Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Postage HELP?!

Hiya :)

I wonder if anyone of you can help me??
Im doing an international swap that vee from is organising!

Ive brought my swap items for my two swap girls and im all ready to send off!

Ive been to the post office today to send out domaniques prizes from my contest and out of curiosity i asked the lady if i have to do anything special to send to america, she said i have to fill in a customs declaration forms and she said she would get me 2 so she came back and i expceted big forms but they are just 2 little stickers!!

She said i have to write down every item in the package on the front with the weight and value of it?!?!
It only gives me three spaces for the items so what am i ment to do i have about 10 things in the parcel, makeup etc

Anyone who has sent to america before could you please help me and tell me what im ment to do!!
Im so sorry if im being abit dim but its a bit confusing
I dont want the parcel not to get there and get stopped at customs or something?!

Any help would be FAB!!
Thanks so much
Lu x


  1. I've sent to America before. All I did was write 'clothes' on it, so I'd just write makeup. I also didn't fill in the weight, surely the post office people will do that, cos when you go to post it they'll weigh it. But if in doubt just pop down to the post office and ask them, they'll know what to do. xx

  2. yes, just write make-up. I don't think they'll expect you to write every item down.
    good luck xx

  3. I just write cosmetics on the front of mine and the value - no weight - then sign the bottom. Its always been fine :) x

  4. Yeah, they just want a general idea of what is in there - cosmetics, clothes, jewellery etc. I rarely fill in a weight and a very rough dollar amount too. I have never had problems with it and I have sent items all over the world from Australia.


  5. aww thanks all :)
    i dint want it getting stopped like or destroyed if they thought i hadnt filled it in right! lol
    so i just right cosmetics or make-up and a rough idea of the price :)
    thanks girlys really helped me out
    your stars
    Lu x

  6. Under estimate on the price or your swapper may have to pay additional customs charges at the other end, or write gift on it to avoid that xx

  7. I don't know but *yay* to my giveaway being on its way lol :o)

  8. @dressjunkie my swap budget was £15 which i think is about 25 dollars so il just write £10 or something on it thanks for letting me know that i dont want them to end up paying the other end! thanks again! :)

    @doma-nikki hehe yep in the post 1st class this morning so hopefully (post office doing there part) that it will be with you in the morning :)

    thanks again for the comments your all a great help x x
    Lu x