much for entering!! :D <3 Btw, your Flounder is just so adorable!!

  6. crissy- aww thank you :) and wow you have Sebastian, i dont think ive ever seen the teddy of him il have to keep a look out for him when i next go to Disney :)

    Sarah- Thanks so so much for your comments it really means the world to me, was really fun to do your contest theme was just the best and thanks again im so glad i found my Flounder :D

    Lu x

  7. i think the contest theme is FAB
    thanks for your comment x

  8. sexy mermaid i think!! :P
    im following your beauty!

  9. aww thank you for your comment and for following :) your comment really made me smile :)

    Lu x