Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I WON!! THANK YOU!!! + Help Needed :)

I took part in Natalias 'Snog Marry Avoid' Contest that she was running and yesterday she blogged that i was the winner!!
All i can say is THANK YOU!!
I no alot of people say 'oh i didnt expect it' but seriously i didnt i really thought Marie would win as her entry was FAB and the pictures and write up she did was so funny.

Anyways i thought i would show you my entry as everyone needs a good laugh on a wednesday!!
(this is the actual link to my blog post

So i want to say a huge thank you to Natalia for holding the contest.

Onto the help, well my prize for winning was i get to choose a Mac eyeshaddow and a MAC lipstick!
Well here sits a MAC virgin!
So i honestly dont no what to pick etc?
I asked on twitter last night and the lovely Louise sent me some links which helped me.
Im liking the look of shroom at the moment. (I think thats the name?)
Does anyone have any recomendations for me?
Lipstick wise totally and utterly stumped?!?!
So any help is seriously greatfully recieved!!

I just want to say thank you again
Thanks all of you for reading!!
Lu x


  1. wow well done i thought youre ebtry was fab, sable, satin taupe, woodwinked, creme de nude, st germaine loadsa lovely prizes u can pick :) xx

  2. aww thanks :) it was so much fun putting the look together.
    I will have to check out all thoes thanks for recomending :)
    Lu x

  3. Well done Lucy, your entry was brill.
    You deserved to win.
    I'm also a MAC virgin! Hope you pick some good stuff xx

  4. @lauren
    I thought i was the only one lol i no features really high in the blog world but its just not readily accesaible to me and im a superdrug/boots girl at heart!!
    and thank you the contest was so much fun!!

    aww thank you!!

    Thanks both for your comments
    Lu x

  5. All That Glitters is nice too, and Gleam :)

  6. oooh tempting is a lovely one too lol i just thought and hue is a lovely lipstick nudey pink xx

  7. Congrats! Love the pics!!

  8. hey if you cant pick a lipstick- I dont mind if you want a lipgloss instead (they are usually easier to pick!) or even just 2 eyeshadows! just email me and let me know xxx

  9. thanks so much girlies for the recomendations :)
    il be emailing you later natalia thank you so much again :)
    i think i have an idea about what to pick now :)
    your all stars
    Lu x

  10. Congratulations girl! That was a great entry!


    P.S. I 'm thinking MAC Angel would be a good lippie to try! ;)

  11. I love the pictures! amazing! Well done!

  12. thanks girls :)
    Ive picked what i wanted now i will do a post when i get them :)
    thanks so much for all your help and comments
    your stars
    Lu x

  13. Well done, great pictures!

  14. aww thank you!!
    Ive tryed to comment back on your profile but it wont let me for some reason ?!
    your daughter reminds me of my neice Evie shes 2 aswel! Im always writing about her on here shes my star!
    anyways thanks for commenting :)
    Lu x