Sunday, 14 June 2009

Belated THANK YOU!! - TalluluhBella (Laura)

This is just a blog to say a huge Thank You to Laura - (TalluluhBella)

She did a contest a few weeks ago and i won runner up prize and go to choose a Barry M lippaint

I picked Barry M 101 as i couldnt find it in my own superdrug!(I got the pic off the website as my cameras rubbish at close ups)
I ment to say Thank You as soon as i got it but for some reason it just kept slipping my mind

So i want to just say a belated:-

Check out her blog if you havnt already shes a star!!

Lu x


  1. Thank you :D x im just sorry it took a while for me to blog about it, had a million and 1 things in my head x x
    thanksa again
    Lu x