Monday, 18 May 2009

PandaDoesMakeup - Animal Instinct Contest ENTRY!

This is my contest attempt for Rebecca's (PandaDoesMakeup) Animal Instinct Contest x
Such a FAB theme which has thousands of possiblitys!
Please keep in mind that makeup is not really my stong point :( ive tryed my best but i think i still may do another entry because i think i could do it bit more sharper etc.

So the animal i choose was a FROG!!
This is the piccy i was insipred by i think its a Tree Frog but i may be wrong.Also as i have 2 little nieces they have alot of animal books and frogs apear alot so heres another inspiration:I dont have the best makeup collection, if im honest its mainly Avon so im sorry about that :(
I used:Tresemme Hair Spray
Concealer stick
Lilac & Green concealer
Dior Foundation
Avon arabian glow green shimmer stick
Eyeshaddow and lipgloss towers in (used the green and red)
Goldy/bronze shadstick
Avon Black eyeliner
Avon Red lip liner
Avon spectra lash mascara
Avon glitter mascara
Glitter post in red and silver
Pink blush
(most of the stuff i used was SBC because its stuff i got from my beauty college course)

Please be warned i do look slightly demented and possesed on some of these!!
Sorry i look rather evil in most of these, i was actually smiling in some, it was the lips that make me look odd :D
I tryed to get a motled/marbled look to the green like a frogs skin, i used 2 different greens and then a bronzy/gold colour around my eye.
I did sliver glitter dots above my eyebrows.
I used bright pink blush for my 80's style cheeks as the little cartoon frog has pink cheeks.
I used bright red on my lips with the red glitter.

I really enjoyed doing it even tho im notthe best by a long mile at it.
Cant wait to see other entrys!!
Go over and check the contest if you havnt already!!
Link for contest!!

Thanks so much
Lu x


  1. Thanks for entering :) Looks great!

  2. Aww thanks, i forgot i had done it, i did it a few days ago and saved it as draft then i just read your blog about the Inglot pallet and remembered id done an entry.
    Im sure the entrys will come flooding in as theres so many ways you could go with the theme
    Lu x

  3. Aww I love it! I am still yet to do my look, might do it tonight if I get a chance - although I have so much revision to do not sure how that will work out...In fact I best get on with it! xx

  4. aww thanks alot :)
    cant wait to see your entry, good look with your revision i dont envy you doing exams and that :) x
    Lu x