Friday, 18 June 2010

My little Haribo (videos)


My little Haribo is 12 weeks old now! (3months have flown by sooo fast)
want to thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post!

Well Harry thinks he is alot older than 12 weeks im sure because last night he decided he wanted to feed himself his bottle!
I had to video it, it was soo funny!!

Also heres a little video of him being a little monkey in his bouncey chair :)

Monday, 7 June 2010


Hiya Long time no blog!
I cant actually believe that the last time i blogged was September last year!
I can only appoligise, but i do have good reason. . . I had my baby!
As some who follow me on Twitter may no, i was pregnant and had my baby in March this year!
But for those who dont this is just a big catch up of whats been happeing over the last months! If anyones interested, i no alot of you probs aint so im sorry =[
Well, were do i start, last time i blogged i think i was around 20 weeks pregnant?!

^ there he was at 20weeks, our little lad!
I kept thinking that we would end up having a girl even tho they told us he was a boy so we had 3D&4D scan at about 28 weeks
^ our cheeky boy was confirmed to be a boy lol

^ Me at 37 Weeks Pregnant!!

Fast forward to March!!
I was due March 16th, which was my other halfs 21st Birthday. Lets just say it wasnt the wild 21st that you normally get, it was spent in hospital with me on drips and machines etc as i had a bad kidney infection and was rushed in, they found i was badly dehydrated so was kept in and monitered for a few days.They let me out of hospital on the thursday, when sunday came around i was having pains every half hour or so, i managed to get to bed and sleep through the pain (turns out was contractions) i had a tens machine on which was fab. Got to around 7am on the Monday morning, my boyfriend went off to work. At 9am i couldnt take anymore so was taken into hospital by my birthing partner (my sister in law).
Turns out i was 7cm dilated when i got there, my boyfriend came from work to me and we carried on, i had gas and air for the contractions and by 12 dinner time i was fully dilated. TIME TO PUSH!!!
At 3.25pm after much pushing and pain out popped. . . . . . HARRY!!!!
My little Star was born on Monday the 22nd March weighing 9lbs 6oz and 58cm long!
(A total shock when they told me he was going to be 5-6lbs before he was born!!)

^This is me seconds after he was born!
Look a little tired lol!
^ 1st Cuddles with his daddy!

I had a few complications after he was born mainly losing alot of blood, having blood clots inside and had tears because how big Harry was. So a few hours after Harry was born i was rushed off down to theatre where i had to have a epidural in my spine to be stitched up and sorted out!
I was aloud out of hospital on the wednesday and getting Harry home was amazing.

Heres just a few pics over the last few weeks.

^ Little Mans 1st Bath!!^ All read for the World Cup!!

With Daddy and his Personalised Shirt!^

^ My little leopard, not impressed with my outfit choice at all!!
Love this!

^ Smiles!!!
^ Little bit of a dance lol
^ Our little Family x

My little chunk is now 11weeks old and i a right cheeky monkey!
Looks the spitting image of his Daddy.
He weighs 1 stone in weight and is 66cm longIve been told by nurses that hes going to be a big boy when hes older and at least 6feet tall!!
God help me!!

So thats us!

I want to say thank you for following me still and im sorry ive been missing.
If your interested in random updates about Harry & Me then im more than happy to keep you all updated!

Thanks again
Lucy & Harry x
yep i look ill still but its my favorite picture of me and my little man! ^