Monday, 29 June 2009

New avon product :)

Hiya :)
i was wondering if you wanted to no about new avon products before they come out properly like? I could do it every time i find out about a new product or range from the AVON as im a rep.
If your interested let me know and il do it :)

Anyways onto a new product from the avon, which i am lead to belive will be in books in a month or so time and will be all over tv like previous campaigns :)

Its another new mascara and its called New Super Curlacious Mascara and the colour scheme and look of it looks suspisiously like:-
Loreal telescopic explosion with the red plastic sort of spikes.
im not saying its anything like it proformance wise it just reminded me of it as soon as i saw it :)

The avon one is ment to give you lasting curls and lift for up to 12 hours!
and your ment to 'say goodbye to curlers'
I cant wait to get it and try it it looks pretty good, much better than the spectra lash one i hope :)
It will be £5 in books which i think is quite reasonable :)

What do you think??
Let me know if you wanna no more about new avon products :)

Thanks so much
Lu x


WOW thank you to my secret swap sender Missy who send me loads of FAB goodies!
Ive been spoilt!!

When the box arrived you no you get that excitedment of knowing what it is but not knowing what your going to find inside!!

So i ripped it open to find loads of goodies all neatly wrapped in white tissue which makes the suprise even more FAB because you have to unwrap each item!
This is what i got all together:-

How FAB is missy for getting me all this??
I really honestly love everything and the sweets especially, my neice Evie saw them and said 'mine!' i said 'no Lucys' and she went 'NO! Evies' so im sure i will have to share with her :)

Im really excited to try NYX as the colours are really bright and lovly!!
I will definately have to come up with some nice bright summer looks with these!!

The colours are from top left:-
Hot green
Ocean frost
Red head

& the jumbo eyeshaddow pencils in matching colours to compliment the eyeshaddows:-
Hot Pink
Horse Raddish
Baby Blue

A really lovely china glaze in the colour heaven, i think it will look really nice as a french polish base :)

Also i got some L.A colours lipgloss in topaz, L.A colours mineral eyeshaddow duo in butterfly, and false nails for your toes which id heard about but ive never used so il definately be giving them a try now!

And finally soft lips lip protectant with SPF20 and a Costal Scents smacks in strut on nude which looks beautiful :)

So thank you so so much your a star Missy im not sure of your youtube or blog so if you could let me know then i can say Thank You to you :) and put your link on here :)
You picked great thinks for me and there is not one thing i dont like!!

Cant wait to go and play later with all my lovly goodies :)
Im feeling a bit worried that i havnt brought enough for my swaps now but seen as barry m and gosh things are like £4-£5 on average it blows the budget :(

But seriously thank you again!!!
Cant wait to get my other swap package now!!
and also i really want to see what my swappers think of there goodies ive brought for them :)

Lu x

PS if you want swatches let me know i havnt opened them all yet tho so i can do it later if you wanted! :)

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Hiya everyone
You may have noticed that my blogs been private for a few days!
Im sorry about this, the other night someone said somethings which i lead to belive that my blog was being read by someone i who prefer not to read it :(
So i put it on private fora couple of days!!
Ive later found out the full story and that i was more than likely over reacting!!

I hope your all having a brilliant weekend and il be back babbling my normal rubbish tomorrow

As for today im gonna just totally slob out and catch up on all the blog posts ive missed and watch tv!
  • Hollyoaks
  • Girls of the playboy mansion
  • Kendra!
  • Come dine with me

What ever i can find!
Thanks so much for bearing with me on that small blip!

Your all FAB!
Lu x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Avon :- Spectra colour lip colour

Ive had this product for about a month now and ive ben meaning to do a review kinda about it!
Finally today i got round to doing it takeing pics etc

So what am i talking about?
Avons new inavation 'Spectra colour lipstick'You might have seen Reece Witherspoon popping up on your tv screens advertising it with the tag line '1 lipstick 7 shades'
Its ment to be unlike anything out there and is the 2nd in the set of the 'spectra' range following the spectra lash mascara which was 3 mascaras in one!
Very much like my opinion on the mascara i thought here we go again!
But this time sadly i think my pre judgements are correct!!

The packaging is quite nice you get to see the two diffent colours that i presume get mixed when you turn the dial on the bottom, there is 7 positions from 1 being the lightest and 7 being the darkest.
You have a sort of button at the base that you have to pump for the colour to come through the top

I really dont like the aplicator its very hard to use, so i would recomend that you use a brush to apply it to your lips.

