Monday, 29 June 2009

New avon product :)

Hiya :)
i was wondering if you wanted to no about new avon products before they come out properly like? I could do it every time i find out about a new product or range from the AVON as im a rep.
If your interested let me know and il do it :)

Anyways onto a new product from the avon, which i am lead to belive will be in books in a month or so time and will be all over tv like previous campaigns :)

Its another new mascara and its called New Super Curlacious Mascara and the colour scheme and look of it looks suspisiously like:-
Loreal telescopic explosion with the red plastic sort of spikes.
im not saying its anything like it proformance wise it just reminded me of it as soon as i saw it :)

The avon one is ment to give you lasting curls and lift for up to 12 hours!
and your ment to 'say goodbye to curlers'
I cant wait to get it and try it it looks pretty good, much better than the spectra lash one i hope :)
It will be £5 in books which i think is quite reasonable :)

What do you think??
Let me know if you wanna no more about new avon products :)

Thanks so much
Lu x


  1. Yup I would love to know about Avon products I am really getting back into their stuff :)

  2. aww great :) i thought i would ask because i didnt want to just keep talking about avon and bore people :) but il defo do it now when ever i get info on new products :)
    Lu x