Friday, 12 June 2009


Hope everyones ok :)
1st of all thank you so so much to my followers your all stars!!
Over the weekend im gonna find something for a little contest when i get 100!!

Anyways back to things, my avon delivery just came and i forgot how much i ordered!
I kinda overdosed on it this time round!
This is what i got:-Everything together :)
Super Shock Intense Mascara in Teal! WHo knows what made me buy blue mascara i havnt worn it since i was proberly about 11 messing about with kids makeup maybe il start a new trend lol!!
24K lipstick in Pinkgold its a really lovly colour!
Soft matte mouse makeup in warm beige (i think its too dark but thought id give it a try!)
French manicure set
Warm Black Nail Varnish
What the warm black looks like
Jillian Dempsey Blush
2 new chrams fro my bracelet - water melon and cherrys

I didnt actually need half of this i just got carried away!
Thought id share my randomness :)

Hope you have a brilliant weekend x

Lu x


  1. i have that Jill Dempsey blush too
    what do you think of it??

  2. aww really, i only just got it today so aint had a chance to try it, whats it like?
    thanks so much for commenting
    Lu x

  3. i think it's really good for summer
    i think it's quite peachy
    let me know what you think after you try it!

  4. aww will do :)
    thanks for letting me know
    Lu x :) x

  5. That blush looks so pretty

  6. Mmmm Make up! I love getting new make up and trying it all on! So fun! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

  7. Cute new products! I have some of that stuff too! hahaa. Of course, it's because I'm an Avon/Mark Rep. HAHA.

    Did you like the nail polishes? I had one in pink that was difficult to put on, but got used to it. hahha.

    love their mascara's by the way. they have awesome eyeliners and liquid eyeliners as well. take care!

  8. @louise - i havnt had chance to try it but it look lovly :)

    @Brooke - aww no worries 2 is such a great age :) x i cant wait to try my new makeup :)

    @Jasmin - Im a rep too!! i always end up spending the money i earned on Avon stuff its just addictive. I think i have nearly all there mascaras now no idea why i brough a blue one tho! i like the new nail polishes the pro ones but i find these ones you have to give it a few coats else it goes a bit see through!

    thanks ao much all for all your lovly comments :)
    Lu x

  9. congrats on 100 followers hun :)

  10. thank you :)
    i love them because there so bright and colourful, the watermelon is really cute

    thanks for your comment
    Lu x

  11. Are those Gillian Dempsey blushes new Lucy?

  12. yes its the new range, they are doing single eyeshaddoes too in the same kind of two tone way :) its quite a nice blush very peachy tho but texture is very nice!

  13. Oh nice look forward to seeing those :)