Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Girls of the playboy Mansion - update!

Just a quick update to tell you that Kendra and Hank are having a baby!!
Shes just confirmed the rumours on her blog and i think its FAB!!!
You all know how much of a freak of a fan i am :)
Her show Kendra Airs on E! in the UK on sunday the 14th at 10pm!!

Thanks for reading :)
Lu x


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG - I'm so glad you love Kendra etc.... I love reading your blog and getting these updates, yayyyy. I'm super excited for Kendras new programme, I might even see if I can set up the Sky+ just in case I miss it.

    Keep up the good work :-) You've a lovely bloggy. xx

  2. Hey, so I ran into your blog... omg! Really? I'm in shock. They are so cute!

  3. aww thanks both for the commnets :)

    @faffaholic- im crazyily obsessed with the whole playboy mansion and the girls! My boyfriend thinks im slightly nuts so when i found out about kendra etc i had to blog about it because no one else who i no cares! im so glad ive found someone else who does :) thanks so much for your lovly comments :)

    @brooke - i no i think its lovely that shes moved out the mansion and found hapiness! she deserves it :) x and thank you so much for commenting my blog :)

    thanks again girls :)

    Lu x

  4. I've been reading through your blog - love it! And I was a HUGE Girls Next Door fan. I haven't really watched much of Kendra's show yet, mostly b/c I forget about it.
    Oh, and in response to your question on my blog- Toby is a Jack Russell/Rat terrier mix and he is HYPER. All the time. Non stop. But he's doing pretty well with the kitty so far!!

  5. aww thanks for commenting back :)
    girls next door was just FAB, love the 3 girls, Kendra is brill tho :)
    My dog billy is jack russell and is totally crazy! he is on the go 24/7 but we love him and wouldnt change him for the world!
    aww glad toby is getting on with the kitten :)
    thank so much for replying
    Lu x