Tuesday, 9 June 2009

PandaDoesMakeup - Animal Instinct Contest ENTRY! [2]

This is going to be my 2nd entry into Pandadoesmakeup's Animal Instinct Contest
My 1st entry was a Frog - I was never fully happy with it and said that i might do another entry so when the contest date was extended to the 15th i thought id give it another go!

This time i choose a differnt animal -
A dog!! but not just any dog, my own dog Billy!!
(im not sure if its actually aloud his as an inspiration? he is an animal, but if not no worries just let me know x)

If anyones interested we resuced billy, he was born in a litter of puppys and all but 2 died and he was the weakest one, the other one got sold, the 'EVIL' person whos puppys they were said he was going to 'kill the dog to put it out of its missery' so as soon as we got wind of this we rescued him he was only around 5-6 weeks old when we got him which is very young to be taken away from his mother but we had to else who knows what his fate would have been. For the 1st few months my mom and i sort of hand reared him and built up his strenth and 2 years on here he is!!
No one would have belived he was the weakest puppy he is so lively and full of character!
Anyways enough of that, back to the make-up!!

I think billy has lovly colouring so i though why not try and do a makeup based around him, so this is the look i created.
I feel its more of a wearable look rather than the frog one i did that made me look rather like a mad lady!(sorry about all the pics i have to take loads because im not 100% that the quality will turn out ok on the pics)

I put on white light brown dark brown and black eye shaddows with a blue shaddow under my eye because billy actually has really lovly blue eyes.
I kept the lips and cheeks really neutral
(sorry about the foundation i look so powdery and orange time for a new shade me thinks!!)

This is what i used:-

Under the picture is a list of the actual things used if click on the picture you cant read it but if its blury please let me know and il change it :)

I really like this look i do think its a whole lot better than the frog!
Please check out all the fantastic entrys over at Rebeccas Blog!!

Thanks so much for reading/looking
Lu x


  1. Love it! That's such a sweet story about your dog too, plus he is super cute.

    Good luck, I am going to try and do another entry but it's looking like I'm not going to have the time :-/

  2. That's a great look, I love the eyes!

    Good luck girl! ;) xo


  3. Aww thank you girls :) x

    @cat aww your entry already its gourgeous!! the way you did your eyes was FAB and those crazy lashes, i can never master false lashes x

    @tina_mbc thank you :) i much prefer it to my 1st entry

    im already a follower of you both! both FAB blogs :) x

  4. Aww your dog is so cute :)

    Thanks for entering again!

  5. aww Thank you :)
    and thanks for holding the contest :)
    its FAB!

    Lu x