Monday, 8 June 2009

Packaging Rant!

Hiya i hope your all having a good monday.
'i dont like mondays' (Boomtown rats) came to mind after i wrote that :)

I though id do a post today thats more beauty/cosmetic related that most of my previous posts have been x
I want to do a little item on packaging.
You proberly all no by now that im an Avon rep, well Avon has recently changed the packaging of there hair care range and its a move for the worse, not better in my eyes!
Sometimes i feel that Avon, even tho its been going for years, is never taken seriously on the beauty front.
By changing there packaging i think they have gone a step backwards instead of coming forwards

This was there previous range:-

And now its been changed to this??Is is me or does this look extreamly 70's??
Even the beige colour of the bottle, whats with that?

Now i no packaging isnt everything but when you have to try and sell the products through a catologue, where you dont get to see the products in reality before you buy them, then i dont think it gives a very good impression.
The more annoying thing is the product is brilliant, especially the hair balm makes your hair super shiny, i just dont think the packaging does any justice!!

In comparason if you was given the choice between the which one would you pick just from packaging?

I no for definate it would be the pink one!
The colour of the avons new package is just a turn off!

Herbal essance may be on a bigger budget packaging wise as there a huge name on the market but i just feel that Avon had a better packaging previous so why change it for the worse not better?

They have proven they can change things for the better with these Eyeshaddow quads:-

This was before:-
These are the new ones which are very Chanel esque:-

Am i going into this too much or does anyone else feel the same?
I just feel if Avon are gonna be taken more seriously on the beauty & cosmetics part then they need to up there game!
So Avon sort it out!!

Thanks so much for reading yet another rant of mine
Lu x


  1. I use this and for some reason recently my hair has just been really greasy as soon as I have washed it, I am going to try a different one, perhaps my hair has got too used to the Avon one? xxx

  2. really? which one did you use?
    ive started useing the herbal essance again recently and ive found my hair feels alot healthyier, where as if i wash with avon it feels lovely for a day or 2 but then i feel i need to wash it again the day after because it goes greasy.
    thanks so much for commenting
    Lu x

  3. Those new eyeshadow quads are fab - I got the purple one and tey are really Chanel esq

  4. I think there a bargin think they were £5 when they came out, they do the singles now and the colours are lovly x
    thank for your lovly comments
    Lu x

  5. It's the same as the above but the green one. I'm going to get a diff shampoo an have a use of that - I have to wash my hair every day as I have incredibly greasy hair anyway so maybe its because I've used it a lot recently? Not sure. Also I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that it is a 2 in 1 conditioner/shampoo as I haven't used one of these before. I do think a lot of things in Avon are packaged a bit minging haha this shows what I mean!

  6. exactly this just shows how minging that some products are! oh it might be because of the 2 in 1 i think its always best to use seperates but sometimes if im honest im just to lazy so grab the 2 in 1 :)
    hope you find something that works for you :)
    Lu x

  7. That really looks like it's a budget supermarket brand shampoo! Like Smartprice.
    I totally buy stuff based on the bottle!

  8. I no its just screams 70's to me!
    It does nothing for there brand.
    thank so much for your comment x
    Lu x

  9. Eh I don't like Herbal essence.

    It's not bad, it just looks like every other brand. Head n Shoulders... Sunsilk.

    I actually like that one more

  10. i like the new herbal essance packaging, and i like the smell too :) x
    sunsilk makes my hair weird i have no idea why lol
    Thanks for commenting
    Lu x