Sunday, 5 July 2009

TAG:- Honest Scrap

So this TAG has been around for a while.
I was tagged by the fabulous Lauren to do this TAG, shes great and writes some fab things and is really friendly, so here goes...

You have to let your followers in on 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Then you must tag 10 people with the award.

Finally, let all the people you've given the award to know they have got it ( e.g comment their blog).
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1. I am the youngest child of 3, i have a big sister (36) and big brother (31) so im the only one who is still at home with mom and dad. We all get on really well concidering the age gap!

2. I have 5 Neices,
Sam (18- she was born 3 months after me!! Strange i no!)
Emily (14)
Bridie (13)
Evie (2 - who makes apperances on my blog loads, i look after every day!)
Jessica (22 months, will be 2 in september)
My sister has 3 kids and my brother 2!

3. I worked at NEXT for 1 week and HATED IT WITH A PASSION!!
I accidently ripped this womans jacket,
(she walked into me and it caught on my name badge thing and anyways she nearly punched me) 2 days later i walked, bloody place,
management just wanted glorified cleaners!!

4. From the age of 14 for 2 years i worked at a pub/club place fridays and saturdays for a friend of the family i actually worked behind the bar, stocked the fridges and sorted out the beer and barrels in the cellor, which thinking about it was a bit bad but at the time it was normal for me, i left when i was 16 nearly 17 because it got a bit much. I would work in the pub friday 7-12 when it shut, but i wouldnt get home til about 4am. Then saturday i would work in his costume shop 8am til 5pm then get home get ready be in work at the pub for 7pm and work through and be home at about 4 am. My boss was ace he treated me really well and he paid me really well too. I really miss it, but because i left we lost touch which i really regret if im honest.

5. I have a big obession, proberly something to do with the previous, with costumes!! I love fancy dress and will dress up in random costumes at every oppertunity!! I own alot of costumes from over the years. Every halloween at the pub we used to do a show for the customers one year we did the Exorsist and i was the girl on the bed i was on a robe harnessed to the ceiling and it was hooked up so it made me fly!!
Was amazing & i used to get to try all the costumes out at the shop which i loved!!!

6. My brother says that, in his words 'Luce, Im sure you were born middle aged!' because of how i speak about things and deal with things. I dont act very teen-age!!

7. From my early teens i really wanted to be in the traffic police!! I am totally obsessed with the whole thing, anyone ever watched the program?? I went to our school careers adviser and in her exact words 'I dont think your fit enough to be in the poilce as you havnt taken P.E for GCSE!!' so there fore i went to college to do beauty therapy! From one extream to another ay?!

8. I have zero confidence! Its been knocked far too many times, so i try to avoid clubbing etc and only really go out to pubs with my bf and family. Gosh i sound like a hermit or something!

9. Me and my bf have had baby names picked out for around 2 years lol
For a boy:- Raiden (sadly, yes its like the one from mortal kombat!! but i love the name)
For a girl:-
Faith or Lola

10. You may hav noticed while reading my blog posts that i have isues with spelling, i also have issues with left and right and get muddled alot when im trying to get things across, and last few years i have been asked if i have dyslexia, its never been diagnosed but apparently i have small signs of it.

So sorry about all these really long ones and random facts, but thats me!
Hope you found out abit more about little old me!

As most people have already been taged im going to Tag 5 so I tag:



Girl With The Golden Touch



Thanks so much!!
Let me know what you think :)
Lu x


  1. Beautiful things about you!!!

  2. Oh thanks hun - I'll do when I get my laptop back x

  3. I worked at next on work experience and absolutely hated it aswell. The only thing that kept me going was knowing it was only for a couple of weeks! xXx

  4. Its was horrible, they treated me really bad!!
    And you no something ive never brought much from there since lol!
    thanks for commenting :)
    Lu x

  5. Hey hun thanks for the tag! I'll get round to it this week :)

    I love the name Raiden!! Never heard it before. Yes I used to watch Traffic Cops too sometimes it was ace!!! xxx

  6. @girlwithtehgoldentouch
    aww great :)
    i love the name raiden and ive told my mom thats the name i want for my son and shes all for traditional names (ie lucy lol) and she was like i dont think so no grandson of mine is having a name like that but i really love it!
    traffic cops is the best i love it so much, i love my fast cars tho i blame my mechanic boyfriend!!

    thanks so much for your comments
    Lu x

  7. Thanks for the tag!! It was great to find out more about you :)

    I am finally completing mine now!! x

  8. aww FAB!!
    i love finding new things out about people :)

    Lu x