Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Girls of the playboy Mansion - End of an Era! :(

Hiya :)

If anyone read my Twitter last night they would have seen that i was watching 'Girls of the playboy mansion' .
As the title of this blog might give away i have a slight obsession with this program I LOVE IT!!
Last night i watched transition part 1 where Bridget leaves and Kendra tells Hef shes leaving, even tho its been all over the net previous that they have all left, i actually cryed it really was like the end of a era!
How sad am i?
I think because i had watched it so much over the years that you kind of get into the mind set that you actually no the people on the program, does anyone know what i mean?!
Ive really loved this program and the girls.
Now they have left Hef has Twin girlfriend who are like 19 but im sorry i really dont like them, they actually seem like gold diggers unlike the other 3 girls who i think actually do love hef.
I just hope that they dont get given a show like Girls of the playboy mansion!!
I will definately not be watching if they do!!
They will never be a patch on Holly,Bridget and Kendra!!
This is them! They got arrested for aggravated battery!!!!!


Holly was Hefs main girlfriend and i truly believe she really loved him, she wanted to marry him and have a family with him but i think age wise the family bit was going to be a bit impossible and Hef didnt want to get married to Holly so i think this is what ended there realationship
She left the mansion and started dateing magician Cris Angel (im not sure if she still is or not?)

Bridget was at the mansion for 7 years and was the oldest of the girlfriends.
She left to move onto differnet thing, she was always trying to achieve life goals etc.
She got given her dream show 'Bridgets Beaches' on the travel channel and travels the whole world reviewing beaches.

Kendra is my absolute favorite!!
Shes crazy, she has lived at the mansion since se was 18 and was there for 5 years, she left the mansion after wanting more freedom and independance (theres a 10pm curfue at the mansion), She has now got engaged to her new boyfriend Hank Baskett whos a baseball player.
Kendra has been given her own show on E! which im really happy about and it will follow her life as she plans her wedding etc
(aparently shes to get married at the mansion?! i dont no how true this is?)

Anyways this is just my own opinion i no alot of people dont like this program but i really do and was truly sad when it ended :(
but at least i have my little fix of entertainment with Kendras own show :)
I think my new reality obsesion is Keeping up with the Kardashians there so funny Khloe is definatley my favorite.

What are your opinions on the show?
Whos your favorite girl?
What you think of the twins??

Oh and if anyones overly obsessed like i am then thesee is the girls Twitters :)

Thanks so much for reading i no this is not going to be everyones cup of tea but i luv it so thought id blog about it :)

Thank so much
Lu x


  1. I think i've watched it once.. and seen some bits of it other times. Some birthday episode I think? haha

    I did hear that Holly wanted children and he didn't. I guess it was bound to happen. I do remember seeing Kendra though. I liked her XD

  2. its such a great program, ye i think it as cuz holly wanted kids but hes already got kids from previous relationships and i think he is actually too old now to have kids :( . Kendra is my fav, shes crazy x

  3. Men are never too old to have children...biologically but I bet that as a playboy, he just didn't want any. I'm pretty happy that they moved on. They seem like nice girls and if Hef doesn't want to marry one of them than he doesn't deserve them. I hope they have full happy lives in the future.

  4. Yet - it was a statement i read that holly had said that hef has a low sperm count due to his age so it was near impossible to have children and he was also too old for IVF.
    I hope there happy too.

    Lu x

  5. I love Girls of the Playboy Mansion but Bridget was by far my favourite. So sad its over...Keeping up with the Khardashians isnt doing it for me at all so theres a big whole to fill!

  6. Its really strange i never liked Keeping up with the Kardashians before but i think im just making myself like it to fill the girls of the playboy mansion gap lol. At least we get Kendra to fill a bit of the gap :)
    thanks for your comment
    Lu x

  7. I havent seen any of the recent ones which sucks cuz i used to watch it religiously!! When does it repeat do u know?

    Its a shame they all left around the same time!! I liked them all, but kendra was my fav too x

  8. erm on sunday aftrenoons they oftern repeat on E! and there on most nights on E! aswell but not in any order so you might catch a brand new one with a really early one i dont no if you can watch them online anywere?!
    Kendra is FAB isnt she!
    thanks so much for commenting :)
    lu x

  9. I love those girls!
    really i am skinny and blonde and did i say skinny lol
    I think Hugh really loved Holly but realised she wouldnt want to look after an old man and let her go. He is a wise old thing

  10. aww i no ye i just wish he didnt have to have those bloody twins there no good for him!!
    i care about things way to much lol x
    Bless hef x
    thank so much for commenting x x
    Lu x