Monday, 17 August 2009


Hiya :)

Again let me start with saying sorry :(
I just havnt got the energy to sit and blog alot these days girls im so sorry!!
As soon as i feel better i will i promise!
But i will keep you updated with little things in my life as usual!

As i said in a previous blog i had my 4th driving test on the 14th of August!
As the title sugests i failed AGAIN!!!
Its just annoying me now, i no i can do it but i just cant prove it to the examiors on the day!
I got 6 minors but i got 4 in the same box so that was a fail straight away, they were all for not checking my right hand blind spot when moving away from parked, which if im honest is something i should do, but how many drivers can say they do do it every time???
I checked all my mirrors and behind me on the left but didnt turn my head all the way to the right to check that blind spot!
I understand it was my mistake so i dont mind!
Never mind, on to test number 5!!!

My 12 week scan is 10 days away!
Im so excited like cant think of anything else but im so scared about something bad happening that i think im making myself ill by it!
Il be glad when i see that screen and they say all is well il be able to sleep at night!!

Im off to Blackpool tomorrow and im back thursday, which is my 19th birthday :)
All very exciting, really cant wait!!

Well thanks so much girlies for sticking with me over the last few weeks when ive been absent!
I hope you understand that im not 100% well and that as soon as i feel well il be back blogging normally, so as for now its my little updates :)

Thanks so much
Lu x

P.S :- Heres a few piccys from my sisters wedding a few weeks back that i was talking about on here, let me know what you think :)My brother, My sister and Me :)

My little Evie and my Sister x

Group picture!

x X x


  1. Lovely family!! You look beautiful! Love the dress.

  2. Lovely pics! you look amazing!
    I am sorry about the driving test... Next time you will rock!

  3. Ah hun, you will get there one day. I can't believe it's 20 days til your scan, you must be uber excited!!

    Btw you look beautiful in that dress, hope your sister had a lovely day :-)


  4. Don't worry about the driving, it took me six times.
    Once you've passed it won't even bother you how many times it took.
    Hope you're feeling well xx
    PS. You look lovely in the wedding pics

  5. Aw nevermind hun you'll get there xxx Can't believe its nearly time for your scan :D You look gorgeous in the pics I love that dress

  6. Youre all beautiful, youll get there with your test soon enough hun xx

  7. Fab wedding pics, i have the dress your wearing too, Primark at its best!! x

  8. That dress looks lovely :)

    Good luck for your 12 week scan! Let us know how it goes, am sure it'll be fine! You must be so excited!

    And fingers crossed for next test! I can't drive, not even tried to learn but I imagine it must be really frustrating failing on small things!


  9. Awww hun, dont worry im sure you will eventually (says she who's scared of even learnng lol)

    Iv been away from here for a while myself, and omg i cant beleveeee your pregnant!!! Congratulations chick x

  10. Aww never mind hun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Day after mine, yay! :) You look lovely in the pictures of the wedding!

  11. Thanks girls :) and thanks for the happy birthdays x ive just got back in from blackpool had a brilliant time :) my scan a week today :) cant wait will resume normal blogging service after then i think :) x

  12. Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say just what a beautiful blog you have here. Such fascinating and interesting posts. And your pictures... just perfect ! Thank you for sharing all this - and best wishes to you...

  13. Sorry to hear about your driving test - you will get there eventually!!
    Loving your blog & congrats on the pregnancy!xx