Thursday, 24 September 2009

Guinness World Record 2010

Hiya lovly followers :)

I hope your ok?
I havnt done a random blog in a while they have all been about my pregnancy as its starting to take over my life :)

So i thought today il do this blog, shamelessly advertising my world record.
As i posted previously in my blog i have a world record for the largest ever photo mosaic :)

Well if anyone has brought the new Guinness World Record book the 2010, turn to page 113 and see me :)
Im on the top of the page (113) walking across the mosaic, its one of my proudest achievements!!
So i just wanted to share it with you if you was interested
you cant see my face really but i can promise its me! lol x

Heres the youtube video about the day and record if your interested :)

Well im off to have my heart scan now :(
Im so scared, i no its not going to hurt, but im scared of what they might tell me or find!

Thanks all for sticking with my blog over the period that i wasnt blogging much and still sticking with me when i bore you all about my pregnancy!!
Your stars and i mean it :)

Lu x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pregnacy update [5A]

Hiya :)

In my previous post i said that the underage pregnancy midwife was coming to my house today, she was ment to come at 2.30 but came early at half 11.
Il cut a long story short, she basically asked me if i had any qualifications at all and she was shocked when i said i have 11 GCSEs all grade A*-C and also an NVQ level 2 in beauty therapy!
Then she was like you still with the babys dad? i said yes ive been with him 5years!
She was like oh no i dont no what im doing here, you have too much suport already to need our help and you certainly dont need our help with education! She said that i had the most commen sence and most qualifications of all the girls shes ever delt with!!
So now im not classed as 'underage' and im with all the other adults with a normal midwife!!
I was like thank god, ive finally been taken seriously!

On a ligheter note, what your opinion on these?!?

I dont no what im having yet, and wont find out til october.
I think these boots are uite unisex even tho there leopard print!
My boyfriend however, well in no uncertain terms he said 'No son of ours is wearing leopard print!!!'
I think there cute for slipers, i would never put them on a boy any older than a few months old, but when there newborn i think they will be cute!
My boyfriend has no choice anyway because ive already brought them lol!!

Also You no how i was talking of bio oil yesterday? well i went shopping this morning and went in poundland and saw they have a version of bio oil its called Rescue oil.

It looks suspisiously like bio oil but just a quarter of the price, im going to give it a go it has exactly the same ingreadients as bio oil just a differnt name!!

Thanks so much for your lovly coments everyone
Your absolute stars
Lu x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Pregnacy update [5]

Hiya everyone :)

I hope your all ok, It seems forever since ive blogged, im so sorry!!

Since i last blogged Ive been ill AGAIN!!
I kept having blackouts, the final straw was when i wa sin the asda que with my mom and i said to my mom that i needed to go outside and sit down so as i started walking for the door my vision got darker and darker and it totally went! I couldnt see anything!! I bumped into a large post and i just kept walking hoping i wouldnt walk into anyone, i was so scared but i couldnt shout for help or anything as i got near the exit my sight came back really fuzzy and i managed to get a seat on a bench outside. This old lady in a wheel chair asked if i was ok and i said i was ok now, i had just blacked out and she shouted over her daughter who was fetching a trolly and her daughter came and said i sould put my head between my legs until i felt better, she asked if i was on my own i said no i was with my mom who was paying for her shopping. The lady went in to do her shopping and told the asda 'Happy to help' lady, you no the one who stands at the front of the shop, she came over and asked me if i was ok and things i explained i was pregnant and i had blacked out she said she would get someone to come and sit with me, she come back with some water and with Alex who is my neices boyfriend, he works at asda and he is the 1st aider which was total luck that it was someone i new!
Alex went and got my mom and my mom finished paying and came out to me.
I went home and my mom phoned the doctors for an apointment, i went up that afternoon and they found out i have a heart murmur and because im pregnant its effecting me badly because everything is getting shared that why my vision and speech go!
They also found i have really bad circulation thats why im constantly freezing cold!
I have to have a heart scan to find out how bad it is, as for now i cant do anything so the doctors say, i have to rest and just take it easy!
Ive been a bit freaked out by it all if im honest, and i want to say how lovly everyone was to me when it happened, im so glad there is still nice people out there who will help out people they dont even no :)

On the baby front, i dont think ive got much bigger really!

Im 14 weeks now (sorry about the weird angle it was on my phone)

I have a special 'underage pregnancy' midwife coming to my house to see me tomorrow, im a bit annoyed really because im 19 i wouldnt really class my self as underage!!
Ive been with my other half 5years and im 19 like i said!!
If she starts treating me like a idiot im afraid i will be asking her to leave!

On the sort of beauty front, i have bad skin as in i suffer from acne and being pregnant has sort of cleared it up, but on the bad side my skin has gone super dry :(
Il be buying some bio oil soon as ive been told its brilliant for growing bumps, il let you all no how i get on :)

Any recomenations of things i should use while pregnant?
Have you used bio oil? Does it really work as well as everyone says??

Let me know, would be great to hear from my brilliant followers, thanks for sticking with me through everything, i hope to be back blogging more soon x
Sorry for the really long post hope i didnt bore you all x x

Your all stars
Lu x