Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Secret Swap [2]

Hiya :)

Firstly i want to say a huge THANK YOU!! to Olivia from:-
^^ check her out if you havnt already she does videos on youtube shes really great!!
My 2nd swap parcel arrived today and yet again ive been spoilt!!!

This is the things collectivly :)
It was beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper and inside the zebra pint makeup bag!!
(Such a FAB idea to package it like that!!)

I got 2 brushes that look really interesting so will have to try them out!!
The black one is a lovely crease brush and the pink is a smudger brush i think, its really lovely too!

I got Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in the gourgeous purple colour in 92!
Im in love with it its beautiful i think il be scared to use it its that nice :)
I think its the same one that Richie Nickel mentioned in this video:-

I got a Cinima Secrets body glitter in Maliblue!!
Love it!! Everyone loves a bit of glitter dont they its gonna be fun using this!!

I got a Lip Tar in Pageant from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Ive heard alot about these so am very excited to try it!!

Finally i got some 3D nail stickers and a lovely bracelet with the peace sign on which is great!!
Im wearing it now and its so ME!!
(my mom tryed to steal it, i was like no way mother, bless her being a hippy at heart!!)
Olivia wrote a really lovely note on the inside of the box saying that she read my blog which really made me smile!!

I want to say a huge thank you again to Olivia!!!
Your a STAR!!
Thank you so much for everything il be really excited to try it all out.

I cant wait for my 2 swap girls to get there parcels i sent out last wednesday but i dont no how long it will take to get there?!
Thanks so much fro reading everyone
Your stars
Lu x


  1. so lucky!
    I really wanna do a swap.
    And i really really wanna try the occ lip tars D: xx

  2. @catanya there FAB!! thanks so much for commenting

    @alexandra aww thank you! you should sign up for this swap its simlar to one i did check it out :)

    thanks so much
    Lu x

  3. I love the colour of that purple shadow x

  4. yay! i'm glad you like them!!

  5. Great Items! That make up forever eye shadow looks so pretty! And I really want to try the OCC lip tars!

  6. @em its beautiful!! really vivid! cant belive i was sent it :) shes a star!

    @olivia THANK YOU!! you picked everything brilliantly and i love it all :)

    @nattyngeorge its really lovely, im going to try the lip tar later as it looks great :) ive heard alot about them but i cant get them in the uk i dont think :(

    thanks so much all of you!!
    your stars
    Lu x

  7. Wow, great swap goodies there! Love the MUFE shadow and the lip tar!

    Enjoy them girlie! ;)

  8. aww thank you, ive tryed out the lip tar and its FAB!! will have to do a blog post on it!!
    thanks for the comment
    Lu x