Monday, 13 July 2009

i <3 Red Nails (NOTD)

Hiya :)
Hope your all ok on this monday afternoon!?
Its sort of really grey and rainy here which is rubbish, its freezing cold too :(
Whats it like where you are?

Well as you might of guessed from the title this is a nail of the day post!
I no summer is not really the time for red nails but i just love red nails :)
My nails look so much better with red nail varnish on than lighter colours!

This is an Avon Nail wear pro in 'Real Red' and i love it!
Ive had it a few months and used it so much i need to pick up a new red, anyone have any recomendations?
Because its my sisters black and red theme wedding i want a really rich red colour
Has anyone tryed any of the Barry M red shades, i no they do a couple??

Going off on the wedding tangent here, the wedding is 3 weeks today!!
I have a black dress and leopard print shoes witha red bows on, when i go shopping next week i need to get jewelry, belt, bag and something for my hair either a fascinator or head band.
So when i have the total outfit together i will show you all :)

Anyways thanks so much to all my followers & readers!
Ive gone from zero followers to 161 from March this year to now and im really greatful!!
The makeup/beauty blogging comunity is so friendly and welcoming!!
Your all stars!!
Lu x


  1. I have that polish, its such a nice red. I have the bright red Barry M polish but i don't like it too much. Revlon do some fab reds x

  2. Lovely colour, and congratulations on your followers! xx

  3. @ em oo will have to check out the revlon, thanks for the heads up about the barry m :)

    @ GWTGT < hope you dont mind me abbreviateing :)
    thanks so much :) i really love red nails x

    Lu x

  4. my fave red polish is called Shirelle by MAC, it looks different on the website swatch but in 'real' life its a really nice postbox red. quite expensive though, i supprised myself buying it because im not really someone who buys anything too expensive, being a student n all!

  5. i love the red color of your nails

  6. lol No of course don't mind you abbreviating .. my name is Carla though if you wanna just say that instead of GWTGT each time LOL! Thanks for adding me onto the tag below I'm going to do some of the things I've been tagged in tonight!


  7. I love that Avon shade!
    I find Revlon nail varnishes are really nice, I've got one in Revlon Red, it's a lovely rich red!