I have taken swatches on my arm of each colour:-

The blend of colours arnt exactly smooth and perfectly blended each time as you can see!
On the right hand side i started from 7 down to number 1
On the left hand side i started from 1 and went up to 7 and they dont correspond correctly too each other, even tho they are the same numbers!

Now this is marketed as a lipstick but its much more of a lipgloss and thats another thing i dont like, its very thick and sticky on your lips and you know its there if you know what i mean!

The price is £10 which i do think is extreamly over priced for what it is!!
The one i tested was 'the pinks' it also comes in :-
The Roses
The Nudes
The Wines
The Lilacs
The Browns
The finish is slightly shimmery not glittery but has like very small reflecs

I really dont think they should have said 7 colours as some colours look suspisiously the same maybe 5 differnt colours would be more realistic?

Overall if you want somethings gimicy and want to give it ago and dont mind that its not going to be the best product in the world then go out and give it a try but realisitcally your not going to be missing out on much!!

Hope you enjoyed this
I just want to say this is my opinion and im sure there will be people who love it but im sadly not one of them!
Thanks so much for reading
Let me know what you think if you have tryed it or wanted to try it :)
Lu x

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Postage HELP?!

Hiya :)

I wonder if anyone of you can help me??
Im doing an international swap that vee from is organising!

Ive brought my swap items for my two swap girls and im all ready to send off!

Ive been to the post office today to send out domaniques prizes from my contest and out of curiosity i asked the lady if i have to do anything special to send to america, she said i have to fill in a customs declaration forms and she said she would get me 2 so she came back and i expceted big forms but they are just 2 little stickers!!

She said i have to write down every item in the package on the front with the weight and value of it?!?!
It only gives me three spaces for the items so what am i ment to do i have about 10 things in the parcel, makeup etc

Anyone who has sent to america before could you please help me and tell me what im ment to do!!
Im so sorry if im being abit dim but its a bit confusing
I dont want the parcel not to get there and get stopped at customs or something?!

Any help would be FAB!!
Thanks so much
Lu x

Monday, 22 June 2009

AND THE WINNER IS.....................

The fabulous Domanique !!!!!!!

Well done!!

I put all 25 names on peices of paper!
I put them in a hat!
Then i got Evie to pull a name out of the hat!
And she pulled out Doma-Nikki
(she had just woke up so she looks half asleep!! bless!!)

If you email me with your address details i will send your prizes out ASAP!!!
Hope you enjoy your prizes!!

I really need to do another one of these contest givaways very soon for all you fabulous followers!!
Yours all brill and thank you so much for entering and following!!!

Thanks so so much again
Lu x


WOW thank you to for giving me my very 1st Blog award!!
Shes a STAR!!!!

These are the RULES:

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2. Pass the award to other blogs that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So I give awards to:-

These are just a few of you fabulous girlies!!!
Your all true stars!!

Thanks so much again
Lu x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

MY 1st CONTEST!! 100+ Followers (CLOSED!!!)

Hiya :)
Sorry that im about 4 or 5 days late with this contest but ive finally been out and brought a little something for a contest to say thank you to my 105 followers now!

Im sorry that its not much (im damn poor having to buy things for all these weddings! lol) but i though if i just do a little one now then in about a month or so i can do another one :)
I hope thats going to be ok??

So the Prizes are a:-
Beauty UK pallet in Number 1 (i do love number 2 but i thought not everyone likes brights) Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking pink! (i thought it would be great colour for summer)

Im gonna keep it quite simple all im asking you to do is to comment below just saying:-
'Enter Me Please'
and then answer the question:-
Whats your favorite film?*
(Mines Grease by the way always has been always will!!
My mom says i was born in the wrong era lol)

*Please note your favorite film has no bearing on your entry its just so i have somthing else to read while i read your comments and its always fun to find something about about all you lovlys :)

It will run from today:-
(17th of June, until Sunday 21st of June 11.59pm GMT)

It is open world wide i will send anywere :)

There will be one winner who recieves both the pallet and the nail polish!

You must be a follower!!

When the contest closes on sunday i will write all the names down!
Then on monday morning when my Neice comes i will put all the names into a hat and get Evie to pick one out at random and il try and video her doing it if i can and il post it up on my blog!
So Monday i will blog who has won!

I wish i could get you more but like i say il do another one in about a month or so!

And Finally!!
Your all my stars for following and reading about my crazy life and what i have to say so i really mean it when i say it means the world to me x x

Thanks so much
Lu x


Sunday, 14 June 2009


Im actually stuck for words!
As my followers have raised up i couldnt belive it and all i could say was
As i promised i am gonna hold a contest because ive reached 100 followers,
i didnt think i would get 100 followers this quick,
i was ment to get something the weekend for a prize but as usual plans went AWOL and i didnt even go shopping!!
Terrible :(
But sometime in the week i will get prizes and start the contest up!
Im gonna keep it simple for my 1st one and just run it as a comment contest!
So please accept my appoliges for not getting prizes in time but it will be sometime this week!

