Wednesday, 29 July 2009

8 weeks pregnancy diary!

Hiya :)
As promised i said i was going to do pictures of my belly :)
Well im only 8 weeks but the bottom of my stomach has expanded i didnt realise how much until i looked from the angle on the photo!!
Its scary!
Im 10 stone 8lb at 8 weeks so this is the begining of the diary :)
It does look like a beer belly but i promise its not!

My family are all known to have big babys which actually scares the living day lights out of me!
i was 9lb 7 so was my 2 neice's and one of my neices was nearly 11lb when she was born!!!
and they all went huge when having the babys!! Scary!!!
My boyfriend was only around 4lb when born so i dont no if this will balence out the big baby gene lol!

If anyone didnt no what a 8 week baby/fetus looked like (i didnt to be honest)
this is a picture of a pregnancey website :)

Notice my belly bar in my belly picture?
I wonder how long i will be able to keep it in for does anyone no??

OOO and im sooo lucky as you no i have 2 young neices who are 2 and nearly 2!
My brothers wife has kept all here stuff, cot and things and shes said i can have it :)
Shes a star!
Also a friend of gazs from work has asked if we want him and his wife to keep some things for us, as he has a young daughter and son so has things for both :)
My friends and family are being so suportive now they have got over the shock from when they found out!
Its all very exciting but i just cant wait for the 12week scan as it will all become so much more real then and i can start thinking about names :)

Thanks so much to all my followers and blogger friend who have wrote such lovly suportive comments!
Your all brilliant!!

Let me know what you think :)
Lu x


  1. oooo look at you lol It looks like its going to be a big one :)you look fab honey hope our feeling better nowx

  2. aww thank you!
    im so scared of having a huge baby!
    i didnt realise i was this big until i took the picture! its crazy :)
    im feeling a little better thank you!
    good old tip tops are working for me!
    thanks again
    Lu x

  3. Remember to take the bar out sooner rather than later.. my aunty put off taking hers out and eventually got stuck due to the added pressure around it. As you can imagine it was quite painful until it popped out when her belly expanded enough, haha.

    I have not said it yet but congratulations to both you and your boyfriend - I am glad you have so much support from family and friends! :)

    Hope you have the Bio Oil and Cocoa Butter going already to stay away from stretch marks!!

  4. Awww cute little bump. People don't realise how soon you can start gorwing, my sister in law is having a baby and her bump is huge and shes not even 20 weeks yet! x

  5. wow blessing congratulations

  6. Wow, I can't believe you already have a bump, it's so sweet!


  7. thanks girls :)
    i cant belive im like that at only 2 months god help me for the other 7 months :)
    just hope the time flys to my 12week scan im just so excited about it :)
    thanks for all your lovly comments
    Lu x

  8. awww this is so cute!! your little belly!! takes me back to when I had my baby girl. hehe watch its going to go so quickly! so cute.

  9. Cute belly!!! Congrats :D You should remove your bar soon or buy yourself one of those bars for preggies. :]

  10. Oh wow! Congratulations, I hope everything goes well!! :D

  11. aww wow really makes me want a baby :) cant wait to read more posts like this!! xxx

  12. My aunt kept her belly bar/ring in until she was nearly 7 months pregnant! I guess it just depends on how much you grow....and you can possibly get a longer bar too! :)

    So happy that people are looking out for you now! That's great!

  13. Aw - I'm really looking forard to all these post sbout the growing bump! xxx

  14. FYI: I gave you a blog award on my blog! :) Check it out!

  15. Hey Lucy, I have given you an award at my blog (like Kendra haha) so check it out and pick it up lol!!


  16. aww thanks everyone!!
    and thanks so much for my awards girlies!!
    your stars!

    Lu x

  17. what a cute little bump! looking forward to reading how you go for the rest of the pregnancy, it's so great that you're documenting it this way :)

  18. Only just caught up on blog posts and am so excited for you and can't wait to see future posts on how you get on :)
    Wish you and gaz the best :) It's gonna be amazing for you!

  19. aww i just found your blog. i love it. hope everything going well :]

  20. Hiya hope your ok, I have nominated you for an award on my blog! xx