Wednesday, 17 June 2009

MY 1st CONTEST!! 100+ Followers (CLOSED!!!)

Hiya :)
Sorry that im about 4 or 5 days late with this contest but ive finally been out and brought a little something for a contest to say thank you to my 105 followers now!

Im sorry that its not much (im damn poor having to buy things for all these weddings! lol) but i though if i just do a little one now then in about a month or so i can do another one :)
I hope thats going to be ok??

So the Prizes are a:-
Beauty UK pallet in Number 1 (i do love number 2 but i thought not everyone likes brights) Barry M Nail Paint in Shocking pink! (i thought it would be great colour for summer)

Im gonna keep it quite simple all im asking you to do is to comment below just saying:-
'Enter Me Please'
and then answer the question:-
Whats your favorite film?*
(Mines Grease by the way always has been always will!!
My mom says i was born in the wrong era lol)

*Please note your favorite film has no bearing on your entry its just so i have somthing else to read while i read your comments and its always fun to find something about about all you lovlys :)

It will run from today:-
(17th of June, until Sunday 21st of June 11.59pm GMT)

It is open world wide i will send anywere :)

There will be one winner who recieves both the pallet and the nail polish!

You must be a follower!!

When the contest closes on sunday i will write all the names down!
Then on monday morning when my Neice comes i will put all the names into a hat and get Evie to pick one out at random and il try and video her doing it if i can and il post it up on my blog!
So Monday i will blog who has won!

I wish i could get you more but like i say il do another one in about a month or so!

And Finally!!
Your all my stars for following and reading about my crazy life and what i have to say so i really mean it when i say it means the world to me x x

Thanks so much
Lu x



  1. Enter me Please!
    Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.
    Can't beat it xx

  2. Enter me please Lucy :)

    My favorite film is either Sex and The City or How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days x x

  3. I am lucky enough to have both of these goodies, so don't enter me - I just wanted to say well done on your 100+ subbies! I love reading your blog so keep up the good work :-)

  4. hey! Please enter me in the contest and my favorite movie is Back To The Future!
    Congrats on 100!

  5. Enter Me Please :) Sleepless in Seattle or Breakfast at Tiffanys

  6. enter me!! my favourite film is jumanji x

  7. Enter me please!

    ooh Genabee good choice :) Catsobsessions not seen that for ages!

    soo my fave film is Love Actually...followed by The Bodyguard I think :) ahhhh happy happy. Congrats on having 100 followers! xxx

  8. Enter me please!!
    My fave film is either Dirty dancing, PS I love you or shawshank redemption depening on my mood xxx

  9. :) Please enter me!
    I 'm quite the film addict, but if I had to choose right now, I 'd choose "Amelie"!! :) xx

  10. Enter me please :)

    film would have to be walle :) love it!! hehe

    thanks xx

  11. Enter me please!

    I loveeee The Notebook. Makes me cry every time!

  12. Enter me Please :)

    & my fave film is the notebook. love storys never get old lol

  13. nice contest, just followed! :)
    -Enter Me please!
    my favv film is Breakfast at Tiffanys, cant beat a classic! xx

  14. Hiya
    Enter me please :)
    and i have 3 fave films:
    - Cruel Intensions
    - Atonement
    - Walk the Line
    I couldn't choose lol xx

  15. Enter me please :)

    My fave film is stand by me

  16. enter me, my favourite film is the notebook :)

  17. 'Enter Me Please'!!!!!!!!!!

    my favorite film is "jawbreaker" its this really old movie, but i love it because it reminds me of my teen days.. haha..

    congrats on reaching 100 followers!!!!

    take care =]

  18. Enter me too!

    My favorite movie is "Atonement" and I simply can`t resist watching it again and again. I like the book too btw.

    Best wishes,

    PS! Check out my blog too.

  19. Enter me please :o)

    My fav film?? hmm i have a few probably say The Fifth Element, lord of the rings trilogy or memoirs of a geisha x

  20. Enter Me Please :D

    My favorite film is . . well I have a few favorites: A Goofy Movie, The Dark Crystal, Anne of Green Gables, Rachel Getting Married . . Little Miss Sunshine. Ack I cant pick just one!!

  21. Oh enter me please :)

    One of my favorite films is the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind :)

  22. I love reading your blog!
    Enter me please!

  23. Enter me please :)
    Im really struggling to think of one favourite film?? I do love christmas time when its ok to get Home Alone 1 & 2 out!

  24. Enter Me Please

    my favorite is music and lyrics.

  25. Enter me!!

    Breakfast At Tiffany's is my favourite <3 I have it on DVD and have watched it over 100 times, haha.

    Thanks xox

  26. Enter me please :)

    Ooo favourite that is a would be between these: How To lose A Guy In 10 Days, American History X and Breakfast at Tiffany's :) xxx