I really want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you 100 followers who actually read what i rant and babble on about!

Just a little thank you cupcake
(i never made these i just got this pic of the web! If i could bake i would! =] )

Thank you again!!!
Lu x

Belated THANK YOU!! - TalluluhBella (Laura)

This is just a blog to say a huge Thank You to Laura - (TalluluhBella)

She did a contest a few weeks ago and i won runner up prize and go to choose a Barry M lippaint

I picked Barry M 101 as i couldnt find it in my own superdrug!(I got the pic off the website as my cameras rubbish at close ups)
I ment to say Thank You as soon as i got it but for some reason it just kept slipping my mind

So i want to just say a belated:-

Check out her blog if you havnt already shes a star!!

Lu x

Friday, 12 June 2009


Hope everyones ok :)
1st of all thank you so so much to my followers your all stars!!
Over the weekend im gonna find something for a little contest when i get 100!!

Anyways back to things, my avon delivery just came and i forgot how much i ordered!
I kinda overdosed on it this time round!
This is what i got:-Everything together :)
Super Shock Intense Mascara in Teal! WHo knows what made me buy blue mascara i havnt worn it since i was proberly about 11 messing about with kids makeup maybe il start a new trend lol!!
24K lipstick in Pinkgold its a really lovly colour!
Soft matte mouse makeup in warm beige (i think its too dark but thought id give it a try!)
French manicure set
Warm Black Nail Varnish
What the warm black looks like
Jillian Dempsey Blush
2 new chrams fro my bracelet - water melon and cherrys

I didnt actually need half of this i just got carried away!
Thought id share my randomness :)

Hope you have a brilliant weekend x

Lu x

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Girls of the playboy Mansion - update!

Just a quick update to tell you that Kendra and Hank are having a baby!!
Shes just confirmed the rumours on her blog and i think its FAB!!!
You all know how much of a freak of a fan i am :)
Her show Kendra Airs on E! in the UK on sunday the 14th at 10pm!!

Thanks for reading :)
Lu x

Beauty UK pallets

Just a quick blog to let you know of the bargin i found!

Well you proberly already all no about the Beauty UK pallets in Superdrug for £2.99 and there really good and super pigmented!!
Well out shopping with my mom at this wearhouse garden centre place and they had Beauty UK pallets for £1.50!!!!
I though £2.99 was a bargin but £1.50 thats crazyness!

They didnt however have all 4 pallets just 1 & 2 so i picked some up for my secret swap :)

Im 3 followers away from 100 which is totally amazing so thank you every single one of the 97 of you x :)
I need to get buying for some contest/giveaway prizes

thank you all again
Lu x

PS- As im writing this its bucketing down here in the midlands with rain, thundering and lightning and its really dark it look like 8oclock at night not half 3 in the after noon!!
Whats the weather like where you are??

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

PandaDoesMakeup - Animal Instinct Contest ENTRY! [2]

This is going to be my 2nd entry into Pandadoesmakeup's Animal Instinct Contest
My 1st entry was a Frog - I was never fully happy with it and said that i might do another entry so when the contest date was extended to the 15th i thought id give it another go!

This time i choose a differnt animal -
A dog!! but not just any dog, my own dog Billy!!
(im not sure if its actually aloud his as an inspiration? he is an animal, but if not no worries just let me know x)

If anyones interested we resuced billy, he was born in a litter of puppys and all but 2 died and he was the weakest one, the other one got sold, the 'EVIL' person whos puppys they were said he was going to 'kill the dog to put it out of its missery' so as soon as we got wind of this we rescued him he was only around 5-6 weeks old when we got him which is very young to be taken away from his mother but we had to else who knows what his fate would have been. For the 1st few months my mom and i sort of hand reared him and built up his strenth and 2 years on here he is!!
No one would have belived he was the weakest puppy he is so lively and full of character!
Anyways enough of that, back to the make-up!!

I think billy has lovly colouring so i though why not try and do a makeup based around him, so this is the look i created.
I feel its more of a wearable look rather than the frog one i did that made me look rather like a mad lady!(sorry about all the pics i have to take loads because im not 100% that the quality will turn out ok on the pics)

I put on white light brown dark brown and black eye shaddows with a blue shaddow under my eye because billy actually has really lovly blue eyes.
I kept the lips and cheeks really neutral
(sorry about the foundation i look so powdery and orange time for a new shade me thinks!!)

