Thursday, 24 September 2009

Guinness World Record 2010

Hiya lovly followers :)

I hope your ok?
I havnt done a random blog in a while they have all been about my pregnancy as its starting to take over my life :)

So i thought today il do this blog, shamelessly advertising my world record.
As i posted previously in my blog i have a world record for the largest ever photo mosaic :)

Well if anyone has brought the new Guinness World Record book the 2010, turn to page 113 and see me :)
Im on the top of the page (113) walking across the mosaic, its one of my proudest achievements!!
So i just wanted to share it with you if you was interested
you cant see my face really but i can promise its me! lol x

Heres the youtube video about the day and record if your interested :)

Well im off to have my heart scan now :(
Im so scared, i no its not going to hurt, but im scared of what they might tell me or find!

Thanks all for sticking with my blog over the period that i wasnt blogging much and still sticking with me when i bore you all about my pregnancy!!
Your stars and i mean it :)

Lu x


  1. Awww wow! My boyfriends little brother has just bought the book. So i will deff take a look at page 113 hehe! :)

    Hope your scan went alrite! :) x

  2. aww bless :)
    scan went well thank you, i get my results next thursday x but the woman was lovly and asked if i wanted to look at the baby so she used the machine to have a look at the baby for me!

    Lu x

  3. Great post again - thanks I love your blog

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  5. Hi hun, I dont know if you remember me, but im the one that left you the comment about being pregnant, not to worry and that id just had a baby boy named freddie :) Ive just got the internet back after about 3 months and found your comment on my blog about keeping in touch :) Hope the pregnancy is going well, take care love francesca xxx

  6. Your in the book of records? thats so cool lol. Hope your next scan goes well. Good luck :D

  7. Wow check you out, congrats on being in the world record book!!

    lots of love,

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  13. Congratulations!!!! Hope you and the baby are doing well! :)


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  15. Hey I've just recently started following you but then I realised you ain't had a blog for ages now! :D

    You should come back!