Monday, 29 June 2009


WOW thank you to my secret swap sender Missy who send me loads of FAB goodies!
Ive been spoilt!!

When the box arrived you no you get that excitedment of knowing what it is but not knowing what your going to find inside!!

So i ripped it open to find loads of goodies all neatly wrapped in white tissue which makes the suprise even more FAB because you have to unwrap each item!
This is what i got all together:-

How FAB is missy for getting me all this??
I really honestly love everything and the sweets especially, my neice Evie saw them and said 'mine!' i said 'no Lucys' and she went 'NO! Evies' so im sure i will have to share with her :)

Im really excited to try NYX as the colours are really bright and lovly!!
I will definately have to come up with some nice bright summer looks with these!!

The colours are from top left:-
Hot green
Ocean frost
Red head

& the jumbo eyeshaddow pencils in matching colours to compliment the eyeshaddows:-
Hot Pink
Horse Raddish
Baby Blue

A really lovely china glaze in the colour heaven, i think it will look really nice as a french polish base :)

Also i got some L.A colours lipgloss in topaz, L.A colours mineral eyeshaddow duo in butterfly, and false nails for your toes which id heard about but ive never used so il definately be giving them a try now!

And finally soft lips lip protectant with SPF20 and a Costal Scents smacks in strut on nude which looks beautiful :)

So thank you so so much your a star Missy im not sure of your youtube or blog so if you could let me know then i can say Thank You to you :) and put your link on here :)
You picked great thinks for me and there is not one thing i dont like!!

Cant wait to go and play later with all my lovly goodies :)
Im feeling a bit worried that i havnt brought enough for my swaps now but seen as barry m and gosh things are like £4-£5 on average it blows the budget :(

But seriously thank you again!!!
Cant wait to get my other swap package now!!
and also i really want to see what my swappers think of there goodies ive brought for them :)

Lu x

PS if you want swatches let me know i havnt opened them all yet tho so i can do it later if you wanted! :)


  1. nice goodies hun what a kind swapper -I would loe to try NYX

  2. i cant wait to give them a go they look fab!
    i just wish i new her youtube or blog so i could put her link on here :)

  3. You received some great stuff!

  4. i love it all its great cant wait to play with differnt looks :)
    thanks so much for comments :)

  5. Wow! I'd love to do a swap.
    How did you organise this?
    so jealous x

  6. it was oranised by but theres another girl organising one now you can sign up for it everythings explained her :)

    its so much fun you should sign up and do it :)
    thanks so much for your comment
    Lu x

  7. Wow - you got some great things! Swapping is always so much more fun that shopping (as great as shopping is haha)

    Have fun trying out all your new things! x

  8. yess swatches please :D

    is soft lips good? i've seen it around but haven't picked it up yet

  9. aww thanks girlies :)

    swapping is FAB i have another one yet to come so expect that up as soon as it arrives :)
    il defo do swatches when i try them all out :)
    ive not tryed soft lips before so i will let you know what its like :)

    thanks so much for all your comments :)
    Lu x

  10. how exciting! what a great swap =)

    the NYX stuff looks so great, amazing colours! I'm looking forward to your swatches!

  11. il definately get the swatches up ASAP :) they are really gourgeous colours :)
    thanks so much for commenting :)
    Lu x

  12. Great, i will look into doing a swap.
    Please can you follow my blog? It has moved and i'll soon be deleting the other.xx

  13. She was really kind wasn't she - I love all the stuff that she sent and they were all perfect colours for me - thanks for commenting on my blog xx