This is what i used:-

Under the picture is a list of the actual things used if click on the picture you cant read it but if its blury please let me know and il change it :)

I really like this look i do think its a whole lot better than the frog!
Please check out all the fantastic entrys over at Rebeccas Blog!!

Thanks so much for reading/looking
Lu x

Monday, 8 June 2009

Packaging Rant!

Hiya i hope your all having a good monday.
'i dont like mondays' (Boomtown rats) came to mind after i wrote that :)

I though id do a post today thats more beauty/cosmetic related that most of my previous posts have been x
I want to do a little item on packaging.
You proberly all no by now that im an Avon rep, well Avon has recently changed the packaging of there hair care range and its a move for the worse, not better in my eyes!
Sometimes i feel that Avon, even tho its been going for years, is never taken seriously on the beauty front.
By changing there packaging i think they have gone a step backwards instead of coming forwards

This was there previous range:-

And now its been changed to this??Is is me or does this look extreamly 70's??
Even the beige colour of the bottle, whats with that?

Now i no packaging isnt everything but when you have to try and sell the products through a catologue, where you dont get to see the products in reality before you buy them, then i dont think it gives a very good impression.
The more annoying thing is the product is brilliant, especially the hair balm makes your hair super shiny, i just dont think the packaging does any justice!!

In comparason if you was given the choice between the which one would you pick just from packaging?

I no for definate it would be the pink one!
The colour of the avons new package is just a turn off!

Herbal essance may be on a bigger budget packaging wise as there a huge name on the market but i just feel that Avon had a better packaging previous so why change it for the worse not better?

They have proven they can change things for the better with these Eyeshaddow quads:-

This was before:-
These are the new ones which are very Chanel esque:-

Am i going into this too much or does anyone else feel the same?
I just feel if Avon are gonna be taken more seriously on the beauty & cosmetics part then they need to up there game!
So Avon sort it out!!

Thanks so much for reading yet another rant of mine
Lu x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Girls of the playboy Mansion - End of an Era! :(

Hiya :)

If anyone read my Twitter last night they would have seen that i was watching 'Girls of the playboy mansion' .
As the title of this blog might give away i have a slight obsession with this program I LOVE IT!!
Last night i watched transition part 1 where Bridget leaves and Kendra tells Hef shes leaving, even tho its been all over the net previous that they have all left, i actually cryed it really was like the end of a era!
How sad am i?
I think because i had watched it so much over the years that you kind of get into the mind set that you actually no the people on the program, does anyone know what i mean?!
Ive really loved this program and the girls.
Now they have left Hef has Twin girlfriend who are like 19 but im sorry i really dont like them, they actually seem like gold diggers unlike the other 3 girls who i think actually do love hef.
I just hope that they dont get given a show like Girls of the playboy mansion!!
I will definately not be watching if they do!!
They will never be a patch on Holly,Bridget and Kendra!!
This is them! They got arrested for aggravated battery!!!!!


Holly was Hefs main girlfriend and i truly believe she really loved him, she wanted to marry him and have a family with him but i think age wise the family bit was going to be a bit impossible and Hef didnt want to get married to Holly so i think this is what ended there realationship
She left the mansion and started dateing magician Cris Angel (im not sure if she still is or not?)

Bridget was at the mansion for 7 years and was the oldest of the girlfriends.
She left to move onto differnet thing, she was always trying to achieve life goals etc.
She got given her dream show 'Bridgets Beaches' on the travel channel and travels the whole world reviewing beaches.

Kendra is my absolute favorite!!
Shes crazy, she has lived at the mansion since se was 18 and was there for 5 years, she left the mansion after wanting more freedom and independance (theres a 10pm curfue at the mansion), She has now got engaged to her new boyfriend Hank Baskett whos a baseball player.
Kendra has been given her own show on E! which im really happy about and it will follow her life as she plans her wedding etc
(aparently shes to get married at the mansion?! i dont no how true this is?)

Anyways this is just my own opinion i no alot of people dont like this program but i really do and was truly sad when it ended :(
but at least i have my little fix of entertainment with Kendras own show :)
I think my new reality obsesion is Keeping up with the Kardashians there so funny Khloe is definatley my favorite.

What are your opinions on the show?
Whos your favorite girl?
What you think of the twins??

Oh and if anyones overly obsessed like i am then thesee is the girls Twitters :)

Thanks so much for reading i no this is not going to be everyones cup of tea but i luv it so thought id blog about it :)

Thank so much
Lu x