Friday, 18 June 2010

My little Haribo (videos)


My little Haribo is 12 weeks old now! (3months have flown by sooo fast)
want to thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post!

Well Harry thinks he is alot older than 12 weeks im sure because last night he decided he wanted to feed himself his bottle!
I had to video it, it was soo funny!!

Also heres a little video of him being a little monkey in his bouncey chair :)


  1. Oh isnt he gorgeous!!
    I can remember when youd just announced your news!! xx

  2. aww thanks. the time has just flown by hasnt it! hes 3 months already, so scary!!
    hope your ok?

    luce x

  3. Wow Lucy he is so cute!
    I had a little girl in April and have just started a blog about staying stylish when you have a baby,
    check it out

  4. aww thank you! im now following you!! whoop for mums lol x x

  5. Aww he is just adorable! I too remember when you announced you were pregnant! It's gone well fast! You must be so proud :)