Thursday, 25 June 2009

Avon :- Spectra colour lip colour

Ive had this product for about a month now and ive ben meaning to do a review kinda about it!
Finally today i got round to doing it takeing pics etc

So what am i talking about?
Avons new inavation 'Spectra colour lipstick'You might have seen Reece Witherspoon popping up on your tv screens advertising it with the tag line '1 lipstick 7 shades'
Its ment to be unlike anything out there and is the 2nd in the set of the 'spectra' range following the spectra lash mascara which was 3 mascaras in one!
Very much like my opinion on the mascara i thought here we go again!
But this time sadly i think my pre judgements are correct!!

The packaging is quite nice you get to see the two diffent colours that i presume get mixed when you turn the dial on the bottom, there is 7 positions from 1 being the lightest and 7 being the darkest.
You have a sort of button at the base that you have to pump for the colour to come through the top

I really dont like the aplicator its very hard to use, so i would recomend that you use a brush to apply it to your lips.

I have taken swatches on my arm of each colour:-

The blend of colours arnt exactly smooth and perfectly blended each time as you can see!
On the right hand side i started from 7 down to number 1
On the left hand side i started from 1 and went up to 7 and they dont correspond correctly too each other, even tho they are the same numbers!

Now this is marketed as a lipstick but its much more of a lipgloss and thats another thing i dont like, its very thick and sticky on your lips and you know its there if you know what i mean!

The price is £10 which i do think is extreamly over priced for what it is!!
The one i tested was 'the pinks' it also comes in :-
The Roses
The Nudes
The Wines
The Lilacs
The Browns
The finish is slightly shimmery not glittery but has like very small reflecs

I really dont think they should have said 7 colours as some colours look suspisiously the same maybe 5 differnt colours would be more realistic?

Overall if you want somethings gimicy and want to give it ago and dont mind that its not going to be the best product in the world then go out and give it a try but realisitcally your not going to be missing out on much!!

Hope you enjoyed this
I just want to say this is my opinion and im sure there will be people who love it but im sadly not one of them!
Thanks so much for reading
Let me know what you think if you have tryed it or wanted to try it :)
Lu x


  1. Thanks for that Lucy it looks interesting but maybe too gimicky I am definitely going to look into it when my catalogue comes but I don't like the sound of the price ;)

  2. I was considering ordering this the other day but was confused about how it would work so thanks for the review! I like the idea of the different colours but Im not too sure about the price :/

  3. @louise i think the price is silly for what it is and definately not worth it in my eyes! you will have to let me know what you think :)

    @make_up_me i agree the price is way to high! im glad my review has helped and cleared things up :)

    thanks bith for your comments
    Lu x

  4. I was dying to try it and now im glad i didnt..great swatches..v.helpful!!

  5. thank you :) so glad it helped!
    i mean this is just my opinion but if it helps thats great :)
    thanks so much
    Lu x