Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pregnacy update [5A]

Hiya :)

In my previous post i said that the underage pregnancy midwife was coming to my house today, she was ment to come at 2.30 but came early at half 11.
Il cut a long story short, she basically asked me if i had any qualifications at all and she was shocked when i said i have 11 GCSEs all grade A*-C and also an NVQ level 2 in beauty therapy!
Then she was like you still with the babys dad? i said yes ive been with him 5years!
She was like oh no i dont no what im doing here, you have too much suport already to need our help and you certainly dont need our help with education! She said that i had the most commen sence and most qualifications of all the girls shes ever delt with!!
So now im not classed as 'underage' and im with all the other adults with a normal midwife!!
I was like thank god, ive finally been taken seriously!

On a ligheter note, what your opinion on these?!?

I dont no what im having yet, and wont find out til october.
I think these boots are uite unisex even tho there leopard print!
My boyfriend however, well in no uncertain terms he said 'No son of ours is wearing leopard print!!!'
I think there cute for slipers, i would never put them on a boy any older than a few months old, but when there newborn i think they will be cute!
My boyfriend has no choice anyway because ive already brought them lol!!

Also You no how i was talking of bio oil yesterday? well i went shopping this morning and went in poundland and saw they have a version of bio oil its called Rescue oil.

It looks suspisiously like bio oil but just a quarter of the price, im going to give it a go it has exactly the same ingreadients as bio oil just a differnt name!!

Thanks so much for your lovly coments everyone
Your absolute stars
Lu x


  1. Those boots are the cutest ever! I'm g;ad you are no longer offficaly 'underage' to be having a baby - you will be an amazing mum! xx

  2. Glad you're feeling better about the midwife. The boots are very cute, but I agree with your bf and think they may be a tad feminine. It's your baby though :)

    Have a great day!

  3. @cat i no im so glad too that im not concidered 'underage' anymore!! :)
    and thank you, im going to do my best for my baby x

    @aubrey hehe he thinks im mad, but i love leopard print x

    thanks girls x

  4. good for you, girl.. it's about time, eh? you're going to do great :)

    and those boots are soo cute !! i could see where the hubby would be mad about them going on his son, though! hey - he needs to be trendy, too, right?!


  5. aww thank you :) x

    If its a boy i might have to put them away in a box. but it might be a girl so she can wear them :)
    if it was left with the other half the baby would be wearing miny trainers!
    cant wait to find out what im having so i can buy things properly

    Luc x

  6. Good news about the midwife :)

    I love the boots, as I've said before - haha! I don't think there's anything wrong with them on a boy when they are newborn.

    Rescue Oil looks a promising dupe, let us know how you get on with it :)

  7. Good news :). & Those little booties are adorable! :) xo

  8. Pleased to hear everything went well - I use the Rescue Oil and tbh it is exactly the same as the Bio Oil :)

  9. So glad they saw you're much better fit than they first imagined!!! :)

    I'd put those slippers on either boy or girl! I think they're great! :)

  10. I bought the exact same boots for my niece :)

    If it's a boy, save the boots anyway. You may have a girl in the future. Good luck with everything :). xXx

  11. such sweet boots. i am having a feature on my blog nov-dec on what to buy for who with the cutest baby goodies. hop you'll take a peek. starts nov 1st

  12. Awee those boots are too cute! Id deffo put them on a boy haha, stuff the boyfriend :)

    I have rescue oil, and i find it works just as well as bio oil, and SO much cheaper :) xxx

  13. Not "underage" at all!!
    Cutest boots!!

  14. Wow those booties are so cute!! Best wishes :)