Friday, 1 May 2009

I see a theme!!

I was watching Kelanjo19 's Haulorama video on youtube and saw she had brought a watch :)
I thought it looked familiar!!
When i looked through my avon book it seems that theres a trend going on

This is the watch Kelly brought its a Sekonda and its £19.59 from argos

This is the Avon watch which is £15 from Avon

This is the River island one £19.99 from River Island

This is what all these watchs are a 'copy' of which is the Chanel J12 which is aprox £2,000

I think there all pretty similar!
Obviously the Chanel one has the logo on and would proberly last a lifetime, but is it worth the extra £1980??

Just a random blog really beacuase this style seems to be everywere lately

P.S - I brought the Avon one :D

Thanks for reading
Lu x


  1. I have a QVC one that is virtually exactly the same - I love one though the numbers are clearer

  2. lol it must be a style all comapanys are doing :)
    thanks for the comment
    lu x