Monday, 6 July 2009

Promised swatches and Avon!

I hope your all ok :)
I woke up this morning feeling really ill and having 2 look after my 2 neices was a daunting prospect.
Then i got back in contact with an old school friend and we have arranged to meet up thursday which cheered me up :)
Anyways one of my neices have gone home now and i just have Evie here who is actually asleep so i thought id finally get round to doing swatches of the things from my secret swap :)
Also in gonna show you a few bits i got from Avon :)

First is the 5 single NYX eyeshaddows:-

They are really lovely, i havnt used any for any looks yet but i might try some looks out for my sisters wedding later im gonna go all dramatic with my eye i think as my dress is super plain!!
(Il get round to taking a pic of that soon too!!)
the three reddy orange colours are really pigmented, the green is more glittery than colour and the Ocean Frost (sort of dove grey colour) is is very subtle but gourgeous!

Next is the 3 NYX jumbo eyeshaddow pencils:-

I really am in love with these and how easy they apply and how good the pigment is too them!

Next the 2 lip gloses

The costal scents is quickly becoming my fav!!
LA Colours is beautiful too!

OO and this soft lips lip protection that i got, it is totally brilliant!!
I even found myself telling the people in the pub how good it was and the smell is to die for!! Vanilla!!
Yummy, i no your not ment to lick it off but thats what i find myself doing.
The texture on your lips is really nice too espessially since i have super dry lips!!
Does anyone no if we can get this is the UK? or is just a US product?

Anyways on to a little bit i got from the Avon last week...

2x nail paints

This ones in romance and honestly not what it looks like in the book in the book it looks less metalic shimmery that it is in reall life!
Im gonna give it to my mom i think its too much of a wishy washy colour for me i think!
Its a beautiful colour but just not a me colour i dont think :)

This one is in blue flare which is a lovely deep blue colour but looks differnt from the book also!! Come on avon what are you playing at??
Its the one on the right belive it or not not the one on the left!!

I really like the application of avon nail polish but i dont no whats going on with the colours they're looking totally differnt than in the book, which is a bit misleading!!

I got this fruit shine lip balm which is in pineapple and oh my life its the most pineapple tasteting/smelling thing ever.
I think it tastes/smells more like pineapple than pineapple does, if that makes sence lol
I actually brought a lime one too but dont no where its disapered too but its not as nice at the pineapple one!
Its really nice on your lips too.
Im going a bit mad on lip balms lately!!

and finally i got these 2 eye liners

The top one is a black kajal stick and is just a staple black eyeliner!
The bottom one is a eye liner and shaddow stick in onyx and it has the eyeshaddow in the lid so when you replace the lid it gets appled to the sponge applicator and has the eye liner on the other end!
Its brill they do it in a range of colours.

Let me know what you think?!
Have you tryed any of the products?!
Thanks so much every single one of you for reading and commenting your stars!!
Lu x

P.S. I have another swap to some so that will be up as soon as it arrives :)


  1. I have one of those eyeliners with the shadow in the lid and they are really nice great for holidays I have a silvery one

  2. I think there great, your right, especially if your on hols and cant really take ever item of makeup!
    thank so much for commenting
    Lu x

  3. Thanks so much for those swatches!!

  4. I like the look of the pineapple lip balm. Yum
    Looks like you got some lovely things on your swap.
    I want to do a swap - I will have to find a willing swap buddy xx

  5. @catanya aww no worries :)

    @lauren the lip balm is lovly!! I was really spoilt in my swap she sent some lovely things x
    You should just put an advert up on your blog and twitter 'swapper wanted' :) see who gets back to you :)

    @lucia this is the 1st time ive tryed NYX but i love it the colours are really bright :)

    thanks so much all
    Lu x

  6. Wow, those eyeshadow swaps are looking so good! Very pretty colors!!


  7. I'm really loving the NYX Shadows - love cherry the most!!

    Is the second polish (the one on the book) the denim one or something and was it on offer last month?? I'm sure my mum spent extra money so she would get it free and really didn't like it when she got it. I've done a post today of my bad bits of make up and there is some avon on there too xx

  8. cute new products! omgeeze, tell me about it.. i have no idea why avon's colors are so messed up from the book/online & actuality. i contantly tell customers it's different & give them samples before they buy. weird, i know.. i still don't get that issue.

  9. Wow those NYX shadows are lush! x

  10. @thischicksgotstyle :) thank you!

    yh its the denim one and it was on offer before ye! avon can be either hit or miss, im an avon rep and i do love some of ther stuff but others im like what the hell??

    @jasmin i have no idea what avon is playing at, im a rep to and i have to tell my customers the truth about stuff that ive tryed and dont like, its strange why they do it with the colours as its really misleading!

    @em there really lovely

    thanks so much girls for your great comments
    your stars
    Lu x

  11. what an absolutely adorable site...creative! Just for fun, are your makeover ideas for a mid-50 year old? see my pic over at

    sweet place - lylah

  12. hey, omg i just came across your blog and i love it. im a new blogger anyway love the fact you love disney, little mermaid andgirls of the playboy mansion, they are my fave i love them too. keep up your good blog. xx

  13. aww thank you :) x
    i love al thoses things im glad someone else does too!!
    the blogging world is FAB!!
    ive followed you, keep up the gerat work :)
    Lu x