Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pregnacy update [4]

Hiya lovlys :)

Today was my 12 week scan!!!
And honestly i have been so scared over this for weeks they say that most of the complications happen in the 1st 12 weeks so i was so scared incase they said something bad had happened!!

Anyways me and my boyfriend went this afternoon and it was in one word AMAZING!!!
proberly one of the best experiences in my life, it was brilliant seing the little baby inside me on a big screen and the woman saying 'everything looks brilliant'!!
I could finally breath a sigh of relief!

Im so so so happy!!

And here is my scan photo, i no that he (gonna use 'he' as its easier even tho i dont no if its a he or she yet lol) looks like he has a huge nose but thats his hand or fist resting on his face you can see his spine and his little legs :) so excited for the next scan now!
Gareth has nicknamed him prawn! but im gonna call him baby chicken because how his hands are look like a birds beak and he look slike a little chick lol!!

Im gonna go on a mad shopping spree now i no everything is ok its brilliant!!

Thanks so much girls for all your support on here and twitter and i no i keep saying it but it means the world!
My sickness is subsiding now so *fingers crossed* i will be blogging more oftern :)
Thanks for sticking with me through all this and its been brilliant reading all your beautiful comments!
Your stars!!!

Lu x


  1. Omg hun that pic is AMAZING! Wooo I'm so excited for you, I'm so glad everything is going well and hope your morning sickness subsides some more :-)


  2. Aw so so happy everything is ok - glad to hear your feeling a bit better soonx

  3. So pleased all is good babe, congrats once again!

  4. oh my goodness that is so cute. So happy to hear everything has been going good!

    take care! ♥

  5. im so happy for you, congrats! xx

  6. aww that's excellent! that pic makes me go all gooey inside haha! so glad everything is going well for you :)

  7. Baby's first picture! Now that you know everything is okay, you can breathe again and enjoy all the attention of having your first! Excited for you.

  8. What an amazing picture.
    Bet it felt so special for you two :)
    Congratulations & keep up the blog - i really enjoy reading your posts hun!xx

  9. Aww Lucy, I'm so glad everything's ok.
    Hope you're feeling well and keep us updated xx

  10. Hello - I had to leave a note for you to say what a wonderful blog you have here. I've loved reading your interesting and creative posts. You have fab pictures too - perfect ! Thank you so much for sharing them all and best wishes... enjoy the rest of the weekend....

  11. Yay!!! **Hugs** to your growing family!

  12. Ur lil one looks amazing here!! :)
    Can I ask i know u said u had some morning sickness...
    But around your 7-8 weeks along did u have any morning sickness? Cause i still haven't had one bit of morning sickness yet.
    i dont wanna brag.... but just haven't