Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Natalia SNOG MARRY AVOID - CONTEST! <--My Entry!

This is my contest entry for the FAB Natalias 'SNOG MARRY AVOID' Contest that she is holding (please check out her blog if you havnt already!!),
Now im totally obsessed with this show and think its brill so i thought i defo have to enter this contest!
WARNING!!!! - Please read the contest before i get any haters on this look :)
Also the look i did i went all out with clothes so you have been warned lol :D

Snog Marry Avoid - Is a program in the UK that aims to 'Rid britian of fakery and use only natural beauty'
Its a Make-under show which P.O.D (personal overhaul devise?? i think) strips girls and boys back to there natural self and is agaisnt anything 'un-natural' like fake Nails/Tan/Boobs/Eyelashes/Hair etc!!
I really advise that you try and watch a episode if you already havnt, this contest entry will make way more sense then :D you can find it on bbc iplayer or on youtube if you type in Snog marry avoid.

ANYWAYS- back to my look!!

I went all out and raided all my makeup and things, im hoping that it all came across on camera how much makeup i had, on it felt caked on!!!!

I concealed my face and then just went for it foundation wise!! I found stuff that was totally the wrong colour for my skin and i have no idea why i have it, then onto eyes- i went for the staple S.M.A colour which is, black bold eyes with ALOT!! of glitter. My flase lash glue had all gone funny so sadly no false lashes, then cheeks was obvious the brightest pink blush i could find and i applyed it all out 80's style! Then onto the staple for any SMA look huge pouty lips!! i used lip liner,lipstick and then ALOT of lip gloss in 3 differnt shades of, what else but, PINK! Finishing touches was all over face glitter and, (i dont no if anyone remembers the episode where she always drew on a beauty spot??) i drew on a black beauty spot with black liner!
I already had fake tan on but it wasnt as tangooed as much as normal so sorry for that let down on that front :( I also made sure i left a nice white foudation line around my hair line and jaw line!

I straightened my hair as normal and then applyed my extensions (that dont actually match my hair shade now ive dyed my hair) and started back combing like crazy on the top as this is also a staple look on SMA, I used my Tiarra from my leavers prom - as most snog marry avoid girls thinks there princesses obviously!! lol

Now the contest said you didnt have to look like a stripper for this but i though - why not?
i have the outfit after all!!.
So i wore my black and gold Corset because 9/10 of the girls are wearing corsets on the show (My corset was brought purely to wear under a dress i had for my birthday, i can promise ive never just worn it to go out lol).
My black tailored shorts and my silver heels (not sure if you could see them in the piccy so i took a picture of them on there own as they are crazy high but stangely comfy?!)

So thats the run down, now for some crazyy poses!!
Ive done a 'Before' and 'After' Piccy!!

Thanks so much Natalia for holding this contest, was really fun to put together!!
I can promise you all i never left even my bedroom looking like this cant wait to show my boyfriend the pics i no his reaction even before, it will be 'what the hell do you look like!!?'
Ive just showed my mom the pics she said 'God luce whats that all about? your eyes look good tho!' Bless my mother, liking my drag look lol.

So let me know what you think!
i no its totally over the top and taking the mic out of thw who image on Snog Marry Avoid but i hope that was what it was ment to be :)
Cant wait to see other entrys, its been really fun to do :)

Lu x


  1. hahahahahahahah this is bloody fantastic just laughed my head off! POD computes u are a corset clad chav make-up catastrophe and in desperate need of some baby wipes! thanks for entering xxxxxx

  2. this is a fab entry well done-sorry aout your test-my friend took 11 attemps and 9 on her theroy lol and she did it xxx

  3. Ohhhh my lord! You are soooo going to win this contest, this is fantastic!!!! It is so over the top I LOVE IT!!! I've never seen this show but it sounds so fun! I love all makeover (or under in this case) shows! Good luck, but you won't need it, this is amazingggg!

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! your lips look great...im obsessed with pink lips!!!

  5. Ha! This is such a good entry! Love it!! :)

  6. Lucy you look ace!!!! You have to win this comp...I love it :):) :)

    Don't fret about not passing your test hun xx

    PS - I added u on twitter...but I dont get it really..I commented on one of your things and said it was me but I dont no if u see that...If its not facebook its too complicated for me!!!

  7. haha thats great, good look with the comp x

  8. hehe thanks so so much all , this really made me smile this morning when i logged on and read all your lovly comments.

    Natalia- aww thanks so much the POD comments really made me laugh, i definatly think POD is right i was a chav clad catastrophe lmao thanks so much for holding this contest was so much fun to put a look together :)

    MissGlamTan- thanks so much for your comment, it makes me feel a bit better when i no im not the only one to have more than 3 attempts at my test :)

    Sarah- thank you so so much your comment, it was so lovely, and you should definatly try and watch an episode on the net its a FAB show i LUV makeover/makeunder shows too :D

    Katrina is a Princess- aww thanks, i had to put liner,lipstick and 3 differnt glosses on to get that colour i think its a FAB colour dont no if i would be brave enough to wear it out like taht tho :)

    CBethGlitter- aww thanks so much :D was so much fun to put together x

    Girl With The Golden Touch- aww thank you!!! It was my 3rd test i took yesterday but im feeling much better now because im reading all your lovly comments :) and thanks for adding me on twitter, i have no clue how to work it either lol im definatly a Facebook person too much more simple but i will try and find your comment :)

    Make_up-Me -aww thanks alot :) i cant wait to see some other entrys in the comp x

    Thank you so much each one of you your all stars and im following all of your blogs :)

    Lu x

  9. :D That's fantastic, very Snog Marry Avoid.

  10. What a transformation from plain to fabulous!!haha! i think the case for natural look has been obliterated by your effort!! :) xxx

  11. Thank you for the comments :D

    Jean - Thanks so much x i luv Snog Marry Avoid but i dont think il be going out dressed like i did there anytime soon lol

    Nicola- lol thanks for your comment, it was such fun to do. i dont like my total natural look but i dont think im gonna be going for all out look either i think il find a healthy balance :D

    thanks alot for your comments
    lu x

  12. i love it ! you look fab ! ! ! so different ! love the lips & the outfit.. by the way, the hair looks so real ! haha

  13. aww thanks :) x its real human hair extensions, there a slightly differnt colour to my own hair now since i dyed it but i used to wear them all the time last year :)

    Lu x

  14. Omg - this is hilarious! I love it!

  15. Rebecca- lol thank you :D x x