Friday, 7 August 2009

Pregnacy update [3]

Hiya :)

I firstly want to say im so sorry for the neglect! Ive not been active on the blooging scene for a while, iv been poorly and been really busy i will explain myself again.

  • 1stly Morning sickness is still attacking me!! ALL DAY!!
  • 2ndly My sister got married monday (3rd august) so everythings been up in the air!
  • 3rdly Ive been to see the midwife
  • 4thly Yesterday morning i found out that someone has hacked my msn and email address! So ive had to go round and change my passwords for everything and make a total new email address

Ok so you get the jist of why ive been AWOL!!

Update time on my pregnancy :)
I went to see my midwfe on the 4th august and she was really lovly i was there with her for over a hour filling in forms and getting weighed and measured! She said i have perfect BMI (21) for my height which i think is FAB!
She refered me to have a blood test and i went this morning at 8am to the clinic- the issue is ive never had one before and im petrified of needles! My mom literally had to hold me down on the chair! To make it worse the nurse doing the blood test was a girl from my school who was the year above me!!
Made me feel 10 x more uncofortable!
I was actually crying and she said:-
'you no that tattoo on your belly? well it will hurt alot less than that'
Which made it worse for me because i was thinking about it more then!
Anyways its all over and my blood has been taken!
Fingers crossed for me to be all healthy!!
They suspect i have Anemia but i hope not!

Also, ive booked my 12 week scan!!!
Its on the 27th August im so excited, it will be so much more real then!
(Im 9 weeks this week)

Lastly on the pregnancy front! Im so lucky to have brilliant family!
So far ive been given
  • 1x Swinging crib (from my sister in law)
  • 1x Full cot (from my sister)
  • 1x Front facing car seat that you can use from birth to age 3! (from my sister)

Everyones been buying me pregnancy books and magazines bless them!
Its so exciting just cant wait for my scan now!!

Finally im gonna update you on forth coming events in august!!
14th - My driving Test (4th time)
18th - Go to blackpool
20th - Come back from Blackpool & MY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!
27th - 12 Week Scan!!!
29th - Gareths Mom gets Married!

So if im absent from the whole blogging world for a while you will no why!!

Thanks so much for sticking with me and for all your beautiful and lovly words of help and best wishes!
Im so excited to share this with you, your my stars!!

Lu x


  1. Aww, I'm glad everything's going ok and you're feeling fine.
    Keep us all updated!xx

  2. so glad everythings going well :)
    I had some blood taken a few years ago and soon as it was done I felt sick so left the room to go to the toilet and next thing I knew I was coming round on the floor in the busy waiting room after passing out, so embarrasing, really hate needles, dont think id dare have it done again now lol xx

  3. woooooo so glad everything is going well for you!! cant wait for more photos!! x

  4. Wow you've got a busy schedule! I love these updates btw, hope you are well.


  5. Good luck on your driving test!! XX

  6. i hope everything goes well with the scan :)
    it's on the same day that i get my GCSE results

  7. I'm glad everythings going so well. How did the driving test go?

  8. Wow so i just ran across your blog. N I realize that Im 5 yrs behind on it lol.
    I saw your due date August 27. N I'm like Whoa!! Cause thats my due date as well!! :) congrats!! You n I also have the same belly as prior to pregnancy. *the cute lil tiny plushy belly :)
    Now i can see how everything would prob go for me haha!!
    I'm 5'3" what height are u? :)