Sunday, 12 July 2009

TAG;- 7 songs =]

Hiya :)
Well its sunday and im motivated to blog!
Ive been doing alot of TAG posts recently and i really enjoy doing them so over the weekend i thought about one i could sort of 'invent' of my own!!

So i came up with the 7 songs TAG!
SO the basic idea is you choose 7 songs that, when you hear them remind you of a time, place or person or just simply 7 of your favorite songs!
(7 is my favorite number so thats why its randomly 7!!)
I dont no how sucessful it will be as a TAG but im going to try!

Number 1

Ace of base- All that she wants (youtube link to the song)

This just reminds me of my sister, when i was younger i just remember it being played in our house and also 90's family partys/discos this was ALWAYS played and i only have to hear the opening and it makes me smile.

Number 2

Eric Clapton - You look wonderful tonight

This has 2 special meanings to me, 1st of all this was the 1st slow dance that me and gaz ever had together, it was on my 16th birthday while i was working at the pub and the boss made us dance to it and since then its been our song! When ever he makes me a mix CD this is always on it :) secondly this was my brothers 1st dance at his wedding so thats another special meaning too!

Number 3

Craig David - 7 days

Craig davids 'born to do it' album was the 1st album i ever brought! I remember 'bragging' at primary school that i new ever single word to 7 days! and then getting asked to sing it in the play ground which i actually did oh the god damn shame!! Anyways craig david is still gourgous and when ever he comes on tv gaz always says 'luce your other mans on telly' proberbly all this 7 songs could be craig david songs i just love them all (and shamefully still no ever single words to them all)

Number 4

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

The ledgend that is... DOLLY PARTON!! This song speaks for itself its just a classic! One christmas i asked my mom for a kareoke machine and a dolly parton CD!!! i was about 8 or 9 and wasnt asking for the usual S club 7, NO! not for me it had to be the country ledgend dolly! So for months after my parents were forced to hear me sing 9 to 5 at the top of my voice! jolean was my other favorite! thnking back she was singing about her 9-5 job and how she didnt want this woman jolean to take her man how the hell did i relate to this as a 9 year old?! Shes still FAB tho you only have to hear that 'dum du du dum tumble outta bed..' just makes me wanna sing!!

Number 5

The streets (never went to church) (stay possitive)

I cant actually pick a song, im actually in love with all there songs! Mike Skinner is FAB!! (and hes from the west midlands which is always a bonus!!)
When me and gaz 1st got together this was one of the things that we found out we had in commen , i only had the single of 'fit but you no it' and i was going on holiday and Gaz borrowed me the album (A Grand Don't Come for Free) and i listened to it all holiday and it just reminds me of gaz :) The Streets are too oftern classed as 'Chavvy' but just listen to some of the songs closely they have so many meaningful lyrics eg 'never went to church' and 'stay positive'

Number 6

The Eagles - Hotel California

Now your thinking ive really gone nuts!! but seriously il explain, my 1st proper holiday abroad was to corfu in greece and i went with my sister inlaw my niece and there family. And the hotel we stayed at i think only had one CD because this song played over and over what seemed like every 7 mins since we got there to when we left!! So when ever i hear it it makes me remember corfu!

Number 7

Elton John!! (daniel) (tiny dancer remix) (goodbye yellow brick road) (your song)

Ok again im not picking just one song but this man has literally been in my life since i can remember!! My dad is the hugest FAN ever!! He has every album and video/dvd of the man himself! I can litterally sing any elton john song to you, from start to finish word (certainly not pitch) perfect!! Hes like an uncle that ive never met! (My mom hates him shes a daniel o donnell fan oh the shame!!) but im defianetely with my dad for his taste in music! My dad went to see him on his red piano tour and he didnt stop talking about it for weeks after!! The song 'Daniel' always makes me want to cry when i hear it :( but the upbeat ones like crocodile rock, tiny dancer (love the dj ironik remix), and im still standing makes me wanna just sing!!
(This was his birthday cake last year when my brother suprised him that he was taking him to see the red piano tour :) its made by my sister! its a bit blured sorry!!)

So thats that then :)
What do you think about my random choices?!
Feel free to do this TAG because i would love to see what all my lovely followers choices are!!
Im going to tag a couple of people whos blogs i love :)

Tabitha :)
Beth :)
Marie :)
Lauren :)
Lou :)

Thanks so much your stars
Lu x


  1. thanks for the tag hun! ill do it when i get home probably tomorrow xx

  2. aww thank you :)
    your a star x
    Lu x

  3. This is a great tag Luce! I might have to tag myself if you don't mind. I think your song choices are ace - there is no shame in knowing the words to Craig David!! xx

  4. oh my life i new there was someone else i wanted to TAG!! It was yours!
    Im adding you on to the list :)
    defo do it :) il love to no your song choices!
    Lu x

  5. Thanks for tagging, Lucy.
    This is a great idea for a post, think it'll catch on.
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx

  6. Okay, you've made feel old :) You bought Craig David when you were in primary school? I think I was a freshman or a sophomore in college then. I still love this cd; it makes we want to dance every time I play it.

  7. @lauren thank you! i love finding out about differnt music tastes :) and espessially if they mean something to you!!
    thanks so much for doing it!!

    @aubrey aww really?! yer i was in primary school i would have been about 10 years old because it was released in the august of 2000!! im 19 on the 20th of august next month so nearly 9 years ago! I think hes great i love the album cover to it aswell when hes got a beany hat on and those huge headphones :) hes lovely x

    thanks so much girlies for commenting
    Your stars :)
    Lu x