Monday, 27 July 2009

Pregnacy update [2]

Hiya :)

Its been a few days since ive updated again, and im so sorry :(
I will explain myself, as you no im pregnant and i never new i would feel pregnant at such an early stage as stupid as it sounds!!
Morning sickness!!! thats a myth its been 24hr a day sickness!!
Ive been poorly for nearly 2 weeks and i just feel sick have a dizzy head and have zero energy!
Today has been the best day because ive been able to stand more than 3mins at the computer!!

Ive heard all the remidys for sickness, like eating dry bread, dry buiscuits, sucking ginger busicuits?!
Does anyone no any others?
As none have worked and i cant take pain killers :(
Im so worried about being ill for my sisters wedding its a week today!!

Anyways i was wondering if i did like a 2weekly picture of my belly from next week when i will be 8 weeks and then what my weight is?!
Would anyone be interested? I want to do it for myself more than anything just to see how things change and develop!

I have to go see the midwife on the 4th of august ao next update about it will be after ive been to see her :)

Thanks so much for all your lovly comments
Im sorry i couldnt get back to each one individually i have just been too ill :(
But i read each one and you all nearly had me in tears!
The suport i have got from you girls is unreal and your all stars!!!!
Seriously you are!

Thanks so much again
Lu x


  1. Aw no :( Have you missed a lot of work because of your sickness? That's the prob with pregnancy, cos you don't wanna tell everyone before 3 months but if you're so sick you can't stand and need to miss work what do you say?! Hope it passes soon. Unfortunately I don;t have any solutions! xxx

  2. Awww I'm a new follower to your blog so I would just like to say congrats! I would love to see pictures as your pregnancy progresses, I'm really fascinated by the whole thing haha.

  3. Aww, i hope you start to feel abit better soon. All iv really heard of is the ginger and ginger biscuit thing for sickness. x

  4. I'm sorry you have been so ill, I hope it passes soon.

    I think it would be really interesting to see updated pics of how its all going. But only if you feel comfortable doing it.

    I'm so excited for you, have you started thinking about names yet?


  5. i would love to see those pics! i think you should do them in the exact same place everyweek from the same angle, thatd be lovely for you to keep.


  6. hope u feel better soon! id love 2 see the photos! xx

  7. Thanks girls :) i will defo be doing the pics then, it will be a nice record for myself too, and will definately have to do it same place i can make a fick book then lol x

    I have thought of some names but i dont want to curse myself before the 3 month mark yet, its strange that names that me and gareth have talked about previous as our favorite names have gone out the window lol
    I will let you all no of ones i like after my 1st scan, then i can start buying like crazy when it will seem more 'Real' if you no what i mean :)

    Ive been reading up about morning sickness and apparently i should eat the dry toast or busicuits before i get out of bed to make it go away :)

    And luckily i work from home for my family so they understand my pain!! So im really lcuky in that respect :)

    thanks so much girls for your suport!!
    Lu x

  8. oh that doesn't sound much fun at all :(

    Yeh I think you should do update pictures of your bump, it will be a really nice record for you of how you have changed.

    I hope you start feeling better :) xx

  9. Wow congrats, I somehow missed the news that you were pregnant!!! :)
    Sorry to hear you've felt rough though, things with ginger in are supposed to help with sickness, and like you said, eat it before you even get out of bed!

    Also my tip for pregnancy in general is buy Bio Oil! Use it on your bump as it grows,to make your skin more supple, you can even put some in the bath, I did and got no stretchmarks!! Win!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. you should take a photo from the same angle in the same place etc every 2weeks/every month!! its a great thing to have as a keepsake!!

    take millions of photos and keep EVERYTHING cause its your first! xx

  11. I know that some women eat a lot of pickles to fight with sickness.

  12. Congatulations! Having a baby was best thing I ever did. I also had 24hr sickness. Its horrible! I found snacking constantly on small savoury snacks helped especially as soon as I woke up. Ready salted crisps for brekkie!Jacket potatoes were all I ate too! If u have any questions or want to chat, feel free to email me xxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Ohhh i love bump pictures. Hope you feel better soon x

  14. Congrats! My boss used preggo pops to help with her morning sickness. I don't know if they're available outside of the States, but you might try.

    I think that if you want to put pictures up each week of the bump, then you should totally do that. It's YOUR blog.

    I'm very excited to see you progress toward your bundle of joy.

  15. I'm a new follower and would just like to say congratulations!!! I think it's a brilliant idea to post photos and anything else you want, I for one would be interested. :)

  16. You're too cute!!! Pics would be great!!! I love seeing the changes...

    I hope you do get to feeling better!! Can't imagine being sick like that...